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Scene 1
Kali says I am sure our relationship will live a new and stronger life.
Yug recalls pandit, leela and gauri. Then Sharmila thanking Kali. And Kali saying she doesn’t want credits.
Leela says to gauri you will get me exposed one day. Kali has fulfilled 4 promises. Stop her from rest of the three. Gauri says but how, Leela says call that prohit.
Prohit comes in. Leela says there is one thing I want, Yug owns Gauri. Prohit says wipe out Kali? I have a solution. There is a pooja if that happens nothing can separate gauri and yug.

Prohit starts the pooja. Gauri coughs. Prohit gives leela an apple and says take it in left hand. Make half of it eaten by yug and half by gauri.
Leela gives gauri apple and says eat half and give half to yug. Give other one to

Kali. Right hand one is right. Gauri says explain me with left right. Leela says the hand we use to eating is right. Gauri says right. Leela say no left. Gauri says no I mean I get it. Leela says I am going.
Kali stops gauri. gauri says take this one. Kali says but you have to give me fake one. Gauri says don’t confuse. Dadi said right one is right and left one is wrong. but did she tell you her left or yours? Kali makes her trip and she falls on basket of apples. they all mix. Gauri says what you did. Kali says now ramji will decide who gets the real apple. Gauri says you cheated and mixed all of them. Kali says eat of them. They are just 30. Gauri says what. Kali says if it was yours you would have recognized.
Kali picks an apple and takes a bite. Gauri snatches it from her and eats, Kali says you get other’s like this.
Leela says Gauri is the apple safe? Gauri says yes. Kali says if dadi gets to know what will she do. Gauri says don’t try to hard. You’re not my friend. Kali says its parsad’s fruit. It must have smell of havan. Gauri coughs and says I can’t. I am cold. kali says this happens when this is not yours. Gauri says now I will show you what can I do. She calls Ramu and says pick all these apples and Kali doesn’t touch any of these or I will fire you. Gauri leaves. Ramu kaka gives apple to Kali. They both laugh. Kali smells them.

Gauri takes steam and burns her hand.
Kali says there is no smell in any single of them. Dadi knows Gauri so well. This means dadi still has that apple.’Kali comes to Leela and says you fooled gauri and never gave her real apple. But you can’t fool me because I am your daughter in law. I have to go get ready for pooja.
Kali says I want what only is mine. I know where you keep your keys but I never touch them. Why are you doing this? When I was doing vatsavitri. I saw it on your face. You are a woman to then why are you doing this to me? Leela says I was happy to see you doing pooja but as kala teeka.You know everyone human has a worth and that makes boundaries of their rights. Leela says stay in your worth. Kali says if I don’t do that? Leela says you have no idea what I will do. Give me the apple back. Kali says I can’t disrespect elders but I can stand for my right. you can try stopping me. You know who is the real life. so i will fulfill my fifth promise. Kali leaves with the apple. Leela is so mad. Leela says where did she get so much courage from. After so many days someone has challenged Leela.

Kali gets ready for pooja. Yug comes in. Kali says you came back from hospital? He says yes. Yug gives her a candy. Kali says candy? Yug says you used to love them in childhood. Kali says I still do. Everything I love it childhood. She opens it. Its a ring. Kali says this is your ring. Ring not mine its yours. You have had it for more time than me. You should have it. He puts ring in a chain and makes her wear the locket. the song sun saathiya plays in background.They look at each other.
Kali opens her eyes and it was all her dream.

Kaka calls kali and says I saw sharmila going out and she was crying. I tried to stop her but she didn’t listen. Kali leaves the pooja tray there and runs out.

Precap-kali calls neel.He says we are out me and sharmila.. Kali says so it was all dadi’s plot. She runs back home. Yug and Gauri have done the pooja. gauri is about to eat the apple Kali stops her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Masz

    See… de 1st person need to be shot dead is leela chaudary then only gauri jha.De one n only master mind is yug’s dadi… n diz Yug wil only listen n obey to her. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. U abosolutly right…I hope Yug realize soon or else it will be too late.

  2. Really I’m getting sick of show ….. This stupid leela will never change?….really what is this writer trying to say….today I’m really really mad of leela action…. Poor Kali spent want complain about leela to Yug but look what this stupid leela doing helping gauri….doesn’t she forget about why Kali did save him???….leela go to hell…. And also seems like this still not believe Kali Or else he won’t be sit there eat apple and hand them to gauri…. I’m dissapoint….. It’s better Kali leave that house.., they all that house just only using her..?

    1. Kalpana

      You are right dear! Like all the serials evil win n good keeps losing… Leela talks so much about pati seva… How much she loves Yug… Yet wants to do the very thing that snatches Yug’s happiness and peace… In what name? Society… How ridiculous….

