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Scene 1
Kali comes downstairs with her stuff. Manjiri says sanyu fish eye is your target like arjun. Kali hugs her. Manjiri says go and stay strong. kali leaves.
Neel says to sharmila can you talk to dadi once? For kali? Please. Sharmila says you think She would listen to you? If she had I would never have married you. And kali did this herself.
Kali says give me strength God and leaves the house.

They come to house. Leela says wait yug. He says I didn’t say anything there now please. Leela says I beg you please. yug nods. Leela says we have to do greh parvesh. Chulbul places rice bowl. Kali says let me do this. Gauri says this is my right. Kali says my steps are blessed. Chulbul says whose arti should I do? Of both. Kali does the greh parvesh and enters the house with

Leela says to Kali you can stay in guest room upstairs. Come. this is your house. Gauri is angry. Kali sees yug. He leaves.
Yug comes to kali’s room and says why are you doing this? You have already messed my love and life. You chose this over married life? You have become kala teeka again. you used blind beliefs to come see me this way. Now you are quite like always. Like nothing happened. Kali says my right has been taken from me. I am here to get it back. He says what right? She says right of a wife. He says I hate you. And the right you are talking about you lost it. The seeta I waited all life for is dead for me today. He leaves. Kali says in heart I even value your hatred.
Gauri says this is just beginning. you wont be able to bear his hatred.

At night, photographer comes and says these are wedding photos choose the ones for albums. Manjiri says okay. She says so many photos but none prove that Kali was the bride. Now I know why maaji did all this. she sees a photo in which kali’s slight face is appearing.Manjiri says I have to tell kali about this picture.

Gauri comes and says kali how i look? Dadi gave me this sari. For a ritual.This is yug’s fav color. Kali says don’t you know? So you are asking yug’s wife? This sari was given by dadi. yug have me these bangles. He brought colors in my life.
Leela says all the candles are here. New bride is here. She will lit the candles. Kali comes too. Kali says I should be here for this blessed pooja. You all know what gauri’s kundli is like. Leela says okays stand here. Leela asks gauri tot take rice from the box. She can’t open it. Kali says let me do this. Gauri says there is something inside it. Yug goes, kali says bride should do this. If she can’t then kala teeka would. Kali takes out the rice. Leela says lit the candles. She tries to open oil jar. It slips from her hand. kali says you spill all the oil. You couldn’t do it. Stand up I can do this. She prepares arti plate. Kali says i did everything for you so you never learned anything. Kali does the entire ritual. Kali says pooja is done. Gauri leaves in anger.

Precap-Kali says thank you manji maa.Manjiri says show this picture to yug. Yug might trust you and fill your hairline again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I dont think they will finish this track soon.may be mad or gauri find this photo and hide it…

    1. I am thinking the same…lets wait and see what will happen?

  2. Awesome episode. Kali treat gauri the same way she treated you. Precap is very nice

  3. Nice epi thanks for fast update atiba mam, and wow Kali look gorgeous

  4. I miss kayu scene very much , plz just unite kali-yug

  5. Manji ma pls for nau kali doesn’t need yug, he shld be d 1 to realise his mistake nd beg our kali because she doesn’t deserve all dis thing yug is doing nd saying to her nd he doesn’t even trust her. I dnt except dis frm him at all am so disappointed

  6. Wonderful epi! We can gather some hopes now!

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Me too this yug and kaali should be united and leela and gauri should get tight slap..

  7. Well I am sure something will happen to the picture that Yug will not be able to see it or that they would find some way to disprove it. The storyline should be Yug and Kali together battling the new superstition grandmother in law to keep in line with the show’s theme. It makes no sense that Yug doesn’t believe Kali married him, she always always told the truth even when she did stupid actions as a Kaala Teeka, so why would she deny if she sacrificed her love and marriage for Gauri? Does not make one bit of logic sense.

  8. Yaa…dats a grt epi guyz… Lotz of hopes r waiting for us!

  9. I hate yug thus days.he is so rude this days and if he really love kali then where is his trust..Please writter unite kalung..

  10. Pray so that we can see KalYug only!

  11. haven’t u guys read the spoiler…read this….

