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Scene 1
Naina opens her eyes and says mama.. Kali says you called me naina? Naina hugs her. Doctor says this is a miracle. Only a mother’s love can do this. Leela says can we take her home? He says no we have to take her under observation for a day. Kali and Yug stay with Naina.
Naina says I am sorry mama I was so rude to you. I will never do this again. I know you are my real mom. Kali says if you do that again I will tickle you. Naina sees Deva and says go from here don’t come in front of me again. she throws a pillow at him. Kali is dazed. Kali says whom are you talking to? There is no one here. Naina says there is. Naina hits him more with pillow. Kali says no one is there naina whom are you hitting? Naina says look there mama he is there. Naina says you wanted to apart

me from everyone. Deva disappears. Naina says he was here. He left. He annoys me. He provokes me to do these things. He hates Pavitra. Kali says sit on the bed. Pavitra comes to meet Naina. Manjiri says Paivtra is not going home. She i saying shewill stay with Niana. Pavitra says mama please let me stay with didi. Naian says I will be bored here alone please let her. Kali says okay as you wish. <anjiri leaves. Naina says tell me the princess story. Kali says a king had two princesses just like you. Both were so pretty and brave and they never fought. They both sleep. Kali says sorry naina I couldn't give you attention after pavitra came the way I used to. I will give you complete attention now. Don't ever think of going away from mama.

Nandu tells Devri that Kali hugged Naina and she opened her eyes. devri says nandu for whatever I have done. All my sins your love still never abated for me. You are so good. I am so evil. Nandu says you are good. The evil is out of you now. My good brother is back. Devri looks at them. Devri hugs Nandu. DEva says this nandu is with devri I can't go to him What should I do?
Kali recalls Naina talking about someone. She says whom was she talking about? Yug comes and asks kali what are you worried about? She says nothing. Yug gives her coffee. Yug says you look worried. Kali says naina was talking to someone I couldn't see. I don't know. she was hitting him with pillow. Yug says she told me she has some imaginary friend. I saw her talking to him. Kids create such imaginary friends. Its normal. Kali says I don't think its normal. Yug says relax.

Manjiri says thanks to devri. He says why are you thanking me? Manjiri says you tried to save naina after the shock. He says this is your humanity. I wish everyone could see that I have changed. Manjiri says with time they will all see it. I should go. You should rest. Manjiir leaves. Deva comes there. Devri throttles him. Deva says what are you doing. I am your friend. Devri says you are not my friend. You are my enemy. For so many years I looked for you. you thought I am dead. He shoves him away. deva says I was here with your blood. With naina. I knew you would come back. I knew you could protecrt yourself but this girl naian she needed me more. I had to poison her brain. Otherwise she would have become good human and you won't ever be sucessful in your mission. Kali ruined my effort. Naina shoved me away but you are back now. Play a game that naian can't hear to kali anymore but listen to your blood in her veins. Devri says she would listen to it, she would come running to me when my blood calls for her.
Naina opens her eyes, storm starts raging on. Suddenly she floats in the air. Kali comes in room and sees naina hitting her head on the pillow. Kali is scared. She says naina. Naian shoves kali away. Kali’s head hits the wall.
Naina floats in the air. Kali says naina.. Naian comes back on bed.Kali says naina open your eyes. What happened to you? Naina.. Naian opens her eyes. Naina says what happened mama? Kali says you saw any nightmare? Naina says no. Kali says you were saying something. Naina says let me sleep mama I am tired. Kali recalls what happened. Kali says how naina got this power from? What happened to her? Kali makes naina wear her mangalsutra. She says I won’t let anything happen to you.

Precap-Kali falls. Her head hurts. Yug says Kali are you okay? He dresses her wound. Gauri sees them. naina holds her heart. she feels pain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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