Kaala Teeka 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nandu’s brother says there is something wrong with this house. Leela says I have talked to the pandit. He told us the solution. He says your pandit doesn’t know what it is. What he has suggested is impossible. Leela says you sound well aquainted. Dewri says I know all mantra. Yug says we have our pandit you can go from here. Leela says don’t talk to him like that. Leela says is there a solution? Dewri says yes. Where is the temple. Leela takes him to the temple. He does something in temple. Naina and Kali are in room. Naina keeps crying. Kali says what happened to you Naina. Dewri says go and see that tree now. The tree isn’t there anymore.
Dewri puts tilak on Vishwa’s picture. He says whatever I am today is because of you. He some trick. He comes

out and says slowly all black leaves on this tree will turn black. Leela says till then please stay in our house. Yug says dadi we don’t even know him. Leela says do you need to know more? Manjiri comes and says yes we do. I have seen this man’s anger. It would create a lot of problems. Therefore keeping him here isn’t right. Nandu says my brother leave I will leave with my bride. Yug says Kali won’t go with you. And she is not your bride. Nandu says she is. Yug is about to hit him. Devri comes and stops Yug. He says enough I won’t bear more insult. Let’s go. Kali comes out and says stop. you won’t go anywhere. Kali says they are homeless Yug. Their house is burnt. Can’t we help them this much? Jamna says she is right. Our house is burnt. Kali says you have helped us so many times. This is your right. Leela says I agree. They will live in our house. Come I will show you your room.

Kali says to Manjiri Nandu helped Niana so many times. Maybe with his brother he forgets me. Manjiri says I don’t like that man. Kali says he beaten up a thief. People do that in anger. Manjiri says think twice. After a long time a lot of things worked out. I hope everything isn’t ruined. Naina starts crying. Devri is outside their room. Manjiri and Kali try to calm Naina down.
Devri comes in and says if you midn my presence in this house I will leave. Manjiri says Kali why don’t you get her checked up? Devri says can I see her hand. He touches Naina’s foot. He says too bad. Kali says what happened. Devri says she won’t live for long. After six months from now she will leave. Manjiri says how dare you say that. Kali says we don’t believe in things like that don’t ever say that again. Jamnai is overhearing all this. Nandu says Manjiri di killed that evil Vishwa. Dewri says no Nandu dont say that. She looks so innocent. Manjiri says sometimes things are not like how you see them. Jamna says its food time.

Jamna says to Dewri years passed still you didn’t change. You said what comes to your mouth. WHy you said that about Naina. Dewri says it has to happen. Jamna says happen or would you? dewri says I have changed ama. Jamna says I hope so. Wherever you went you destroyed things. Why are you back? Why you don’t let people live in peace?

Manjiri sees her own conscience, it blames her for killing Vishwa. Her conscience says ravan’s wife stood with you. You murdered you own husband. Manjiri says no. She says no this is the truth. Your hands are red with his blood. See your hands. She says drink his blood. She throws blood on Manjiri. Manjri wakes up from sleep. She is scared.

Precap-Manjrii asks pandit ji what should I do? He tells her that she has to wash herself in the river. Manjiri goes to the river.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ahhhh….pishi maa…I feel so bad for her?and kali stop being harsh with yug -.-He loves yew^_*

    1. Hi Xuni
      Yug wasn’t loving to Kali either
      He did worse to her than any husband
      Got a baby with her sister, put her out of the house, after she survived being so close to death he still hated her
      Doubted that Kali wanted to kill his child
      Kali who is such an angel
      and then there is innocent Nandu who loves her unconditionally
      i Hate Yug
      he deserves a bad person like Gauri in his life, not Kali

      1. Hi jasmine u r saying right but the circumstances were worst so thats why yug believed on gauri and her closest relationship her grandmother also provoked her so thats why yug did all that crap but know he has realized his mistakes so after punishing yug kali shld forgive her

