Kaala Teeka 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Manjiri comes to chaudhary house.
Manajiri gives parsad to leela and says your daughter in law did the pooja? Manjiri goes to meet kali.
Gauri says to leela I am the daughter in law of this house. it was my right. Why did kali do all the rituals? Leela says don’t argue you know too who is the real wife of yug. Don’t make a fuss. Gauri says in heart I have to stop kali.
manjiri shows the picture to kali. Kali says I knew you would find something, I am afraid all the time what yug must be thinking of me.Manjiri says go and show him this picture. He will wipe out this kala teka and fill your hairline again.

At night, yug comes home. Kali says yug I want to talk to you. Gauri says he is back from work and tired. He needs rest. yug goes in room. Kali keeps

knocking and sits there crying.
Late at night, yug comes out. Kali runs after him. A vase breaks and the glass is nibbed in her foot. Yug says why are you going this drama? Now see and bear this. Kali says this bruise is nothing in front of what I am going through. He plucks out glass from her skin. kali says i never betrayed you. This photo is the proof of my innocence. She shows him the photo. He says is dazed. Yug says I am sorry kali. Please forgive me. How did this happen? Kali says a game was played to separate me from you. yug says who did this? gauri says this picture is photoshopped. Because I have the original picture. She shows him same picture with her face. Kali says she is lying. gauri says this is truth. Talk to the photograpger. His entire disk was formatted.She calls photographer. he tells him everything against kali. Yug tears kali’s picture apart. yug says why are you stooping so low? Stop this nonsense. You are not the kali i loved. you have changed and there is no place for you in my life. you are in this house because of dadi. Stop playing these games otherwise.. Yug leaves in anger.

Gauri says to kali yesterday was yours but from now on all days are mine. When your manji maa was giving you lessons. I heard it. Gauri jha doesn’t lose. Kali says I know you are used to win but thats because you never had a competition. But now you be careful Gauri jha. You will only win when I give up and I won’t give up on it. You know you are scared inside your relationship is based on a lie. I am saying again. Better be careful.
Gaurit says to leela i have to get married to yug. So even if he finds out nothing can happen. She brought a picture today but I handled that matter.
Leela says nothing would happen, but I have to get you married to yug. I will talk to pandit ji today. Kali overhears all this.

Chulbuli says to Sharmila on call you have to kill his respect first in the house. Neel gives Sharmila tea. She says go from here. Sharmila says he is such a drama. Chulbul says spill tea on your hand and then.. she explains the whole plan.
Sharmila spills tea on her hand and starts screaming i burnt my hand. everyone comes. Sharmila says to vishwa I was late bringing the tea he threw this tea on me. Nell says no.. Vishwa sys neel are you out of your mind. Sharmila says if you brought me here for this torture then send me back. Vishwa says i apologize on his behalf and this shouldn’t happen again.
manjiri says neel can’t do this. Sharmila says pishimaa you are favoring him? Manjiri says no I didn’t mean that. She hugs her.
Kali calls manjiri and tells her that gauri heard everything and she was ready with her game. Dadi is getting yug married to gauri. Please do something. i don’t know how to stop all that. Manjiri tells her something.

leela says to chulbul is ghee ready? pandit ji comes. Yug comes. Leela says one more ritual is left. you have to fill gauri’s hairline again. yug says I can’t do this again. Please enough. Leela says I won’t do ask for anything again. Kali comes.Leela says kala teeka is here too. THis is blessed. Kali says yeah it should happen. yug says okay dadi it is important. there was confusion on wedding time,it will be clear this time.Gauri comes as well. pandit ji starts the pooja. Pandit says fill her hairline. Yug takes the sindur. Kali says wait..

