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Scene 1
Vishwa comes and grabs manjiri’s hand. HE shoves her out of the house in rain. He throws kali’s writing slide on her. Jethi says what are you saying? Vishwa says this rope wont break but it will burn. Jethi says this is cold. Her bones would wreck by morning. Come here manjiri. He can’t do this. And before coming remove this sindur. He removed it so he has no right on you. Manjiri says no. She says tell his this sindur doesn’t mean anything to you.
Manjri says my soul is colored with his name. I can stay in this rain without any problem. You will find me where even if it doesn’t end for whole night. Jethi says okay.
Kali sees manjiri in rain. she comes running. Jethi stops her. Kali says let me go. why is manji out. Jethi says she is punished

by her husband. Vishwa will be mad if you go out. You have to stay here. Its better for you. You know when he gets mad. he loses all the control. Manjiri says i am fine kali.
Kali says I will ask ram ji to help manjiri. Kali says i know you are doing this to make bady papa happy. Manji says go in kali
Kali stands in balcony and hands an umberlla over manjiri.

Manjiri wakes up next morning and hears a havan going on outside.
She comes out anad sees Prohit and some pandit reading some mantra around kali. Manjiri comes and says kali. Jethi says where are you going. Manjiri says you cant do this.
Manjiri says stop what are you doing. Prohit says dont ruin the pooja. Prohit says kali you have to do this. you have to be black on whole. This tank has black water you have to dive in it. Majiri says no you wont do this kali. Manjiri says to vishwa punish me i beg you dont do this to my daughter. You are forgetting your promise. Vishwa says prohit ji do your work.

Kali goes and jumps in the tank. All of her face and body is black.
Prohit says Kaali you have to pick this pot on your head and take 101 round around the havan. Would you do that? Kali says yes. Prohit says very good. He puts water in the pot. Manjiri is dazed. Prohit says this is the pot you have to put on your head. Manjiri says what are you saying? this is a sin. How can you do this. I didn’t tell your reality to anyone to save you. And you are doing this to this girl. I will tell everyone. Vishwa says ignore her and read the mantra. Prohit says kali start doing it.
Kali says go from here Manji ma. Let me do my work. I am kala teeka. Kali picks up the pot and starts walking. Manjiri says please help me God. Suddenly the pot cracks and and the milk from it spills on Kali. Her face and feet get cleaned. Kali throws away the pot. It breaks.

Manjiri says look kali God told you you are not a kala teeka. Neel says kaali go bath. Manjiri says Vishwa you are pandit and you couldn’t see God’s sign. God cleared black color from my daughter. Saw that girl? You lost. and she got revenge for good deeds and she will always have. and you will have to pay for your sins. God gave you one last chance. Please stop doing these sins.

Precap-Some women are taking Manjiri with her. Gauri says where is bari mama going? Vishwa says she has to go. Women who lose their husband have to go.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very sad show with children and religion yet these people calls on god

  2. So sad manjari has to leave m i hope evil vishwas dont punish her wen she leaves

  3. Uff this Vishwa and JT as usual very annoying. This Kaali is so cute. I don’t know why this Vishwa is torturing Kaali Guriya a lot indirectly.
    I really wanna see what will happen in this story, when a leap will take place. Kaali Guriya ur manji is better than ur barki papa listen to ur manji 🙂 so sweet to see bond between Kaali Guriya and manji. So sad only Gauri, princess, manji and neel cares for Kaali Guriya

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