Kaala Teeka 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Yug plays the CD. They all see Leela going in her washroom. Bijli comes in and places the saris there. After that the footage goes blank and then Leela shouts with ashes on her sari. Kali says who can do this? Bijli says I did nothing. Leela says why don’t you understand its a phantom. You can’t see it in camera. Yug says this is a human. Yug says someone deleted footage. The one who is behind all this has done this. Gauri says in heart thank God but who deleted it?
Gauri says to Bijli later, you are totally useless. Bijli says I placed the sari there like you gave me I dont know where blood and ashes came from. I know there is a third person too or is it a real phantom? Gauri is scared.

Kali says these cameras are useless now. Yug says Gauri must be alert now.

Kali says Gauri didn’t do this. She was with me all the time. I am sure bijli did it. Yug says when you say Gauri is innocent, this is kind of superstitious blind belief. Kali says you don’t have proof. Yug says because Gauri isn’t leaving any. Kali says idea.. There is a way to catch Bijli. She is not so smart that she would wear gloves, there would be her finger prints on it. yug says we can get it tested.
Bijli comes and says I saw a movie don’t remember the name. The hero finds murderer with finger prints, you can test mine too. Gauri says bijli is right. Get everyone’s finger prints tested. Start with me. Raghu says yes this is better. Gauri says in heart Chulbuli chachi’s face says she is getting caught soon. Gauri says I will give finger prints first. I am bringing paper. Gauri and Chulbili give prints. She gives it to Chulbuli. Chulbuli gives her finger prints too. Kali says what will we do now? We were trying to catch bijli but she is not behind this. Yug says still I will get them tested. Kali says then who can it be?

Bijli and Gauri are walking with candles on old songs. They both laugh and dance. Bijli’s candle falls on her. Gauri says this is the game. we defeated Kali in her plan. Bijli says you are so clever. We never touched cameras.
Someone in white sari lits all the saris of Leela. Kali is taking Yug’s milk to room. Yug says I will sleep in dadi’s room I wanna see what happens there. Kali says okay drink this milk. I will give dadi meds. Yug picks his pillow. Someone mixes something in his milk. Yug comes out and drinks the milk. Someone keeps an eye on him.Kali comes in and says I have given dadi pills and placed you mattress there. He says okay. Kali holds his hand. Kali says good night. Yug says I am sorry I forgot. Kali says I can understand. Yug says shall I go now? Kali leaves his hand. Kali says I hope this gets solved.

Leela is asleep in her room. Someone puts a handkerchief on her nose and she faints. The woman is in a white sari, she drags Leela out. leela is tied to a wood plank. The woman spreads oil around her. Kali wakes up. She comes to Leela’s room and sees that Leela isn’t there. Kali checks the washroom. Leela isn’t there either. Kali tries to wake Yug up. He wakes up after sometime. Kali says where is dadi? Yug is not in his senses.
The woman lits fire. Leela opens her eyes and sees herself surrounded by fire. Leela screams for help. Bijli and Gauri are dazed. Chulbuli wakes up and says who is this? Kali and Yug run out. Gauri says to Bijli someone attacked her? Go held her.

Precap-Yug comes with Kali. They try to save Leela from fire. Yug faints himself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plz change this boring track

    1. Correct

  2. Itz a bit interesting now coz de ghost is none of de family members.who is she??? ??????

    1. Yes it’s going to be interesting now☺

    2. Guys.. Do u think maybe the third person is yug’s mom???????seems like she aiming dadi that’s why??

      Or gauri might hire another person so that no one will doubt that she or bijili involve in this????

      Anyway.. I saw on Kali interview .. Saying that cos of Yug kundali his dadi going throw all this.:.. Yug got mad and leaving the house…. So now it’s kali has find out who’s behind this????

      1. Yupppp Ive seen dat too…since those dayz kaali is de one who alwayz find de ways to solve any probs.Diz time shez quite slow in moving bcoz she puts her whole trust in gauri as she luvs her sister so muchhh… I dun like to watch Yug leaving de house soon… ????????

  3. Another boring episode. Pl. don’t drag it out.

  4. I think it is sharmila. Chulbuli was trying to help her by placing blood and ash in the Saree.

    1. I dun think its x sharmila bcoz dat is x her eyes.must b someone who been hired by someone in de house… ?????

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