Precap-Kali says i was just talking about rituals of chaudhary family. Yug can’t see her face. Leela says she is right. Kali comes in front of gauri when yug fills hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Poor kali!Yug is so foolish believing gauri knowing she’s a physco

  2. oh poor kali what next… gauri gonna get nice slap when the truth is out …. cha want to kill her …

  3. Today’s episode was worst……Now I hate yug why he believed gauri knowing that she is a big big lier . And he had not believed kali knowing that she is her childhood sita . Yug don’t deserves kali …… kali leave yug and move on …….BUT ALTHOUGH EPISODE WAS WORST RECAP WAS AWESOME……

  4. After reading today’s update,I have no hope for yug.I want yug suffer a lot in future,when realize what he done

    1. 1000% I agree with u

  5. The precap was awesome isn’t it guys….it’s just tht let yug fill kali’s hairline n gauri cnt do anything

  6. Yug such dumb a*s.. How dare home to trust gauri more then Kali.. Doesn’t he brain? Gauri do that with photoshop. Too..What will he do when he find about the truth????

    Yug better be carefull u can’t take those words back.? when Kali start to hate u… defenetly u will regret.?
    Kali keep try prove that dumb a*s u r right then leave him. He doesn’t deserve u.?

    1. I mean gauri can do that with photoshop…how can’t he think that?

  7. Ya I hate her
    Juz go away from yugs life gauri
    Yug you will surely feel for ur deeds

  8. The episode was not so good but precap was nice ……. but yug should trust his childhood friend…..Poor kali

  9. Oh awsm precap can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  10. Dear bro rony…really rocked..the part of yug…..we are proud of you…keep rocking…..


      1. I didnt say…yug rocked today…but rohan rocked…..he acts according to the script…

  11. This serial is all up to shit. Back n forth, back n forth. Enough already. Im done. Kaala Teeka sucks.

  12. I don’t get one thing this show….writer show evil win so quick in a week…how long will kali take to prove herself. a month???….please writer end this gauri I hate to watch her….make yug to regret for not trusting kali.

    1. and don’t let gauri win over and over….please writer we want to see kali prove herself.

  13. Yeah me too please stop prolonging same irritating twist. I too m wondering why evils wins again and again and good’s never get a chance to prove. It will take a month to prove that kali have married yug n it’s so worse. About precape also it’s just a useless scene i would only be happy if they unite faster like things happened before. Everything happened faster and with very good flow so kaala teeka was my favorite. Now I have stopped watching the show and if problems keeps prolonging i would stop reading the story too. I have never thought that such a good writer that i have admired a lot would come with awful twist……the twist should end soon

  14. This is really stupid why they showing this ritual bullshit again.. When will Kali prove her innocence… This now getting bored. Come on writer we want to see more bravery acts from Kali and win this war… Don’t just show us gauri winning .. We had enough twist from evil.. We want to how goods win..

  15. This is pure shit can’t watch anymore all the show is lies lies what is wrong with these people that directing these show they are very stupid all are copycat shame shame

  16. Wat bulshit it all gauri fault n kali has to pay

  17. Please writer remove this gauri out of the picture…it’s so irratating… Every time she says gaur jha and bullshit…looks like u r giving her favor cos everytime she say that she win, so,WHEN IS KALI GOING TO WIN….this story again getting boreing… Please let win Kali. Throw gauri out of that house. She is so annoying.

  18. By the way …does this stupid idiot gauri doesn’t know that when first wife is alive..Yug can marry second time…wow gauri thinking smart that if fill the hairline after they find about the truth. They can’t do nothing…if they find about Kali can charge for cheated and married fraud…u r such dumb witch gauri….don’t forget u lived ur life depend on Kali..don’t tried to act smart bi**h.

  19. are yaar baki story ki tarah iss serial ki v same story hai.mujhe laga kuchh naya hoga.but the writer issko vi baki serial ki tarah hi banadiye……..so disgusting hota jarahahe

  20. m sorry to say but Yug really lack in acting..

  21. Yug…….I.started hating uuuuu

  22. Yug easily believe the same person he called a physco!I prefer the Yug that loves kali !she brings out the best in him when he’s not upset with her!

  23. Today update isn’t out yet?waiting patiently for it

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