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Scene 1
Naina comes home. Leela welcomes them with arti. Nandu says lets go in. Naina says I will stay with mama papa. Leela says its not easy to handle growing kids. Leela says Kali will handle them well.
Manjiri says Nandu are you mad at Kali? Nandu says devri saved naian but she got mad at him. Nandu goes in.
Kali says you two get ready I will make you cheese sandwich. Naina stops Kali says what happened? Don’t you want sandwich? Naina says i want. Kali says then go get fresh. Naina says why did dadi say that its not easy to handle two kids? Will you get me to someone else? Kali says nothing can apart me from you. You are my elder daughter. You will be my strength and you came in my world first. You are my heart and pavitra is my heart beat you are both equally important.

Don’t ever think this way again. I really love you. Kali hugs her. Devri is looking at them. Naina swipes Kali’s tears. Kali says today I will show you both movie. They both get happy. Kali says get ready first.
devri says you three are united and powerful I will separate you. but for that its important that you become friends with naina again deva. Go try.

Deva comes to Naina’s room and picks the dolls. The doll starts dancing. Naina picks the doll. All the dolls start dancing. Naina smiles. Deva says I am glad to see you smile. Forgive me naina it was a mistake. Naina says first tell how you made them dance? Deva says its magic. You wanna learn? Naina says yes please. He says do as I say. Deva looks in naina’s eyes. Pavitra comes there. Pavitra says didi.. Naina’s concentration breaks. Pavitra says why haven’t you changed. Naina says I will change later I will show you magic first. she says dolls dance.. Both dolls start dancing. Naina and Pavitra dance too. Pavitra says I am calling mama..Kali comes in both the dolls stop. Naina says my friend taught me this magic. Kali says that friend that only you can see? Naina says you can’t see him? He was here. He feels sad. Naina says sandwich yummy. They both eat sandwich. Kali gives pavitra milk. Pavitra says its so hot. Niana says I will turn on the fan. Deva helps naina in rotating the fan. He suddenly shoves the fan on pavitra. Kali says Pavitra. Naina says can’t you see? You said you will help. You shoved it on pavitra. Deva says sorry. Naina says he is saying sorry mama he did that by mistake. Kali says no one is here. niana says he is here. Deva disappears. Kali says no one is here. Naina says he left. He feels sad and shy. What happened mama don’t you trust me? Kali says I really trust you and hugs her. Kali says I have to talk to nandu about it.

Kali comes to Nandu and says I want to talk about naina. He says I don’t care about naina according to you? Kali says I apologize for my mistake. He says its okay. Nandu says I made this card for brother it says get well soon. Kali says I want to tell you something important. She tells him everything. Kali says what you think? Nandu says I will call amma she will give number of a man who catches ghosts. Kali says in heart it looks something different.

Kali comes to Yug and says can I use your laptop? He says sure. Is everything okay? Kali says yes yes. She searches and notices things. Yug gets a call he goes out. Kali tries to picks her pen her head hits the table. It bleeds. Yug puts tissue on her bruise. Gauri comes in and sees this. Gauri says what happened? Yug says Kali hit her head on table. Kali says I am fine now. Gauri says Kali can you take laptop to my room I am very tired I need to rest. Kali says I am done with my work. I am leaving.

Kali tells manjiri about everything. Manjiri says we need to do something about it. MAnjiri says kids feel insecure about attention of their parents so they try to find this in someone else. Leela told me Yug had a friend like this too. Kali says this all started since devri came to this house. Manjiri says he saved you and Naian. Kali says but.. Manjiri says he is not the six years old devri. He has changed.
Deva hits the wall. He says I controlled naina but pavitra came in between and ruined her concentration. Devri says make me alright. I can’t do anything because of this bruise and losing my powers. Do something. Deva says your blood. deva says the same blood in Naina’s veins. It will make you alright. Deva says but it will hurt her. Devri says she is my blood, she has to be useful for me.

Deva prepares for the tricks. He surrounds devri with dias. He puts a hand on devri’s heart. Devri gets a shock. Naina holds her heart too. Naina feels pain. Naina falls down. She holds her heart. Naina hits her head on the wall. Kali comes in room and sees Naina. Naina shoves her.Kali still stops Naian. She hits her head. Kali stops niana. Her head is bleeding.

Precap-Pavitra comes to temple. Deva shoves candle stand. She is surrounded by fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So devri hasn’t change inoperable naina change deva n devri from doing evil ever again

  2. I know it decor will never change , he was just faking to be change , onily reason he was helping the family , so that he want to belived he is change and earn this trust back, so that he could see Nina and get his powers back , by his friend deva , ! I am so shocked , I thought he would change and be in love with manjiri , I guess not , man so much drama

  3. Hey kya kardhiya aaplogone makers,agar Kali,yug KO chodnahitha tho than kyu nahi choda than uski shaadhi yug ke saath hua that lekin sab ne mil kar yugbko chest kiya,than bhi yug ne kali par barosaa nahi kiya that,heroin ki shaadhi second hero ke saath honavsome times accha hotha hai lekhin had baar nahi hotha,it will b gud u will understand makers

  4. indera sanichara

    Oh God writers when will you stop this torching of innocent children. Some body please end this serial and jail these brainless writers who are showing so much suffering to children.

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