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Scene 1
Gauri comes and says yug I asked you to bring Kali. Kali says I have work. Gauri says come out soon. Vishwa asks Kali what is yug’s phone doing with you? Kali says Yug’s pishima is ill I was just asking how she is? Vishwa says let me talk. He says hello, how are you now? Manjiri drops with phone. She is in tears.
Kali says in heart I know what you are going through Manji maa, soon you and baray papa will be together.

Chulbul says my necklace is lost? Who stole it. I placed it on table. What will I say to sharmila’s papa. Leela says what is this Jha babu, even jewelry is not safe in this house. Ask all servants to stand in line. Vishwa asks all servants to come. Chulbul says Kali you stand in line too. I will check you too. Kali says you have a misunderstanding.

Chulbul says you mean I am lying. Yug says what are you doing chachi. She says don’t intrude in elders.
Chulbul says it now come here and stand in line or.. She is about to slap her, Vishwa holds her hand. He says you asked servants in line. Chulbul says she is servant too. Vishwa says she is member of this house, she is daughter of this house. Daughters are the honor and they are not checked. Chulbul says since when did she become this house’s daughter? Gauri says she is like a sister to me.Don’t talk to her like this. Mad says relax Gauri. Leela says if Jha thinks she wont be checked then okay.
Chulbul says okay but rest of the servants will be checked.
Kali says can I say something if you don’t mind. These people work for us since so long,you can’t doubt their loyalty. Chulbul says I will call police otherwise. CHulbul says only 4 slaps will reveal.Kali says I am sure it is misplaced. I will find it. Chulbul says if you don’t? Kali says then whatever you want. Vishwa says if not found we will pay you. Leela says we don’t need that. Right now lets complete the ritual.

Kali is handling everything. Aryan says you are good I mean what you did. They all trust you. Kali says thank you. Didn’t you listen what bady papa said I am daughter of this house.
Neel says to yug you are a good singer. Yug says no no just bathroom singer.
Someone spills juice on kali. Aryan tries to clean it. Yug tries to stop him. Gauri says they are cute. Don’t worry. Yug says I care about her she is my friend.

Vishwa says to leela I am sorry about what happened. I hope her locket will be found soon. Leela says we don’t care about locket. but what happened was in front of everyone. So I stayed quite. If you give her too much, she will ruin your house. Her place is beneath your shoe. What kali did today can have bad consequences.

Neel says sharmila can I talk to you once. She leaves. Gauri goes into her room. Yug looks at kali. He asks her to swipe tears. Kali does. Gauri sees them.
Kali says I only have to think about Gauri’s happiness.The way yug looks at me it makes me weak.
Yug says you can’t do this kali. yug says the more you run from me the closer I will be to you. Kali says what are you doing? and how you know what am I thinking? He says there is a language that doesn’t need words.
There is something lose I am looking for it. You have concealed it and you don’t wanna return it. Kali says why would I do that? He says you are doing this but you don’t know. Kali says what are you saying I am not getting it. He turns her towards him. He says how can you see with this glass of spectacle on your eyes. I am the ram ji you have been looking for since childhood. And we both know this.Kali says even thinking about this is sin.He says we are no one to decide sins. She says don’t come close to me. He says I have touched your soul you can never forget me now. Kali says don’t come this close to me.

Precap-Kali says I can’t marry him. A guy who has manners and ethics.. Gauri says that means you want someone like yug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. In other i read he is abt to kiss kaali..nw gauri knows eveything….wonder will kali n yug will marry.. cuz gayri is evil nw..she will try best to seperare them…

  2. Omg great episode!??

  3. Gauri is beautiful….

    1. she is….jus like pakhi was in ema they kno how to choose very good looking vamps….wish they kept her innocent and lovin to kali though…but as always love triangle is a hit in indian series atleast to the producers i jus fine it annoyin now cuz there’s too much of it in all zee serials

    2. Kali is more beautiful than gauri…gauri is too much make up and same hair style…look Kali even without make she is pretty….

  4. Love KaYu scenes today, nice and this Gauri should marry Aryan not Yug 😛

    1. were they really kayu scenes…tht yug telling her abt special lang. etc was a dream by kali….
      gauri will be on a bhook hadtaal…aryan will be a criminal which yug will come to know..n marriage thn wont happen(kali n aryaan)

      idk abt yug n gauri since its a mishap n its way too irritatating…dont u think the show creatives r nt making the use of major changes of the show..nothing has happened after truth is revealed…
      wonder will they show like other bad shows or its gonna be different..what do u think?

      1. Ks I agree with u. But from what I am assuming after seeing few episodes these days I think KaYU will get married in the end at last minute . It’s because if Gauri -Yug got married they will never show KaYU scenes an if they show they would have shown their love confession but it’s yet to be shown. And also mayb Yug may marry Kaali so that she can build her identity or somehow . I am not sure but this is what I think


    So this aryan is psycho theif.. and yeh psycho mummy beti ne dunda hai… i hope gauri ki shadi ho iss psycho se… how can gauri fall such low…???????
    Finally kali is realising that she has feeling for yug but she will not tell and will scarifice her love for gauri and family…?????

  6. Nice episode??

  7. why is this writer show us good scene with yug and kali ending up it is dream…..stop this writer we don’t want to see dreaming…please writer kill that gauri and old lady character…uh..they r irritating…

    1. and that mad too…I thought she is innocent but she is not…how can she be innocent after knowing her sister is alive and doesn’t want her to be in their house…

  8. very good episode.I like it too much..and this Gauri is so irritating..

  9. I hope wo kundli wala schh bahar aa jaye then yug ‘s dadi will not marry yug with gauri . I hope WO yug ki shhadi Kali se karde because kayu ki kundki match hui thi

  10. Gauri is pretty but her ways making her ugly!kali is the best!

  11. :/ -_-* ???????

    Haa n today gauri will ve on a strike…tommorow yug will know he is a criminal n day afrer gauri n vishwa will plan wedding in temple n nothing will go acc. To their plan

    1. Really????I hope Yug do something about b4 it’s too late.

  12. Rajveer Singhania

    had hai yaar….
    zee tv k sbhi serial love triangles….
    gauri achi ladki hai bas inhone bura bana rakha hai
    galti kaali ki h if she likes yug she should tell it before..
    dono ko paas laake fir gauri se cheenegi to ase hi hoga
    uski jgh koi b hota to yhi krta

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