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Scene 1
Chubs and Naina are preparing to leave. Pavitra is about trip. Naina holds her. Pavitra says who will handle me when you are not here. Naina says my prayers will take care of you. God will never let anything bad happen to you. She hugs her. Naina says I know my sister is strong and will take care of her family. And you all have to take care of her as well. Chubs says good bye to everyone. Mai says we are so grateful of you all. They leave. Pavitra sees the car leaving and cries. Krishna consoles her.

Krishna says I did so much injustice by not filling your hairline. Today I will complete our marriage. He fills her hairline. Pavitra is in tears. Chutki says she is crying because she misses naina. Krishna says I have an idea. From 1 to 15 we will live with Naina in the city. And

from 16 to 30 she will live here. Pavitra says you are the thakur of this village now. They are your responsibility now. Mai says Pavitra is right. Thakurain says you have started a new life with your wife, she is your responsibility too.

At night, Pavitra comes to room. Its all dark. Krisha lits candles. He has decorated the whole room. Krishan comes close to Pavitra. She is shy. Krishna holds her close and caresses her face. He picks her up and takes her to bed.
Prohit calls Chubs. He says Pavitra isn’t with us. She is happy with Krishan. Prohit says you should have brought her. If naina and Pavitra are not together they won’t say happy. Naina takes the phone and says stop saying all this. This is a superstition. Because of you my mom lived a life like a kala teeka. Now you wanna do the same with Pavitra? I won’t let all this happen to her. Suddenly the car meets accident and Naina falls out of it. She is badly injured and taken to hospital.
Doctor checks her and says her condition is critical. Prohit comes and says see I told you. Kali always wanted her daughters to stay together as well. They are protectors to each other. Naian says stop it Prohit ji. He says its not like that. We have to do pooja for your mom. Naina says enough. He says souls are like humans. We need to do this pooja with you and Pavitra together. Chubs calls them.

Chubs says on call Naina has met an accident. Please come here. Pavitra drops the arti plate. Krishna says we are coming don’t worry. Chubs says Prohit ji wants to do pooja. Please come soon. Krishna pavitra and mai leave.
Doctor checks Naina and says she is still in a critical condition.
Krishna Mai Pavitra are on their way. A storm is raging. Krishna asks for tickets. The bus driver says there are no tickets since bus is not going because of the weather. Krishna says its okay we will drive there.
They reach the hospital.

Pavitra holds Naina’s hand. Naina says you know everything. Pavitra says please be healthy soon. Pavitra gives her juice. Pavitra says please get well soon. Naina says no more. Pavitra says no you have to eat. You have always followed the footsteps of our mother. You have fought superstition all your life. I promise to do that too. But pooja is different.
They start the pooja. Crows come and sit on the thal. everyone gets happy.
They all pray for Kali’s peace. PAvitra says we both promise you ma. We won’t let superstition prevail. All of other people promise the same thing as well. Prohit says the whole family is together. Dimpy takes a selfie with everyone!

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    Finally show ended on happy note.. but both time lead did not marry lead…

  2. It would be better if Nina would got married , but happy ending tho !!

  3. Why the hell did the show have to end it was going so good. Couldn’t they have waited for Naina to get married to someone else and let Pavitra and Krishna have a child at least.???

  4. Aww , i will miss this show so much , this show will always be my fav !!

  5. I think Kali and Naina are both lead characters or? So it’s over??

    1. They should have increased the story who are this writers which even don’t know how to increase the story

  6. at last i am glad it ended on a happy note you can only please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time stew

  7. they cheated us they shouldve made naina married and they come together in one and have a beautiful family and have successful business it ended very stupid i will miss this movie so much.

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