Kaala Teeka 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
They all come to Vishwa’s house. Yug sees Kali and goes to her. Kali is silent. He takes the thal from her. She says I will keep it. He says like you keep the truth. Why did you conceal it from me? Kali says I was waiting for right time. He says i got to know on wrong time anyway. What was right in that? Kali says everyone is waiting for you. He says I hope there is not other things that you are hiding. Kali doesn’t come in.

Kali brings Gauri downstairs. Gauri says hello everyone. Everyone is dazed. Leela says stay happy. Yug says in heart why am I looking at kali? She has told me everything. What answers am I looking for now? Vishwa says lets start pooja now. Leela says you are right. Pooja paat shouldn’t be delayed. This girl, why is she wearing black? This

is not okay in pooja. You are a pandit, who is this girl who doesn’t know it in your house. Vishwa says she is not part of our house, yet she is. Leela says I got it. Like our Gupta. We have a similar woman like this in our house. Ask her to change the clothes. Vishwa says oh yes. Vishwa says in heart kali should stay with gauri here. Vishwa says to kali go and change your clothes. We have 14 minutes. They all start the pooja. Kali comes downstairs in pink. Yug stares at her.
Kali gives arti to everyone. Kali comes to yug. He says you look good.

Kali stops yug. He says what another blind trust now? She says no. Kali goes out of kitchen. Her dupaata gets stuck in door. Yug says wait. He plucks it out. Kali says thank you.
Yug comes out. Gauri says Kali test. Gauri pretends falling down. Yugs holds her and says be careful Kali.. She says I am Gauri. Yug says sorry I meant Gauri. Gauri smiles and stands up. Yug says in heart am I mad? What am I doing?
Pandit ji says once shiv is placed somewhere it shouldn’t be moved. Vishwa brings in shivling.

Kalu comes running and places her hand under shivling. They place it on her hand, kali screams. Vishwa says kali what are you doing here. Gauri runs to her and says pick this up. She says what are you doing. Vishwa says yes yes. Pandit says no no one will move it. Its not right. Gauri says shut up. Pick this. Leela says says we can’t do that Yug comes runnin and picks the shivling, Leela says dont’ do this. Thir is wrong. Yug picks it up. Kali takes out her hand. Vishwa says what have you done yug. Gauri says Neel brin first aid box please. Yug says what did I do wrong? You all have blind trusts. Vishwa says this is our faith. Yug says thats blind faith. God is not there to scare you. God can’t see us in pain. God comes down on earth for his people. Why can’t we pick him a little up for the same people? I don’t believe in all this. What I did was right.

Precap-Kali says you are starting a new beginning. You should tell him truth about your voice. Gauri says I have started loving him. I will never find another person like him. I can’t tell him truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SHit!! The precap is awful

  2. i think it will become like ek mutthi asaman.i think yug will love kali and gauri will love yug and gauri will turn evil to get yug

    1. No it won’t be…it will be around though

    2. Exactly EMA, just a different script.

      1. Yeah u may be write characters are also almost the same :/

  3. Thanks for fast update atiba

  4. You worst gauri… Go to hell… And kali yoou dumbo. Don’t you have something which is called brain.. And yug pls try to find out the truth behind the voice. Ahhhh in anger ? but still loves Yuka pair. And one more thing thanks for the fast updates atiba… ?

  5. Kali so beautiful itne dino se kali not sing a song ram ji

  6. the episode was gud nd kayug scenes were awsome bt the precap seems boring. Guri lovs yug??? OMG…. Bt it seems yug doesnt love guari …. Y is kaali that innocent? Y cant she herself that it is her voice… Plz let kaali nd manjima meet plz writer

  7. Ohhh Atiba
    Thanks for the quick update
    What the hell is this
    Gauri is in love with Yug
    Anyone of you have seen any spoilers of this show then please tell me
    I want only Kalyug
    One thing from today’s we can find that Yug has no feelings for Gauri

  8. Nice episode
    An excepted precap gauri is in love with yug
    This is going to be an love triangle where will be behind kaali and kaali will sacrifice for gauri and gauri will be behind yug

    1. So what do u think…will yug n gauri unite

      1. Hi harshi ji
        Yug and gauri’s marriage won’t happen
        Because yug has started to feel for kaali and kaali already has feelings for him
        The only thing now is yug has realise his luv for kaali. We need not to be worried about it because manjima is there to make him realize

      2. guys dont… worry as per there previous shows they wont unite d people whose marriage got fixed….how ever at last min they will change d bride…..same goes here gauri and yug marriage is fixed…ultimately last min kaali will become d bride…..thats what we can expect from them……….same pattern!!!!!!

      3. Ya sk ji as u said at last minute also they will change the bride
        Bt definitely yug and kaali only will get married

  9. todays episode was good……YUG started to have FEELINGS for KAALI hope he soon realize it……and as expected LOVE TRIANGLE started…….

  10. Expected after all Kaala Teeka and ek mutthi asmaan belong to same production house(Dj creative) , and in their other shows their Jodis are always together, and the two shows of the production house in which I like their Jodi most are not together easily -_-
    Disappointed I thought there was a hope Gauri will unite KaYu

    1. Ehat was what was ema story

  11. i think Kali might be looking good in pink dress. cute episode. i just love this show

  12. i think kali will go against vishwa and tell the truth to yug i m waiting for the that scenes

  13. N do u think there won’t be a shaadi of yug n gauri n it will be like the other show which others r refering to

  14. Vishwaa must die seriously n plz writers can you plz portray Kaali as a strong fearless women. Kaali seems to be afraid of Yug n others alike. Plz d episode Where Kaali stood up against that other woman who im despise is d Kaali i wana see. The take no nonsense Kaali. And Gauru wth how can u start loving Yug after 2 meetings? Thats plain dumb. I have been saying we need another male lead for Kaali. Someone who will make Yug realize dat he needs to wake up n fight for Kaali, if dats who he wants. Bring in Purab from KKB or even Sattu. Anyone plz bcos im losing hope now. Kaali looked shocked in precap when Gauri said shes started loving Yug. Sharmila go home n tell Yug what Kaali did for her dignity. And Yug needs to not b portrayed as a spineless man who accepts everythinf when there is tons of proof dat Kaali is d voice. Da black burnt dupatta, her singing in d temple etc. Let Yug have a melt down writers for d sake of Kayu!

