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Scene 1
Kali is standing on the door. Manjiri asks whats wrong? Kali says you shouldn’t have shouted at gauri. She is not talking to me. manjiri says i am sorry i didn’t know she will not talk to you. Kalyani says you have beautiful heart. You can convince her. what gauri likes in sweet? Kali says jelly. Kalyani says then make it manjiri and kali will take for gauri. Manjiri says okay I will make it. Kalisays thank you. Kalyani says this is what I am here for.

Prohit comes into store room. She says this has been closed for so many days. They have made me a dog. He looks on the shelves. He finds something and says got it. He calls vishwa and says i have found the solution. He reads something from the book to him. Prohit says this can harm kali’s life. According to this,

we can give kali’s fate to gauri. This can even cause kali’s death. Do you wanna take this risk? He says I made kali gauri’s kala teeka. Who will take care of her? Vishwa says she can’t take my gauri’s fate. We have to take her shine from her and give it to gauri. We have to take this risk. He says okay if you want so. Prohit says i think we have to snatch kali’s fate.

Kalyani says to swami talk to vishwa, i will handle the ladies. Swami says where he is? Kalyani says he came home mad and went to his room.

Prhot is doing the pooja.
Swami comes upstairs. Mad knocks at the door. Prohit says who is it? Mad says darling jin open the door. Prohit syas its me. Vishwa asked me to sit for pooja. I will get up when vishwa comes. Mad leaves. Swami comes there with neel. Prhot record everything so vishwa can see. He says this will take kali’s fate from her.

Kali says let me see if gauri at the jelly or not. She goes upstairs. Prohit is about to smash the coconut, his phone rings. Kali says when did manji maa come in gauri’s room? Maybe she came to convince her to talk to me.
Vishwa calls prohit. Prohit says wait, i cant do this. Prohit says i knew you can’t do this. Because if it harms kali’s life and kali protects gauri. I knew you wont let this happen.
Kali comes to gauri’s room and sees her faint. Kali tries to wake her up.
Kalyani recalls mixing something in the jelly. Kali is crying. she sees a scorpion on the bed. she screams. Kalyani says this will happen now. The kali you have made kala teeka, your faith will shackle if you see gauri drying form kali’s hand.

Kalyani is in store. she opens her trunk. She says that day will come when vishwa’s face will faint. When his liver’s part will be taken from her. He will know my pain. Your gauri will leave you forever. I wanna see your pale face.
She hears manjiri saying prohit ji call doctor.
Manjiri says gauri please open your eyes. She was fine. Kali says when i came she was fine as well. Mad says get up gauri. Kalyani comes and says let me see. Prohit syas i have called the doctor.

Precap-Kali says please ram ji bring my gauri back. Doctors injects. Sawami says to kali gauri will be fine because you are praying for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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