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Scene 1
Kaali says I wont go to school because Gauri will run the business and I would do household. So going to school is useless for me. Vishwa said all that to her. Gauri says lets go play gauri. They leave. Manjiri looks in despair and Vishwa. He leaves as well. Majiri stops Vishwa. He breaks the mud manjiri placed in temple. she says you can break this but not promises. Kali will go to school and will study. This is my promise.
Jethi says what did she say? She wants to educate that nazar batto. Vishwa says we will see what else she can do.

Neel asks Kali why are you sad? she says I shouted at Manji. Neel says tell her you are sorry. She is coming. Manjiri comes in with a man. Jethi says Vishwa who is new relative of manjiri now? Vishwa looks at her. Manjiri says kai you know

that your bady papa is so justified. Gauri will handle the business, so you don’t have to learn what she will. Kali says i knew you would understand. Manjiri says i understand everything.
To handle household you need to learn as well. Let me explain you. She show something to jethi and says please read the expiry date. She says I can’t read. I don’t know what it is. Manjiri asks Madhuri to read the expiry date. Mad says this expired last month. Its useless now. Manjiri says see education is important in household as well. Kali says then I have to study as well.Manjiri says from now on master ji will come and teach you at home.

Manjiri says in temple. I didn’t give up on my husband. I will be punished for his sins as well. Give me strength to fight these sins.
Gauri says my doll doesn’t study at all. Neel says how will she become a doctor. Gauri says she will become a model. Neel says what will your doll become? Kali says make her what you want to be. Kaali says I am just kaala teeka. Whole house’s kaala teeka. So they all love me. Thats all I want. When Ram comes he will give me and my doll a lot of love. Neel says chacha loves you as well. You have to become something as well.

Vishwa is so mad. Jethi says when did you get married to her. She was never your strength. you cant even through her out.Vishwa says she will be punished in this house. She wont go anywhere. Viwhwa says I will break her. Jethi says you cant break a woman. Because she is not a stick stiff. she is rope. Have you seen a rope being broken?
Vishwa says I can’t lose show me the way. Jethi says you can confide her in her a space.
Vishwa says she has to pay for what she has done.

Precap-Vishwa throws something at Manjiri. She is out in rain. Kaali holds an umbrella for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this is one serial I have problems commenting on because of its abuse to this little child kali again I have to ask why in all these indian serials there is so much hatred and wickedness towards one another especially the little children what kind of example are these grown ups as writers are displaying to the outer world and for heavens sake do not justify it with the words it is only a serial because that would not do imagine a grown man like gauris father showing so much preference to one child and the other he treats so badly how on earth he can say he is taking both kids to the park or for ice cream and have the one he prefers gauri sitting in the car beside him and the other whom he dislikes running behind the car to keep up with them this is unacceptable behavior for these writers to be portraying in a serial, there are so many copy cats outside today in the world that it is easy for them to try this sort of behaviourial pattern with their own kids so come on writers give us some better serials to watch or do the right thing and stop all this cruel type of writing and this is definitely no joke

  2. Plzzz writer stop this nonsense story bcoz it’s just making our India values let down ? plzzz a request from we Indians ?

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