  15. N btw y didnt we see Yug doing darshan for d shivling? Is he not Hindu? ?

    1. Yeah he is stupid..hw cn he believe so blindfoldedly…but maybe he believes bcuz kaali said..chalo atleast he luvs kaali n kuch kuch hota hai usko….
      N true gauri felll in luv wid him in 2 days….n ignored what kaali said is it bcuz of this she says that she is lucky to have kaali.. wasn’t she able to see luv in her eyes…n

    2. Because yug doesn’t believe in all this

  16. As usual … Love triangle started in this show …. Boring …

  17. A NEW PROMO..shows that kaali says to vishwa something like foundation of relationship should not be based on false…vishwa says u will teach me what is truth n whats lie kaali says something..n vishwa says u r a kaala teeka
    So kaali says no m not a kaala teeka n she will fight for truth

  18. I really want to punch that old lady and viswa….. How dare him saying kaali is not part their family… Kaali doing everything for him….but he keeps that stupid kalyani and trust her like blindly….I hate triangle love….can’t they show something different….

  19. Guys I don’t think kaali is going to sacrifice her love

    Because a new promo is out
    In which kaali speaks against vishwa saying she is going to tell the truth to yug and vishwa tells u r only gauri’s kaala teeka for that kaali says I’m no more ur blind trust kaala teeka

    1. In this promo one thing is clear that kaali will take steps to tell truth to yug

      But there remains a question
      Will she sacrifice her love for gauri ????

      1. N i dont think if she tells yug ..yug eill let her sacrifice

  20. molita gabriel

    Oops as usuall …the sick triangle has started….
    Damn it………..
    I want yug n kaali……..only……..writers you want a fantastic script……….I am game for it…

  21. Hey all I m planning to write a ff on Kaala Teeka but I don’t know from which track should I continue my story:
    A) after the leap
    B) when yug gets to know about Kali being gauri the singer
    C) when KaYu meet each other for first time
    I m planning to publish the intro by the end of next week

    1. You should start from the last scene of todays episode maybe

    2. I go with opinion A
      Because if you start from there only it will look like entire story
      Else it will be like a story without head and tail

  22. Can soneone plz tell me why everyone was making a big fuss with regards to the Shivlubg. Is there aome superstition that i dont know abt? I say we all protest a new male lead actor who must fall for Gauri. Yug belongs to Kaali. Ey im stressed about Gauri now. Why oh why?

  23. Can someone show us this promo?

  24. All Kaali needa to sing. Yug needs to hear her n confront her. She must admit it is she who sings. That way she doesnt hurt Gauri blah blah blah. Y is everyone so concerned with Gauri. She always got handed everything on a silver platter (even Kaali’s ramji) n its about time the princess has a wake up call n realize d world doesnt revolve around her. Bass!

    1. As kaali has promised she won’t sing

      But the truth will come out only if she sings

  25. So sorry for the typo errors. I hate this touch screen phn?

  26. Duffer kaali! What r u doing? Nd gauri u r too much now u start loving Yug. Writer we have already seen EMA. Then why r u again using same storyline? I dont want to waste my time for ur stupid show. Hate u writer nd lv u kalyug. Plz aap gauri k liye koi nya hero laiye.

  27. One thing I don’t understand is that y sharmila not saying anything to Yug about the incident?… I hate gauri spoil brat…she doesn’t know take own decision.. Dummy…..I love watching Yug and Kali scene….

  28. Shit! I have never thought of it. The precap is awful…. I cant wait to see yug knowing

  29. Dear writers of this show,
    for the first time in Indies tv show change how you write it and make Gauri fights for Kali rights, let her unite Yug and Kali as you paint her she’s not a bad person so why suddenly you want to turn her in an evil person. We aren’t going to laugh at your face if you change your way to write for the first time, i won’t buy the craps you want to sell. It’s too repetitive the triangle love, stop it. I won’t watch it anymore if you don’t change the EMA2 you want to give us again, damn

  30. Of course! A love triangle….
    Get your popcorn everyone!

  31. Guys this is only my prediction

    The new promo can be vishwa’s dream because it is shown before itself that vishwa thinks have he done mistake by trusting kaali
    So he may think that kaali may go against him and tell truth to yug

    Y I’m thinking like this is because I feel its too early to reveal the truth
    This is just my thoughts

    1. ...............

      That might be true

  32. Hey all I have submitted the introduction already but they haven’t publish it yet and (no name) u can also write a ff yaar

  33. Yup even I feel that the script is similar to ek mutti aasman

  34. Fed up! Sick n damn tired of these love triangles. Plz bring Gauri her “own man” maybe someone might genuinely love her childish ways. All i know is dat Kaali should take a stand against Vishwa n expose him. Im not happy about everyone using Kaali as a pawn in their sick game. Time to turn d tables, writers!

  35. guys I am going to right ff I have to story one is like that kali is kaala teeka of gari and in one kaali will cousin of kaali please tell me whom you guys like more plzzz.

    1. ...................

      kaali will be cousin of kaali..lol… make her anything u want

  36. yug should marry kali plssssssssssss

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