Kaala Teeka 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pavitra sits in bed as Naina and with her face covered. Naina is sitting in Krishana’s room and Pavitra with her face covered. Thakur comes in and says my bride is here. He touches her a bit. He says why are you being shy. Krishan says we have to save Naian’s dignity if we are successful then rest of the life.. Naina takes off the ghughat. He says you.. Where is Pavitra? I am sure she went to Thakur’s room. They both come to thakur’s room. Thakur says Naina.. if you are there then who is she? PAvitra takes off the ghughat. Thakur is about to slap her and says how dare you.. Krishna stops his hand and says don’t touch her. Thakur shoves Krishan and says how dare you. Naina says Krishan he is not your dad. He is the beast who ruined lives of so many girls and

your mom. Thakyr laughs. He shoves krishna and says he can’t do anything. Krishan says don’t persuade me to hit you. Krishan hits him. Thakur says I will kill you today. He shoves Krishan to a wall and his head bleeds.
Krishna says no matter what you try I will never let you do this sin. You have ruined so many lives I wont’ let you do this to Naina. Thakur says I am the king and no one can stop me. He hits Krishan. Krishan says the day villagers get to know your reality they will you. Thakur says that day will never come. They are foolish to see anything. That is why they used to send their your girls to me, No one can know my truth ever. They will know our truth. A man comes in and says stop Thakur. Dimpy Thakurain Chubs and Mai have brought all the villagers there. Thakurain says they have heard your truth. A man says he has deceived us. we will beat him to death. Police comes and stops them from beating Thakur. He says calm down you all. Inspector says everyone knows your truth thakur. Thakur says I didn’t do anything. They want to get my wealth that is why they are doing this. Someone shouts he is lying.. Everyone turns back. Its Mahant. He is a devil. Thakur says you.. He says yes me. The one you always used. He says this thakur started that ritual to send girls beyond river. He asked to not to take my name, and blackmailed me that he will kill my family. He saved himself and set Mai’s house on fire to seek revenge from Naina. He kidnapped Chutki. Married Naina. He blackmailed them. And said that you can’t go out of this village until naina spends night with me. All the men say we will kill him. Mahant says they had no proofs so they had to plan this. Krishan says Mahant’s family is now safe that you blackmailed him off.
Inspector asks people not to take law in their hands. He says we all know the truth now. They arrest Thakur.

Scene 2
Thakurain says I am not sad but happy that a devil is getting punished for his sins. Naina says I am sorry Pavitra I got mad at you and accused you to taking my love from me. No one would take this risk for me. I said so much bad things to you. You did all this sacrifice for me. I am sorry. Pavitra says please don’t say that. You have done enough for me as well. Naina says yes I have done a lot but I did bad with you as well and there is only one way to rectify it. She takes her hand and gives it in Krishna’s hand. Niana says ever since I came here you teased me a lot but dont’ tease my sister. Take care of her. Krishna says I promise I will always take care of her and love her. I thought I understand love but I was wrong. Love is what I learned from Pavitra. I promise I will never let a single tear fall from her eyes. Chubs says very good Naina. Dimpy says I am so proud of you Nainu.

Scene 3
Naina is packing up. Pavitra says you are leaving me? Naina says I came here to find you and I did. I came here to find justice and I did. I have to go back to see our family business. PAvitra says Thakurain is going to her parents and Mai is going back to her house. I will feel so alone. I will miss you so much. Naina says I will miss you too. But we will do video call every day. Naina hugs her.

Precap-Krishan says I did so much injustice by not filling your hairline.. Today I will complete our marriage. He fills Pavitra’s hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. niishatt de pretty diva

    good that they didn’t make naina like her mother.Why separate the sisters when they need each other

  2. This is show is going of air guys , I am gonna miss show so much

  3. Thank God it’s ending. So Naina’s love was nothing compared to Pavitra’s …..Really???? What a joke ?? Both sisters would have loved different men. And it ends with a double wedding.

  4. idiot krishna


    Finally naina did not become her mother replica.. but its soo sad that both tym pairs got separated.. first kali and yug and now krishna and naina..
    But atleast show will hhave happy ending

  6. It’s so dumb I liked naina and Krishna for once can’t they think of other lead not only simran(pavitra) not that I havr anything against her but they have to be fair with naina as well she is a positive lead and its very dumb within few days Krishna suddenly falls in love with pavitra when he was just in love with naina if another girl comes he’ll fall in love with her also and leave pavitra

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