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Scene 1
Gauri asks Manjali how is kaali? Manjali says better, but she wont be able to join the party. Gauri says let me ask papa to do the party tomorrow. How will we do this party without her. Manjali says we will ask papa to through another party. Gauri says tell Kaali that I wont enjoy without her. Manjali says go your mom is calling.

Kaali wakes up. Manjali comes and makes her drink water. She says you should drink more water. How you feel now? Kaali says who took me out of fridge. Manjali says I did. Why did you go to the fridge. Kaali says someone said. Manjali says who? Kaali says you will be mad at her. Manjali says I wont be. Kaali says Gauri said that Gauri stays in AC so bary papa loves her. If I stay in cold I will also become beautiful and he will love me.


welcomes the guests. The minister comes as well. Vishwa says my daughter has brought all this prosperity. Congrats on becoming minister again. Manju ji you should focus on what happens in your house. Manju says you have started being with CM and you took that plot as well. Vishwa says that was mine and I didn’t let you take it. Guru ji says give minister sweets.

Kaali says its Gauri’s birthday and I haven’t even wished her. Can you dress me so I can go there. Manjali says you are not allowed to go to the party. Kaali says who said that bady papa? I know I am ill. He must have thought that I would get tired in party and get ill. He really cares for me. Wish Gauri from my side. Manjali hugs her.

The party is on going. Kids are disguised as different characters. gauri says i am not liking the party since kaali is not here. SHe is sitting sad in a corner. Kaali sits on grill with gift. Neel comes to her and says why didn’t you come to the party. She says bary papa thinks that I am not well so he asked me not to come to party.
Vishwa is talking to the guests. Gauri is going out. JT asks where are you going? Gauri says I am going to meet Kaali. JT says no, you will stay here and play with the kids. Vishwa will be so mad. Kaali asks neel is gauri playing with kids? Neel says she is not playing with anyone nor is she enjoying. Kaali says tell her that i am fine and she should play with her pals. If I was there Gauri would have played with me. Neel says come with me. Kaali says but I am not well. All the kids there are wearing fancy dresses. What will you wear. Kaali says they can wear anything but I can’t. Neel says I have an idea.

Madhuri asks all the guests to sit. She says my daughter asked me what to do in party. So I said i have so many ideas. My idea today is fancy dress competition. First kid will peform now. Kali is on stage as lemon. Vishwa and everyone is dazed. She says I kill all the bad eyes on Gauri. JT maa calls me nazar battu. Gauri comes and hugs her. Kaali gives her the gift. Gauri says I thought you wouldn’t come. Kaali says I am fine now. she gives the gift. Gauri says your gift must be the best. Gauri says JT maa you said that kaali is lemon and spice, she became it today. Papa she should get first prize. Vishwa asks manjali to take her down. Manjali asks kaali to come downstairs. Gauri says you can’t take her down, she has worn colors first time, she is in black all the time. There is so much food today. Let her stay in the house. Manjali says papa will be mad let me take her.
Manjali takes her down. Gauri says no she is my lemon and spice. she wont go anywhere. All the guests are shocked.

Precap-Vishwa says to Manjali i said she shouldn’t come to party. How did you make that mistake? Kaali comes and says manjali asked me not to come because I am ill. I came, I am sorry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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