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Scene 1
Kali says to Gauri that i want to tell you that marriage shouldnt be based on a lie, Yug thinks that the voice he is crazy, its yours but when he will know that its not yours then he will feel cheated, Gauri says this is small thing, he will like my personality, i will tell him truth in next meeting, Kali says he will like truthfulness of yours, Gauri leaves, Kali thinks that yug will like the fact that Gauri is honest with him, he will like her.
Gauri and Kali comes home, Vishwa asks Gauri if she liked his choice? Gauri says have you sent spy in city? Vishwa says Yug is one in million, i have chosen best for you, Gauri says dont try to exaggerate things, pundit says your father had to bear so much for this proposal, Guari says this all happened because of Kali, Yug liked Kali’s

voice but you want credit for everything, Vishwa says i just want your happiness, he leaves, Kali says to Gauri that why did you hurt Vishwa’s feelings? i was just telling you about Yug’s niceness but Vishwa had built base of this relation, Gauri says it was fate that Yug came in life, Vishwa thinks he can set everyone’s life, he is not God, Kali says father is like God, Gauri says i will prove you that Vishwa is common man, Yug will prove it, Kali says why you are bringing him in all this? Gauri says he is going to be part of family, he has to give test, he has to break Vishwa’s ego, he has to prove that Vishwa is not a God, he has to put down Vishwa, he will insult him and you are responsible for all this, you have to tell Yug how to put Vishwa in place, she leaves.
Kali prays to Ramji and says one side is Gauri and otherside is Vishwa, i am stuck, Guari comes there and says you have stuck yourself in this problem by my relation with Yug, Kali says when you try to test relations then it breaks, relations are not meant to played with, Gauri says what you want that i respect a criminal? Kali says dont talk about Vishwa like this, Gauri says cut the crap, Kali looks away, Gauri says i am sorry, Gauri says i will marry your Ramji only when he breaks Vishwa’s ego, if you say yes to this condition only then i will say yes for marriage else i wont do this marriage, she leaves, Kali gets tensed. Vishwa comes to Kali and says you have set aarti plate but you havent done other work, today is pooja, i want Gauri’s yes for this proposal before this pooja, i have trusted you and i dont want you to break my trust, you have to make her agree for this proposal.
Kali comes to Mandir, she prays to Lord that Gauri’s condition is to break Vishwa’s ego that too by Yug, how can this happen? Vishwa’s ego is too big and strong than anything else, she sees a kids writing wish on paper and leaves form there, Kali writes that how can someone break blind faith of anyone, Ramji? she puts paper in God’s feet, Manjri is coming there too, Kali leaves, they dont see each other, Kali leaves to pray near tree, Manjri prays to Lord and sees paper there, she reads Kali’s wish there that how can someone break blind faith of a person? she writes answer that blind faith can be broken by true faith only, she thinks that seems like someone is in trouble, i hope maybe this answer of mine is solution to someone’s problem, Kali sees someone standing near mandir, she starts coming there again but Manjri leaves Kali could see her, Kali reads answer of her question written by Manjri, she thinks.
Vishwa is tensed about pooja, mad comes to him, he says pooja, she says what our neighbor pooja? she is not good looking, Vishwa says i am talking about God’s pooja, i am tensed about Gauri’s relation with Yug, she hasnt said yes for it, dont know what she will say in pooja infront of all.
Yug’s family comes to Vishwa’s house, Vishwa welcomes them, Mad comes there and says i am Madhuri, people dont really realize my age after seeing me, i am Gauri’s mom, Yug’s mom says by applying makeup, age cant be hidden, Mad says makeup is also art, you wotn understand, Yug’s mom says if i say anything then you will say that i am taking advantage of being from boy’s family, Mad says we are from boy’s family too, Neelu is son of this house, Neelu comes and greets everyone, Kalyani thinks that Kali’s destruction has come, Vishwa thinks that if i did any mistake by trusting Kali? Yug says i have left my phone in car, i will bring it, all leave from there. Yug sees Kali coming in house, he comes to her, Yug stares her and says to Kali that you like to keep things to yourself even truth also.

PRECAP- Yug says i dont understand why you hided this thing from me, you didnt like to tell me or was there some other reason to hide it? Kali says i was waiting for right time, Yug says i got to know it at wrong time and in wrong situation, what was right in it?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i wonder what is going to happen?????..makes me crazy..ik one thing when she wud be abt to say tht her voice…then some1else will come….n yug will break his andhvishwas by breaking kaali’s kaala teeka figure

  2. OMG…did kali tell the truth???dats nice in precap…

  3. what is yug talking about…

  4. Wow they r working fast arent they? Gauri is behaving like a childish brat. I wish Kali was getting proposed. Shes so mature n so respectful. Poir Yug i feel sorry for him.

  5. I wonder what he got to know

    super intense episodes following
    I don’t know what that truth is but I just hope it makes their bond stronger..

  6. btw thank u atiba for updating fast 🙂 love you. keep up the good work

  7. One thing is very clear that yug has no feelings for gauri till now
    And yug has more questions for kaali the answer for those questions will lead him to find kaali’s identity

    I think now Sharmila will tell abt gauri jha to yug what all happened because of her

    1. bt he is not very happy with kaali also naa? he is asking her abt gauri n she will be telling abt her voice…bt sh wont bcuz someone will come n interupt…god knows!

