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Scene 1
Manjiri says what are you saying kali can’t do this. Vishwa says this is between me and kali. Better not interfere. Kali will stay in temple and you will all go to see gauri. They all go upstairs. Kali and manjiri are left. Manjiri says why you did this to save me kali? manjiri says i know you cant do all this.
Doctor says the girl is really weak. We have to get an antidote injection my tomorrow from Singapore. Kalynai says in heart you cant do anything now vishwa. this wont change a thing.

Kali says why is manji not telling everyone truth. She is asking me why am I lying. She knows that who has done this. Bady papa isn’t even allowing me to go home.
Kalyani says sometimes the medicine reaches but it cant save still. Doctor says all of you should go out.

They all come downstairs again.
Manjiri says kali you can peen in from window. Vishwa comes and says wait. Vishwa says till now manjiri decided all decisions related to manjri, from now on mad will take all the decision. Vishwa says there would be no injustice to mad. Tell me how should we punish her. Manjiri says kali has not done this. I dont know why is she taking the blame. Manjiri says mad please listen to me. Mad says why should I? I will not let your plan pass. Kali will be punished. And she will go to jail.
Mad says I have already called police. Kali should get punish of what she has done. Police arrives. Kali is crying. SHe says save me God please. Manjiri says kalyani please try and ask him not to done this. Kalyani says to vishwa you dont listen to your wife like this. Use your brain too. Mad says i knew no one would listen to me. Police must be coming any time.
VIswa says you can arrest the girl.Manjiri says i beg you mad, please stop this. kali has not done anything. she says i wont let you take her. Kali says i wont go. Mad says wait. Mad says i forgot something. Ask her to absorb black eye on gauri. Kalyani says you expect her to save gauri and kill her at the same time. You think kali did this. Vishwa says you are right. she can only kill. Inspector take her form here. Kalyani says wait. When gauri fell, Kali threw away the scorpion. can she kill gauri? Kali recalls no one was there before. She says how does she know? Inspector says we are taking her. They take kali with them.

Kali sees a box in garden with a scorpion near it. she saw same box in kalyani’s room. she says what is a scorpion doing in it? She recalls kalyani asking manjiri to make jelly for gauri. Kali says tai ji is doing all this? SHe wants to kill gauri.

Precap-Kali comes in with an officer. They take her to kids’ detention. They all chant at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope kali tell manjari the truth n vishwas bring her home

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