Kaala Teeka 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Leela says to Gauri if you want you can live in this house, otherwise you can go. You have no right on Naina. Kali says Gauri gave birth to Naina. She has right on her. This is unacceptable to me. I will protect Naina but Gauri is her real mother. I can’t take this right from Naina and gauri. Naina should be in her mother’s lap. Leela says we have been so unjust to you. I can’t even apologize for it much. But I promise today, you all always be dignified here. Only you can protect naina. I beg you, don’t separate her from you. Please accept it. Kali looks at Manjiri. Manjiri nods. Kali says okay. Leela says let’s go out and feed the beggars. Kali looks at Gauri. Gauri caresses Naina. Kali says Naina is your daughter and will always be. Kali goes out.


dresses Nandu’s wound. Ama says nandu why you do this. You tried killing yourself. You didn’t think about me? Nandu says if they don’t agree I will kill myself. Ama says we are going there to talk to them. Nandu says if bride doesn’t agree I will kill myself.
Kali is donating outside the house with Leela to poor people. That man is peeking in. Naina is crying. Leela says why is she crying. The man comes inside the house among beggars and covers his face with a shawl. He is about to grasps Naina’s head. Nandu comes there saying bride.. bride.. The man turns back. Leela gives clothes to the man. Ama says I wanted to talk to you people. Leela says let us get done with donation then we will talk.
Leela gives a gold set to Kali and says its for you as Naina’s mother. Ama says in heart how will I take her with me? She is given golds here. She won’t even have food in my house.

Yug says what are you people saying? Kali was fainted when he did the rounds with her. Nandu says I read all the mantras. Leela says but the girl was fainted. Yug says how can you even think we would let you do this. Ama says this about Nandu he will kill himself. Leela says so we should separate Kali from her mother? And how is this a marriage? A mad guy took circles around fire with a fainted girl and calls it a wedding? Nandu says bride why don’ you say anything. Kali says try to understand Nandu. I can’t live without Nandu. Nandu says this is not fair. Yug asks ram lal to drop them home. Nandu says Kali say something. Why is she quite Ama. Ram lala takes them out.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kali is doing pooja. Rocky comes there. Kali says why have you been behaving so weird Rocky. What is wrong. Suddenly Kali drops the arti. She screams.. Manji ma dadi ji.. They see a tree there with no leaves. Leela says how this tree came here? Kali says someone planted it here? Yug says it has roots way too deep. It has not been planted. Leela says this grew here over a night? This is not a good symbol. That man is peeking in. Naina cries. Kali says naina why are you crying? I am here? Kali says naina is agitated these days. Leela asks Sanjevna to cut the tree. Raghu says use the axe and cut it. Sanjevna says its not cutting. Leela says lets go in everyone. Its not good for Naina to stay here. An eagle comes near Kali. Kali screams.

Scene 3
Ama says nandu eat something please. He says no I don’t want to eat. A photo slips. Nandu sees the photo and says big brother big brother. He starts screaming. Ama is scared. Ama comes to Kali and says can you help me please? Nandu is not listening. Please only you can handle him. Kali says how can I? Ama says can you do me a favor? Kali says yes. Ama says be his bride. Ama says he really loves you. He protected you every time. I don’t want to lose him. Yug is not your husband, you don’t give him that right. Kali says try to understand. I can’t do this. Ama says I am begging you. Yugg overhears. Ama says i beg you for my son’s life. Yug says in heart why are you not saying no Kali? Is there love for him in your heart?
Yug comes to his room in anger. He throws away stuff. Gauri says Yug stop it. Yug shoves her. Yug says how can she ask Kali to marry Nandu. Gauri says what is wrong? She wants to go away from you. She said that multiple times then why you run after her? Yug says because I.. He leaves. Gauri says this Nandu can be so beneficial to me. He can get me my husband and daughter back. lets sees what Kali decides.
Ama comes home and sees that Nandu is burning stuff. He says I will burn it all down.

Precap-Nandu is lying on road to die. A car is driving his way. That man comes and stops the car with his hands. He shoves the car away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. QueenB

    Oh gosh super powers now

  2. kali is not a toy once she married yug and now nandu amma want her to marry his son for his sake,its really disgusting now let kali to decide his happiness.

  3. i really hate that gauri jha when she is going to left from kayu live so that kali,yug and naina leave a happy life.

  4. everyone is thinking for theirself only now nandu want to marry kali,kali is not a toy let kali to live her life happily with naina and yug.

  5. Disgusting story line please reunion kayu for god sake please please???????

  6. Now writers are going to show connection between yug family and nandu very boring storyline do whatever they want but reunite kayu.

  7. Yug loving you in your angry man look??it’s very sad as in pak Indian chanels are going to get ban….plzzzzzzzzzz #pray_for_peace?

  8. Such a stupidity shown in d serial.Writers are dragging d story.

  9. I think that man is Nandu brother n also think Kali should decide Wat she wants not Wat they want she is human

  10. indera sanichara

    What nonsence you writers are showing all the serial has ghost this is boring bye bye.

  11. Angelk1

    I dont want them to unite yug and kali. Honestly you guys call nandu a mad men, but for a mad men he was more heroic than yug. He doesnt deserve kali… Kali should have left that house when she had the chance. I hope writers get into nandu past and we see how he end up like this.

    Also they said brother…could the men be nandu brother? Did nandu brother die because of nandu? I dont want him to be connected to yug because yug is a joke.

    Amma should have told kali to just pretend to be nandu wife until he gets over it. Maybe kali starts seeing nandu as more of a person instead of a crazy men.

  12. Nandu is mad but he help kali always we all undestand but if he is normal and he is in place of yug do samething with kali,its not yug intensions to hurt kali the circumstances make him to do like that please reunite kayu

  13. Why writers are not reuniting kayu showing another ghost track

  14. Yug is more crazy than nandu! He didn’t trust his so called love of his life. And believed in gauri who was always evil n spoiled.

  15. Already gauri is there for seprating yug and kali now nandu and his amma came to create problems in kayu reunion

  16. Nandu helped kali always,it doesn;t mean that kali will marry him but for humanity kali will help nandu to get normal and recover fast.yug and kali is made for each other.

    1. Exactly?

  17. I agree with angelk1, and I think Kali should leave choudary house and marry with nandu because yug doesn’t deserve Kali and again he is going to make same mistake like before(not trust in Kali)
    Maybe that new man is nandu brother and he want Kali for his bro…another twist in kalaa tika

  18. Nandu like kali but what about kali,if in nandu life same situation came like yug then what will nandu do,he will also do like that only so it is simple if yug really realized his mistakes then reunite kayu

  19. When writers are going to reunite kayu first gauri is here to seprate kayu now nandu is also there.

  20. Please writer reunite yug and kali by any means.she deserves the best and make everything like before in their life. kali don’t have love for nandu that’s for sure it’s just that he did many things for her and she is just thankful enough for his good deeds and on top of that she has sympathy towards him that’s all.


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