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Scene 1
Manjali looks for Kaali. Vishwa asks what are you doing outside manjali? Manjali says kaali is missing? JT says she must have gone to her own place. she can’t stay in the palace. Manjali says she is in the house. JT says I told you she is not nice for this girl. Vishwa says Gauri must know? Manjali says Gauri isn’t in her room either. They all start looking for Gauri. Madhuri finds Gauri near kitchen. She is asleep. Manjali asks Gauri please wake up and tell me where is kaali. Vishwa says you should have been careful. Madhuri wakes up as well. JT says let her sleep. Manjali says please let me ask her once. Madhuri says let her sleep. Manjali says please ask her where kaali? Madhuri says ask her in the morning. gauri says Kali is in fridge. Manjali is dazed. She and vishwa

come to fridge. JT says I am sure she must have gone there to conceal the cake.

Manjali says the firdge is locked. Who has the keys? KT gives the keys. Manjali takes kaali out. She has fainted. Manjali says she will die please take her to die. JT says if she goes who will protect Gauri. Manjali says she would die then who will take care of Gauri. JT says keep gauri away from her tonight and see what will happen. Vishwa says we can’t take her to hospital. Treat her in the house. Massage her hands and legs with warm oil. We wont need her after tonight. He says everyone else go and rest.

Manjali massages Kaali’s feet. She treats her. She says why can’t he see the love in your eyes.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vishwa and everyone prepares for the party. Vishwa says to manjali you look tired. Manjali says kaali was in fever all night. People even give blankets to the people who live on roads. She can’t come to party, you shouldn’t be worried. He stops her. Madhuri comes and starts talking to Vishwa. Manjali leaves.
JT says to vishwa something in his ear. He says okay.
Manjali is busy in his work. She sees Vishwa picking kaali up. He takes kaali in Gauri’s room and does gauri’s arti with her. Manjali is in tears.
He asks the servant to take kaali back to her room. Manjali says there is no need to. she is my responsibility and I will look after her. He gives her kaali.

Precap-Kaali says I wanna go to Gauri’s birthday. Manjali says i will take you. Gauri says in heart please God I want to celebrate my birthday with Kaali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pat on your shoulders directors. For choosing Kaali n Gauri. Excellent n awesome acting by the two little girls. They outbeat even the bollywood stars. Bravo we are so impress. Innocently portrayed.

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