Kaala Teeka 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Naina says to Pavitra I got to know your reality. Why you married him. You have no right to be with him. Come with me. Krishna says stop. Naina says this is between me and her. Krishan says this is Thakur’s new game. Thakur says stop. Don’t move any of you. He pours sindur in the door. Naina says you said you will let me go if I don’t tell police. He says you need these divorce papers signed to be free. Naina signs them and says here. I am free now. He says you singed them but I didn’t. He says you are my wife and Pavitra is the daughter in law of this house. Naina says you said you will let me go. He says I will only sing them if Pavitra and Krishna sign their divorce. Pavitra is dazed. He says she won’t ever sign the,. She needs all this name and money.

Krishan says don’t say a word about my wife. Thakur says this is the game of these sisters my son. They will both go from here and take our wealth. Naina says we have no interest in your money. Thakur says what about my son? Everything will be his and his wife will get half of the property and wealth. Then what? Thakur says my elders made this rule. And according to that a wife gets half of the husband’s wealth and if the wife wants to leave the husband.. Naina says what ritual is it Mai? I will do anything to be free from this evil. Mai says.. I.. Thakur says she remembers it but doesn’t want to say it. According to rule, husband and wife should take reverse rounds. And only those can take it who have done all the requirements of the wedding. Which includes wedding night as well.
Niana says this is your ugly game. He grasps her wrist.
Thakur says if you wanna leave this village go ahead. The villagers won’t let you go. They will drag you back here. There is only one way to get out of this village, when I leave you outside my village and tell the villagers you did the rituals right.
Thakurain says please stop it. You have ruined her life already. Let her go. Thakurain says you should be happy. She is my second wife. If she leaves I will only be yours. Krishan says stop all this non sense. Thakur takes out his knife and says prepare for the wedding night.
Naina goes to her room in anger.

Scene 2
Niana is crying in her room. Pavitra comes there to console her. Naina says go from here. You wanna give me your sympathies? You must be very happy. Because of this you will get to spend more time to be Krishna. Pavitra says I married him to save you. Truth is that I love him now but I am also ready to leave the whole village for you. Niana says thank you for your favors. Have you ever thought what is my mistake in all this? My mistake is that I came here to look for my sister? Or that I loved krishna? Or was it my mistake that I lost my memory. That thakur is saying that he will free me when I.. Pavitra says don’t say that. She takes her hand and brings her in temple.
Pavitra puts her hand on flames and says you looked for me for 14 years and came here. This sister of yours promise you that I will risk my life and save your dignity.

Scene 3
Chubs says what weird rituals you people have here. Mai says before Naina came here we embraced all these rituals and died every moment. Chubs says we have to stop this injustice. Mai says they wont’ let Naina leave the city. I hope we get out of this problem and so does Naina.
Pavitra looks at her wedding dress. Mai hugs her and says you did all this to save your sister. God will save Naina this time too.
Naina says Pavitra if you think I am weak then you are wrong. Because I have fought all my life and this is nothing inf front of that.
Dimpy comes in and gives Naina a dress. She says are you sure? Naina says I know why I am doing all this. Now listen what you have to do. Dimpy nods. Naina sees her knife.

Scene 4
Thakurain says to Krishan my mom told me to consider your husband God not matter how he is. But I won’t do that anymore. My husband is a devil he is not a God. She says promise on my head that you won’t let this happen to Naina. You won’t leave her side. No matter what happens. Krishan says I swear mom. Thakyrian says I have been a wife all my life but from now I am a woman. She says this is the battler of right and wrong. No one is yours in the battle. She breaks her mangal sutra and throws it away.

Precap-Thakur says why are you being shy from me..
Naina and Krishan come in and break the door. Thakur takes off the ghughat its Pavitra there. He said you tried to fool me. Krishna says don’t dare touching my wife. All the women and police come there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think if Naina turn like Gauri, she have every reason to. They did injustice to her. Everything happened to her was wrong, her memory loss, searching for her sister and then what she did in return, then Krishna Betryal and Mai lieeeee.

  2. i dont understand how pavitra and krishna could fall in love…pavitra knows her sister loved naina so how could she even think of him dat way in and krishna profess to love naina he even propose to her…no wonder d world has gone to d dogs if love is so fickle dat it could die in no time..

    1. mayb we’re all wrong and dis is their entire plan to trap thakur. but if its not i can tell u i could never fall in love with my sisters love especially in such a short time and especially if i kno she lost her memory but dats jus me. its only recently dat krishna believed pavitra and decided to help her all d while he hated her and she was concentratin on keepin thahur away from her sis…

    2. cvs are gone mad. and they just want to show “Simran Pareenja” as lead. thats it. and how can krishna fall in love with pavitra. this shows he is son of the bloddy thakur.

  3. You two people are stupid don’ you guys understand it is better if Pavitra and Krishna end up together. Naina is an idiotic person and she has no right to criticize her sister.

  4. nawal bint adan

    i dont think if naina has good heart becoz why dont she leave alone with pavitra and krishna

  5. Yes, whatever happened to Naina was bad,losing her memory ,marrying thakur and losing krishna but Krishna and pavitra aren’t the one to be blamed. Pavitra tried everything to save Naina but due to Naina having lost her memory it wasn’t easy for her so she had to do what she did to enter the house and that was marrying Krishna.It was the only better way to save Naina. You can’t call her sacrifice betrayal. And it is possible to fall in love with someone within a short time. Although she got married to him to save Naina there married did happen and she accepted it and accepted Krishna as her husband and with him helping her to save Naina it is possible to fall in love. Yes what happened to Naina was bad but u can’t ignore the fact that pavitra is ready to leave her husband for her sister’s life. She can do anything for Naina and with that Naina should trust Pavitra. I hope this doesn’t become like their parents story all over again. I would hate to see another Gauri.

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