    Block your dates this Thursday, 12th May and Friday, 13th May from 7 PM to 10 30 PM as your favourite channel, ZEE TV, gets you an action-packed line-up across all its primetime shows. Viewers are in for two back-to-back evenings of high-voltage drama where all its shows including Kaala Teeka, Meri Saasu Maa, Tashan-e-Ishq, Jamai Raja, Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Vaada Raha will be a choc-a-bloc with secrets tumbling out of the closet, exciting tracks coming to a heady climax and the exposé of some of the conniving, scheming villains.

    so maybe we expect that kali might prove to yug that she is the bride.

    what do u thinks guys????

  12. Gauri, you just go to hell and let Kali live in peace!

  13. Yes gauri go to hell
    Kali rockzzz
    I think manni maaa will lose the poto
    Or something will be spit on kalis face
    Or it will be stolen by someone and blackmailed
    Or dadi will hide it

  14. I never expected Kaali could be this brave. Really interesting to watch. Because Yug used to do everything for her now is her turn. Yug just wait and see your lovely bride will win you back.

  15. I hate yug… how he said he loved her from childhood? and is this trust he has? doesn’t he has common sense there is a possibility that his grand ma can do this? when kali said that he should have believe a little buy, he blindly believe gauri and their lies and and he’s saying now he hates kali….I wish kali prove all this leave yug for sometime to let him to beg for her back into his life and he has to regret that. what kali going through now. He has to have some punishment for him too…geeeeeeeeeeee, I hate yug now.

  16. hey guyzz…..even I think kali wont be able to prove herself wid the pic…

    but im waiting 4 the epi when yug ll realize his mistake for not trusting kali…
    he z so rude to kali…

    kali move onn…all d very best..

  17. Amelia Williams

    People please do not hold your breathe. Some bad always happens and that cute little picture will soon disappear. And to be honest if I saw the video and I was Yug, I would not have believed her either. So give Yug a break. He don’t think that his grandmother is able to do such horrendous things. He is lashing out but Kali should put him in check.

  18. bhai itni jaldi yeh lok gauri kah badla track nahi katam honeh wala

  19. Rude idiots. ……Yug! !!????

  20. I don’t like Kali when she loves yug then why she introduce Gauri in yug’s life and why yug in Gauri’s life I hate these lead that they prove themselves to be great that they sacrifice their love for someone else .

    1. I don’t know if you watch full show…

      1st kali doesn’t know that he loves her
      2nd he is looking for gauri not kali
      3rd she scared of yug grand ma because she wont accept the orphan..u might saw how she play to with her marriage…do u think she accept that?
      4th she respected his badeke papa to give this life to her
      5th she loved gauri so much but gauri never loved her.
      6th there is no one help kali but now manji ma there for her.

      think about it with all this how she will marry to yug???

      1. and if you want to blame you have blame viswa…he is the all create this problem.

      2. she didn’t sacrifice her love gauri cheated kaali and bring her out of the house dressed like same as kaali despite of it kaali merry yug but no one other than kaali and gauri knows that kaali is yug’s wife and mangi maa knows it because she believes kaali and other than them no one knows this reality because brides’ veils were so long and other pranks like this PRIYA it’s for u too

    2. she didn’t sacrifice her love gauri cheated kaali

  21. This stupid Yug has know that Kali won’t go after somebody husband.?. She is not disgusting gauri after knowing Yug love Kali and she wants him so badly.. how dare him to say that to be close with him Kali choose come there as kaala teeka.. Doesn’t he has brain to think there must some reason behind. Manji am agree to it atleast he should thought about what manji ma said..he is such dummy.

  22. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I just cant stand the way yugs dadi talks? Worse than a manz voice…more like a braying ass….eish slap her hard she fly off series…too annoying n of course take dumbness delux gauri…

  23. I don’t think any time soon they reveal the truth. I doubt it!?

    1. i believe truth will not reveal soon

  24. The episode was superb …… n kali u have done the right thing…… u are yug wife n u should perform all the rituals…… n yug should beg for kali after truth will be revealed but I know truth will not be revealed soon

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