      1. Ya yug was not happy with kaali because aft knwing that he is in search for gauri also she didn’t say anything
        When yug comes to knw abt gauri, he was thinking then who kaali is ??? Aft knwing gauri also y she hide it from him ???
        Aft knwing answer for these questions he will become ok but the answer will lead yug to knw abt kaali’s identity
        And I think neither gauri nor kaali will tell you abt the voice because it is the most important thing in this story so it won’t be revealed so soon

      2. but she said i was waiting for rite time n he said tht i dont think it was right time n right situation/….

      3. one more thing comes in my mind is who is yug’s mother? pishima n sharmila mom isint

      4. Both of them are not yug’s mom don’t know who is yug mom they didn’t show till now Sharmila mom is his chachi and I think pishima is gauri’s mom im nt sure since I didn’t see before leap she must be gauri’s mom

      5. I think kaali was decided to tell abt gauri to yug at the right time but he has come to knw abt gauri when his sister marriage was dropped and unwillingly her marriage was fixed with gauri’s brother neelkhand jha which yug didn’t like it
        So he was telling that at the wrong time and in wrong way I came to know about gauri

      6. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

        yeah pishima is gauri’s but ….i know he was telling …i wish u were the writer

      7. Oh no I’m just a fan of kaala teeka like other commenting here I do

  8. gauri will fall in love with yug and yug is unsure about his marriage vid gauri . but this shouldn’t happen

  9. wat truth did yug knew yar. Its wil b good 2 knw that yug knew it was kalis voice he was searching for. CRAP… Y didnt kaali meet wth her manji ma. Nd frens r u al 4rm india??

    1. Im from SoutH Africa

  10. I think yug is talking abt Kali living there or he has not gotten over the fact that she knew guari jha and didn’t tell him..yug won’t find out abt Kali voice so soon…writers like to drag the shows….love Kali and yug

  11. Oh my God! What is Yug referring too? Is it d Gauri debacle or is he talking about “kaali’s” voice. Why couldnt Manjimaa meet Kaali? Ugh im at d edge of my seat with thia show.

    1. Its abt tht she didnt tell abt gauri b4

  12. yug is talking about truth which he came to know in yesterday’s episode i.e. Kali telling hin that gauri is the one he was looking for.he told her about gauri many time but kali didn’t told him but in yesterday’s episode she told him

  13. I just wish yug comes to know about the voice….. And I want vishwas trust to increase on Kali….

  14. is he talking about the truth that kaali knew .. i mean she knew that he was searching for gauri but still kept quite

    1. Yeah..he was

  15. Seiko i think he’s referring to Gauri. Not whose voice. Thats still to come n i almost feel sorry for Kaali bcos when Yug learns its Kaali who sings, he’s literally gona rip Kaali into pieces, although he loves her. He did say previously dat he hate liars. Im waiting to see if Kaali goes in d living room where Yugs family r n lets see how they introduce her. Cant wait to catch tomorrows episode. N dhaniyaad for dis forum.

  16. may be he comes to know that was kali who was singing not gauri

  17. Nowadays I m loving this show a lot and I think since a week I m watching this show regularly over Thapki in colors. But if Gauri falls for Yug and marries him, bye bye to Kaala Teeka show. Precap quite interesting

  18. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I am frm south Africa.I like tis show.kali so naturally pretty.n yug is nice frm quobool hai? I also like tapki yeh hai mohbettah yeh vaade rahe sarojini n occasionally watch others…kkb etretr n few others ridiculously dumb…lol

    1. Hey bilkish I see ur comments and I love it when u say eish I became a big fan of u when u said wish always 😛 and seems that our choice quite similar anyways I m from singapore

      1. Yes Yug was in Qubool hain his first show was Everest on star plus and anyways And I m born in Bangladesh but I live in bangladesh

  19. u r indian bt residing there or u all r from that place only

  20. I think yug is really stupid

  21. Are all of u girls

  22. And all of u guys I like to read ur cmmnts?

  23. Im sure Gauri will realise dat Yug n Kali share a connection. In my opinion i think Gauri will give up on Yug for Kali’s sake becos Kali has done so much for their family. Lets see if dis prediction comes true.

    1. hmm..even i wish cuz gauri treats her gud..bt kaali wont agree until yug breaks vishwas stereotype…n b4 tht yug shud atleast know tht she is singer of his fav. song which will uncover after alot of time

  24. HOOOOOOOOOOO! I wonder there r fans of kaala teeka at international level too

  25. Gouri pagal ho gai hain kiya jab se uski shadi pakki hui hain yug se bo yug ke text le rahi hain ab ek aur naya text de rahi hain

  26. I hate jodi of goyu uf (gouri yug) i love jodi of kayu uf (kali yug) i am see the marriage of kayu (kali yug) not goyu (gouri yug) marriage

  27. Guys pls tell me the correct download link of ramji song.. Am from chennai and can’t able to download it. I love the song so much.please if anybody knows the correct link pls update here guys.. I hope so u will tell me..

  28. Ramya www waploft com is correct site of ram ji song

  29. No I think yug is referring in the precap about gauri being the one he is marring as arrange marriage so he is asking kaali why didn’t she tell

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