    2. Just a friend

      Are you for real.Are u mad#!!!!
      Who gets married to their wife’s sister (guri) the very next day when their wife is presumed to be dead!!!!
      Ain’t loyal,
      He screamed at her and threw her out the house and u speak NONSENSE like this

  2. Please forgive yug kali he loves you so much ?

    1. love should have kept him home, true to his heart, true to his wife.
      love should have made him have TRUST.
      love should have made him stay loyal.
      love should have made him not quit.
      love should not made him cheat.
      love should have made him a protector.
      love should have made him search for Kali.
      love should have made him not doubt.
      love should have made stand up for Kali.
      love should have made him KICK Guari out of the house.
      Love would not have made him give promises of hope, to shatter them.
      love should have made him tell his Grandmother to get in line.
      LASTLY, if he loved Kali soooo much, he would not have committed the same atrocities that she grew up with.

      HE LOVES NO ONE BUT HIMSELF, KALI SHOULD NEVER UNITE WITH YUG. She should love herself enough to know, that she can do bad all by herself.

      1. ????????????

  3. oh please if that is love then kali dont need it, where was this love and care a few months back.
    Yug needs to take a bath in a acid pit, spineless fool

    1. Agreed!!!!!!!Piece of Shit husband.

  4. Every human make mistakes in his life but if yug really want to correct his mistakes then give one more chance to prove his luv for kali.reunite kayu

  5. Yug to do something to prove your luv for kali and wins her heart once again reunite kayu we are waiting for this lovely moments

  6. Yaah stop showing this superstitious things again and show lovely moments of kayu.

  7. Angelk1

    I hope some how, the brother don’t turn nandu bad if what the mother said is true. I hope by nandu staying him and Kali get closer

  8. I want to wat vishwas did for him i hope manj maa tell kali she is going to the river m also dewri don’t follow her

  9. madhushree mandal

    See all the die hearted fans of yug(rohan )and kali (simran )will obviously always want to see them together. I am also their fan and I also want but in this case what yug had done to Kali that is not forgivable atall.
    Jo jo yaha kali aur yug ko ek bar phir Sath dakhna chahata hai wo log ek bar Kali ka jagaha par khud ko rakh kar socha ki agar aap logo ka sath bhi apki husband ya boyfriend ayasa kuch karta jo bawafai yug na kali ka sath kiya,kay aap log usa kabhi asani sa maph kar pata?? Aap logo ka Bolna bahut asan hai ki kali ko yug ko maph kar deni chahiya ya ek aur chance Dena chahiya magar kahata hai na jispe bitti hai uska dard sirf wo hi samajh Sakta hai. I hope real life mein ayasa kisi ka sath na ho. If kali accepts yug again then she will do injustices to herself and her baby who is now dead simplely becouse for yug’s ignorance , stupidity and disbelief towards kali which is used by barka papa against kali to give happiness to his useless daughter. Yug has done mistake and he has to pay for it at any cost.

  10. Yes Kali please stay with yug I love you both I couldve seen the love on his eyes when he didn’t wanted you to leave him with gauri and the child in that house and go with nandu. Please forgive him na everyone makes mistake in their lives and no one is perfect ok so please dont do this poor acting to yug ok i always wanted to see you both acting in this serial yug loves yew forgive him

  11. Everyone in his life making mistakes and if that person want to correct his fault then give yug atleast last chance to prove his luv for kali reunite them.

  12. Charles Mervyn

    No no no Kali should marry Nandu Yug can get lost

  13. Agreed with everyone….

  14. rekha vaghela

    Dewri would die at kali’s hand. Nandu will recover but act to b still mad and try to destroy Kali and naina. Then everyone will like kayu and again their will b kayu pairing. They did similar thing in ssel why not here??

  15. Simran Please forgive Rohan Na becoz she loves u so Much

  16. Tifan u saying right,I agree with your comment.who is dewri ? Which connection between naina & dewri?

    1. Is she for real

      His no going to read ur comment you have to reply to his one first

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