      So much disappointed 🙁

    2. Ooops, sorry guys…because I’m mad I don’t even know what I’m typing…I just notice there so many typing mistake I made….as long as you guys can understand what I’m trying to say…:)

  3. Omaiiigaadd this leela has cross all limits…and this yug also dumb enough to do the rituals with gauri, im sure they ll make this story longer as they dont have any idea to make kali n yug live happily

    1. Me to Hana….I don’t understand that why yug want to do rituals with gauri???….I think maybe he also use kali until he get heal…that’s it…if he is smart enough he will go out find about the truth or like u said he is dumb.

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    I just hope Kali completes the other 3 promises ASAP hope they dont drag this and this Yug’s dadi is just like the witch in snow white lol but gauri is not snow white kali is 😛 only watching this show for kayu

    1. Masz

      U r rite Fatarajo!l luv to see kaYu scene even today was juz a short one but nice scene to watch. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Gosh…. Doesn’t leela have shame… Using cheap trick defeat Kali from stop eating apples… I feel like I want to kill her.??

    1. Masz

      Leela dadi had to use cheap trick K bcoz she knew our kaali is a very smart n brave girl.we cud see how she treated diz so foolish gauri jha.Yezzz go kaali go!

  6. Leela is so mad in this stupid traditional belief .She never sees Kalis goodness.I HATE HER AND GORI JHA TOO.THEY R BOTH SO SILLY .I JUST WANT TO KILL THEM BOTH

  7. Yes dadi is really a witch.

  8. In the precap….yug is looking weird….when kali stop gaur from eating apple….seems like he still believe that leela word..I guess….eh!……………….come on writer kali suffered enough please reveal the truth……pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. Masz

      Whatz de points of yug recalls everything at de ealier scene if stil becoming dumb n dumber at de end of de show.Come on Im missing so much our naughty n energetic Yug throughout beginning of de show.Wake up yug!Kaali fights for ur trust.

  9. Nazia Tabassum

    I sick off this show…

  10. Kalpana

    How stupid… May God bless the audience with patience to watch this shit

  11. Writers could do all kinda shitty plots but as long as Kali is standing up for her rights n is audacious and not meek about leela n gauri’s underhand dealing, I won’t scold the writers. After all, they need to give us a serial which should be worth watching. If all problems are solved too soon, they will have to change storylines too often, i like the suspense. I just hope they dont do with kaala teeka what writers did with kkb…..waste of good actors in that serialserial!!!

  12. Chaitali

    Thiss is sick man!!Why r they dragging it so much??In this serial always evil wins!


    This is too much… they are dragging dragging and dragging…..
    I hope only kali fulfill 7 vachan with yug not guari…

  14. I wish this writer should bring a another lead….and make fall for kaali…so yug will get jealous of it then lets see if his brain is working by then.

  15. Ya… They’re dragging too much. Its enough nw. Plz end this track


  17. Yug is soooo weak, has no backbone. and no respect for kali. Please writer, make Yug stronger and stop this nonsense about society. Bahu (gauri) can get get drunk, create a scene and put yug in the hospital, why did’nt daadi do anything about that, what happened to daadi’s society/samajh? Why no follow up on that issue. writers please don’t jump from one scene to another without explaining, the show should follow a particular order. Does that make sense?
    The story should follow a logical sequence.

    1. Yeah… To leela… A girl with the good family can drink and drive….society won’t say anyhing bad in her point of view…

  18. Dadi need a hard slap n gauri need a life of her own


  20. I think this writer doesn’t know how to reveal truth…that’s why he is dragging it……come on writer….beginning of todays episode u show us yug recalled all what kali, leela, sharmila and gauri said…..I thought he will come to some sense but no…he came cool and sit besides gauri and doing pooja…..uh! it irritate me a lot….come on……only for the time passing when he was sick he just been nice to kali??????

    oh my god….this leela scare me when she said to kali that she will peel her skin off something. if she doent stay in her worth…that is so mean. I felt like I want kill her at that point.

    come on writer give a big punishment for leela for regret the sin she made….please reveal the truth and let yug hate leela sooooo much……her biggest punishment is that yug never forgive her..

  21. i have little hope that Kali might win her challege cos….when leela trick Kali on the marriage day …she never thought that dadi will plan something like to seperate Yug and kali but now Kali is aware of what leela will do now…she deffenetly think smart and win leela….Finger crossed!

  22. The story is just being dragged unlikely ….so orthodox

  23. Ahhhhhhhhh I can’t believe they change the time either who’s ever in charge of that. Plz plz plz change it back I will miss the whole episode everyday now!

    1. Masz

      They changed to what time Kavi??

  24. Charles Mervyn

    This YUG is a dumb dumb dumb donkey

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