Kaala Teeka 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali says please save my Gauri God. Swami comes and says she will be save for sure. Because you are praying for her with all your heart. Won’t the God listen to you? God will.
Doctor says next 48 hours are critical. The poison has to get out of her body. One of you can see her. Prohit says let me see.
Prohit comes in Gauri’s room. He says if something happens to her Vishwa will kill me. I don’t know what to do. He see scorpion on the floor.
Mad says where did you find it? Prohit says i found it in gauri’s room. Vishwa calls him. Prohit says she is better but still not out of danger. We found a scorpion in her room. It looks like from forest. Vishwa asks on speaker who brought thbis scorpion, Manjiri says what are you saying? Kalyani says accusing

your own family isn’t sit. Vishwa says what us a forest scorpion doing in my house? It was brought to kill Gauri. I wanna know who that is. Mad says either manjiri or her daughter.
Kalyani says what are you saying? Mad says they have problem with my daughter. They consider themselves smart. you say manjiri is smarter than me. Kali is cleverer than gauri. Manjiri says don’t cross link all this. Mad says dont talk when i am talking. You went to jungle. Kalyani says you went there too. Did you bring it? Maybe you wanted to kill manjiri and kali. And prohit might be with you. And vishwa that wouldn’t have happened if you ordered to detain kali in jungle. Mad says even if the scorpion came from jungle. how did it reach Gauri’s room. Has gauri killed its wife? Manjiri has done all this. Swami says what are you saying. Mad says she left her husband over kali. she can do this.
Manjiri says what are you saying. gauri is my daughter as well. Mad says no she is not your daughter. I gave her birth. You are just kali’s mother. And for that you kicked your husband. Manjiri says enough mad.

Mad says to kalyani you consider her innocent. She can kill Gauri for kali.Kali wonder did manji ma really did this? Vishwa says did you do this? manji says do you think i would? He says my thinking doesn’t matter. I love and trust you and its on verge again. So I am asking you have you done this? manjiri says you think i can? Vishwa says i am asking you. Kali says in heart why is manji not saying no.

Mad says her silence shows her crime. She brought the scorpion. Kalyani says manjiri speak you didnt do this. manji says in heart my husband is acussing me. what should i say? Vishwa says speak up. I give you one more chance.
Kali says i did this. everyone is startled. Kalyani says what are you saying? Kali says pardon me. I took this scorpion from that jungle i was mad because gauri shoved me.
Mad says i knew all this. Manji says kali no. To save me, don’t take this blame. I know you have not done anything. kali says this is truth.
Nurse comes and says gauri is better now.Kali says let me meet her. Vishwa says i wanted you to be with gauri like shadow, but after today i wont even let you shadow come near her.

Precap-Vishwa says mad you can take all decisions related to kali. you can decide punishment for kali. tell me your decision.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mad will punish kali she can’t even speak properly how will she punish someone else

  2. Every episode Kali is abused, she’s a child not good to show so much child abuse. Sickening.

  3. I can’t believe that the writer of this show is so sick that she would allow such sickening child abuse from an elder to go unpunished. Every adverse action should have repercussions and the guilty party should be punished.

    I am amazed by the Indian lifestyle — no progress still third world. I am happy to be living abroad.

  4. You should end this show. It is an ethical and child abuse in the name of what?
    It does not say in our scriptures to warm anyone especially a child. This is sickening to watch such things ever took place in people’s mind or in reality.
    End this serial child abuse

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