Kaala Teeka 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Amma says I said Kali is so unlucky she lost her baby. Everyone is startled. Leela says what? Vishwa says are you all shocked? Kali you said, truth can’t be hidden. Amma says this is not the whole truth. Kali lost her baby in the festival. Vishwa stands up in shock. Amma says for two hours then she found her baby. Vishwa says what are you saying? If she found her baby then why call her unlucky. Amma says if I lost my baby I will be unlucky as well. That is why I called her unlucky. She lost the baby in festival. Vishwa says Kali swear on Manji maa’s head that this baby is yours and Yug’s. Manjiri says yes please do that Kali. Kali says after Ramji and Naina most important person in my life is Manjiri. I swear on my Manji maa whatever I am saying in truth. I am Naina’s

mother. She is my daughter. Vishwa says this is a lie. Amma leaves. Yug says you might have taken wrong meaning of that woman’s words. It’s okay. Vishwa says stop. I have a suggestion that will clear that this is truth and that woman and Kali are liars. I swear on God that. Yug says if there is something like that I will call police myself.

Doctor checks Naina and takes her blood.
Kali says to Manjiri what will happen now. Manjiri says we will do anything. Your life has been full of sorrows and I will do anything to change that.

Scene 2
Vishwa is sleeping. The thread on his wrist is red. He says what is happening. He takes of the thread. The mirror in front of his breaks. Vishwa is dazed. He goes out.
Manjiri says what happened? He says nothing. Manjiri says I heard some noise. Vishwa says the mirror broke. Manjiri says this is not a good sign. Vishwa says there is no such thing. Make tea please. Manjiri says sure.
Vishwa says to Prohit on call how can your thread change color. Have I made a mistake? His car stops. Vishwa asks driver what happened? Driver says let me check. A man comes with wearing mala and says you sinner. He says you are a sinner. Your game is over. Vishwa asks driver to shove the man away. The man says you will be ruined. Everyone will know your sins. Driver asks the man to go away. He says I am looking for the mechanic sir you wait in the car. Two men come and thumb up Manjiri in another car. They pull vishwa’s car with a crane in air. Vishwa says what is happening. He tries to get out of the car. They drag the car with them. A black cloth falls on the car. Vishwa says what is happening. Vishwa breaks the car window. He opens the door lock from outside. Manjiri hides. Vishwa comes out. there is no one around. Vishwa says who is here. He sees sinner written on the cloth. Manjiri says you will accept your sins. That’s the power of fear.

Scene 3
Yug picks up Naina and plays with her. Yug says you are hungry. He sees the feeder and feeds her. Kali comes and says what happened naina? Yug says no test is needed. I am her dad. She is my daughter. Kali says in heart tomorrow reports will say something else. I should tell you truth before that.

Vishwa asks Pandit ji if a sinner enters this temple what should he do? Pandit ji says he should go in a deserted place and repent his sins. Vishwa sees his thread is red again.

Precap-Kali says if Naina’s dad is Yug that means her mom is Gauri. They are shocked. Gauri comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The drama is getting better day by day..finally vishwa will accept his sins-.-

    1. Not yet … He finds out there is red bracelet hanging in the store beside temple. So I think viswa will doubt manjari.

  2. But wait wasn’t gauri pregnant with someone else’s child. This is mad confusing right now.

  3. If it gauri child then it not yug baby i hope the Dna doesn’t match yug n gauri

  4. I sure manjari took care of that already. Everybody is calling this kali’s revenge but its manjari.

  5. I hope DNA test match Yug because that will prove that baby is kaali’s & Yug. Guri was pregnant by someone else that why Vishwa is trying so hard to proved that baby kaali have is not Yug because he knew what has done, he also knew that he daughter was pregnant by another man.

  6. Ha, so true Devi. I really hope manjima take care of the DNA results and I hope it shows that Kali is mom. If that baby is Gauri’s, then Yug is not the father, but I don’t care anymore whether Yug is father or not, coz he is a loser, he deserves to be with Gauri. Kali deserves better.

  7. Kali suffer a lot, please ramji solve DNA test

  8. Plz anybody give me no plz?

  9. If this baby is Yug’s and Gauri’s, then Yug is a rapist and Gauri was right as claimed in court. Yug should be in jail and the Law got it wrong. What’s next writers?? Have you forgotten the previous track??

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