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Scene 1
Kali says its ritual of chaudhary family that yug can’t see her face. Leela says she is right. Chulbul hides gauri’s face. Kali comes in front of gauri while yug fills her hairline and he fills gauri’s hairline. Gauri is dazed. kali smiles at her. Kali says now it is at its right place. Gauri has to stay quite. Leela says last one ritual is done. Raghu says come pandit ji lets have lunch. Kali says he can never be yours gauri.
Leela asks gauri why aren’t you happy now? gauri says nothing.

Kali says thank you Ramji. Keep helping me she can’t take my ram from me. gauri says on call what the hell. I will do as you ask mama. yug comes in. Gauri says I have to use my strong weapon my charm. Dadi thinks yug filled my hairline. yug is talking. There is

a nail one the wall. Kali runs to save him, she falls. Yug says what happened? Kali says there was a nail there. i was coming to stop you. Yug touches her foot. He says you were hurt on the same foot before. he sets he sprain. yug says go and rest in your room.
Kali stands up but falls again. Yug holds her. He picks up her and takes her to her room. The son agar tum sath ho plays in background. Kali’s mangasutra stuck in his sheet. Kali says ram made couples aren’t separable. Gauri comes in. Yug leaves. Kali says I can understand what you are trying to do but you can never know me. So you be careful, I told you.
Gauri leaves in anger.

At night, neel is on a call he says I will call you when chacha je done this, shamrila comes and spills watyer on his paper. He says what have you done? Sharmila says don’t stop yourself. you want to slap me? Do it. Then you must be thinking what will happen next. I will use my innocent face again and go to vishwa and tell him what you did and then again you will scolded by him. Neel says don’t ruin my work. Sharmila says i know you can bear all the punishments I give you. but I want to see helplessness of your face. Vishwa is hearing all this.

yug is in his car. Kali says sorry manji maa I am coming, her foot hurts. yug sees her. He stops the car in front of her and says sit down. I am not an auto driver. Kali sits in. Yug asks you okay? She nods.
yug says I asked you something.Kali says I know but you don’t trust me so answer is useless. I am used to of you looking away from me. I am leaving here. Thank you.
Gauri has prepared everything. She says some flowers would make. it. She wear her nighty and says yug will be drowned in my beauty.

Kali meets manjiri and says I came with yug. it felt so good. Manjiri says you have to spend your whole life with him. See what I brought you. Kali says this is my fav sweet. Kali says thank you. Manji maa is everyone okay? Manjiri says everyone is okay but I feel like sharmila has nto forgiven neel. Kali says I can answer gauri but yug.. his heart is not melted. Manjiri says gauri won’t give up that easily don’t consider her easy. I know what would she do next. She has one way only.She will seduce him.
Gauri sees herself mirror and says you look so hot. Yug is going to be the lucky man tonight. Kali comes in. Gauri says what are you doing here? Leave all that. See the decorations. Aren’t they beautiful. yug married you and will celebrate it with me. Kali says unlucky is the woman who tries to seduce him without marriage.

Precap-Gauri says yug nothing can come between us. Onlu love. She kisses his face. His eyes are closed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. for sure this gauri putting herself low and low and low…she is such bi**h. Please writer stop this nonscene don’t you guys have other then this…I knew she will tried to seduce Yug…. what going on here really…we saw similar scene in EMA. stop this and show how she will prove her innocent…this starting get bore and bore….

    Gauri u look disgusting and u r not an attractive…..whenever I look your face I feel vomiting…and don’t put too much make up cover your ugly face.

  2. I meant stop this nonsence and show us how kali will prove her innocent.

  3. That’s great Yug married his real wife

  4. Did Kali actually sprain her ankle?? What did Yug do then? Did he pick her on his lap?? Plz tell..

    1. From yesterday episode she step on the class. It cut on her foot.

  5. I hate the precap gosht?????

  6. These people use such a traditional n true bound of marriage for evil intention n they will win,rubish without trust wat love s this ,I think they are going to drag this rubish drama in this serial for long time no value for marriage n culture in this serial also same like other no difference waste of watching

  7. When gauri looked at herself on the mirror and said u looked so charming. I felt like through a rock to that mirror?

    Yug don’t fall into her trap man… Please writer u guys portray him as ram… Don’t let this happen… It’s disgusting. Show us no one can seduce Yug.. His heart has to be for Kali only…it’ll be great!

    1. No1 can..n she won’t she will just make it in [email protected] of Kali bcuz 1.Kali prayefin precap
      2. Yug expression he looked uncomfortable

  8. I hate the PRECAP! !!!????

  9. when will kali going prove herself???…this is all waste of time to watch it…how she going to prove?? I have no patience.. its irritating me whenever gauri scene comes…

  10. episode was some better but the precap…..

  11. I thought he said to gauri don’t expect anything from me…now what hell he is doing?. does he going fall in to her trap….this is stupid..i’m quitting watching this show. no value to the marriage…just crap story.

  12. I think kali is faking just to get close to yug

    1. Kali has every right get close to Yug cos she is his wife, but gauri is very cheap try to seduce Yug… She doesn’t even marry to Yug… It’s disgusting.

  13. If there is no value for marriage why people have to marry… Anyone can live without marrying. This show is not giving any value to the marriage… Stupid gauri sitting there in Yug.. Nobody couldn’t do anything about it..this is bullshit

  14. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Oh wow KaYu scenes after so many days love it when Yug carried kali in his arms and Yug please forget your arrogance, an I hope Kaali won’t forgive Yug easily once he realizes his mistakes, I want Yug to follow Kaali and do cute things to seek apology from her 😛 🙂 and then of course Later hopefully Kaali forgives him

  15. Guys I saw the precap Yug looks like he was drugged cause he was holding his head….and kali was praying so hopefully nothing would happen

  16. It should be gauri’s dreaming

  17. Loved the KaYu scenes ….. after so many days ……BUT PRECAP WAS VERY DISGUSTING

  18. kaali please stop doing a lot of make up


    2. Ya…gauri has 1 inch make up on her face?????????????

  19. Why gauri has no emotions… angry.. sad.. happy.. same face… can she act?

    1. Coz she is only concentrating on her make up….

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