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Scene 1
Gauri says to madhui please let kaali stay here. Minister says let her stay here she is just a child. She is just playin. Whats your name? Kaali says kaali. He says what name is that. e asks whose daughter are you? Kaali says I am a rat. Like gaesh’s rat I am gauri’s rat. Prohit says she keeps roaming after gauri. i just said as a joke is that a rat since then she started calling herself rat. Vishwa says she is our neighbor’s son. minister says you have become lemon and spice wont you cu bad eye on Gauri? Gauri says i forgot. She takes rounds around Gauri.

After party vishwa is mad. Jt says i told you not to keep her here. She should have been thrown out of house. Manjali says she made a mistake. Vishwa says its your mistake. She shouldn’t have been

in party. Mahdur says she ruined the party. Prohit says she should be used for what she is. Vishwa says minister is looking for a reason to insult us. Kaali comes in. She says dont be mad at manjali. She asked me not to come. Gauri needed me to help her picking her gifts, tying her shoes laces so I came. Vishwa says to manjlai tell me who suggested her to become lemon and spice? She can’t think of it. kaali says neel asked me. JT says she is lying. kaali says you can ask neel. JT says neel can’t do this. She is a liar.
She grasps kaali’s ear. Manjali stops her and says no one made her lemon and spice but you people. you made a child all this. She is paying for our thinking. She is a flower. She gives fregrances even after being plucked.
Madhuri says this house has become a daily soap. Vishwa says my daughter can make mistakes but she can’t. She should stay in her limits.

Kaali says to Jt you can solve all the problems of this house. you are the elder. You should do something about it. Manjali takes kaali with her and leves. JT says to Madhuri its all in yours hands. you have to end this. JT says what will you do?

Manjali massages kaali’s ears. Kaali says why was bady papa mad abut my dress? Manjali is quite. She says every man has a relation with other. its different for everyone. you have a relation with him as well. And he has right to mad at you.
Gauri comes and plays with kaali. She shows her the gifts. gauri asks what dress will kaali wear tomorrow? Kaali says that white dress that manjali painted black. Kaali says we will enjoy a lot tomorow. We will go out.

JT tries different jewelry in her room. JT says just have to find a way to kick her out.
Garui says to kaali wear my hand when we go out t mela tomorrow. JT overhears it and says gauri will go ou first time tomorrow. Anything can happen.

Precap-Kaali takes shower and says I will go out with Gauri to see the world. They dont take kaali. Kaali runs after the car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Where is remaining yaar

  2. Plz update soon atiba dr

  3. Pls anyone tell me what is the relation b/w vishwa and manjali

    1. Yaa I also want know the relation between them

    2. manajali and madhuri are both wifes of vishwa as manjali couldnt give a child she made her husband vishwa to remarry her own sister madhuri……and madhuri gave birth to gauri

  4. Manjali is Viswa’s first wife she could not conceive so she got her sister married to Viswa who is mother of Gauri.

  5. Manjali is vishwa’s first wife.

  6. Who is neel..??

    1. neel is JT bhabhi’s son.

  7. Whn is the mother of kaali

  8. Thanku guys

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