Kaala Teeka 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Dev comes to police station all beaten. Naina says where is that girl? He says I was coming with her but we got caught. The men took her with them. Naina says this means we don’t have any proof now. He says I tried my best but you know how powerful they are. Naina says please do something inspector. He says we can’t investigate without proof.

Badki comes to thakur and tells him that Kajri was wearing this chunri when she left. She says I am very worried for her. How is this chunri here. Call mahanj ji and ask him if Kajri is okay. Thakur calls Manaj and says Badki found this chunri in village that kajri was wearing. We are worried if she is okay. Mahanj says I will send a letter there. Thakur says badki you don’t worry. Kajri would be fine. I will take care

of this matter myself. Badki says I know till you are here nothing can go wrong. She laughs. Thakur laughs.
He slaps Mahanj ji. He says how did this mistake happen. If this happens I will cut your throat. Mahanj says I am sorry. I will do something. Thakur says I will do something now. I know what story should be made up now.

Naina says I will go there and look for proofs. Chulbuli says you won’t go there. I have heard bad news about there, naina says I can take care of myself. I have to save badki. Chulbuli says then I will come with you too. Naina says but you are not well. Chulbuli says I have to see your badki as well. Niana says let me show you on phone. Naina shows her the video. but the file has curropted. The video doesn’t play. Chulbuli says I have to come with you. I have to meet Badki.

Scene 2
Badki brings her mai meds and says these are for you. Mai says all these things you do for me I wonder if he was alive he could do this or not. I thought you would take care of chutki. But now you are leaving. Badki says that is why I want you to be okay so you can take care of Chutki. Badki says please don’t cry mai. Chutki says do you people realize how much it hurts me when you two talk about leaving. Badki says I won’t talk about leaving. We will spend these days together happily. Chutli says come with me. She says lets play this game. Mai says I can’t. Badki says please mai play with us we learned this game from you. She says okay. they all the game together. Chutki says you two are cheating. Mai says no way. They win.

Naina Dimpy and Chulbuli are on bus station. Naina says to dimpy please take chulbuli to not come with us. Dimpy says I will convince her.
Dimpy says aunty have you been to remote villages? There are so many mosquitoes, and insects. You use leaves instead of tissue papers. Chulbuli says I am from a small town myself. I am not new to all this. I will squish any mosquito that comes my way. Come the bus is here. They all sit in the bus.

Badki says to Mai I am going for work. Mai says don’t break anything in Thakur’s house. Badki sees the crows and says are there any guests coming? Badki recalls Naina. Mai says I have asked my aunt’s sister to come here. You will leave. I am not well either we need someone to take care of chutki. Badki says you will be okay soon. Chutki says why are these crows making noise. If someone has to be come I hope its Nainu didi.

Naina comes to village. A man sees her and says she is back here? I will go tell thakur. A bikes is coming towards her way. He is about to collide with Naina. He stops the bike and falls on Naina himself. Naina looks in his eyes. He is wearing a helmet. He takes off his helmet.
Thakur says on call are you sure its the same girl? He says yes. Thakur tells mahanj and says do something about it. Badki comes outside the palace. She hears the mahanj saying to thugs that girl is coming back here. She made fun of our rituals. We won’t let her insult our rituals. Go stop her at any cost. She is coming in the bus. Badki says in heart I have to ask did to be careful.

Precap-The thugs say to Naina go from here. Naina says I am here to apologize. He says how did you change your mind? Badki comes there and says she has started believing. Naina says I want to spend time with you till you are here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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