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Scene 1
Gauri and Bijli peek in Chulbuli’s room. They see her taking out a blue sari from beneath the mattress and place it in the closet. Chulbuli looks at the door they both hide. She says no one can be here everyone must be asleep.
Gauri says chulbuli the sari she was placing in closet is the same black shadow was wearing. Why she wants to scare dadi?
Kali says Yug there is no proof. I can’t believe Gauri did all this. Yug says you will regret it and don’t say that I didn’t warn you later. kali says if bady papa can change why can’t Gauri? You better think about dadi how we can take her to hospital. Drink the coffee. He says I won’t. Kali says upto you. Bijli and Gauri are overhearing them. Bijli says the hero said, if someone comes between husband

and wife the fire can’t be blown out.

Scene 2
Manjiri gives med to Vishwa. she says don’t be mad at medicine because of me. Take it please. He takes it. Manjiri sits there and says this tablet is weird so small and can heal a human. But the same medicine can ruin his health if give to wrong person. Same is misunderstanding. You know who created this misunderstanding between us? vishwa says who? she says sharmila. She has not pardoned you. Now she is using our children against us. We have to bring her to right path.

Scene 3
Yug says to Kali manage this yourself. Kali says you have to help me with all this so I can spend time with you. Yug says but I am getting late for office. Kali cries and says there is something in my eye. Yug blows towards her eyes and says do you feel better? He kisses her nose. The song ‘musafir’ plays in background.
Yug asks Ramu what was the problem with this? Ramu says yes there were nails in this. Kali says is okay now? He says yes. Ramu says yes just don’t let kids put nails in washing machine. He leaves.
yug says the marks on dadi’s back were the same like nails. Yug asks who washed the clothes? Kali says I was washing and bijli came she sent to me give food to dadi. yug calls bijli there. He says what is this? Bijli says looks like a nail. yug says how were they in machine? Bijli says how would I know? Yug says you washed the clothes. Kali says answer him bijli or we will hold you responsible for what is happening with dadi. Bijli says when I came Kali had put machines in clothes. I thought I should help her. I didn’t know you people would blame. She starts crying and says promise I didn’t do anything. Why would I do this to amma ji? She brought me here from roadside. I am daughter of a pandit I can’t do this. Don’t kick a poor’s stomach. Kali says go in your room. Gauri says I will take her. Chulbuli comes there. She looks at Yug.

Gauri says to Bijli, wow not bed. You are a good actor. Anyway, once I am daughter in law here I will make you my right hand. She says just raise my money. Gauri says be careful of that Kali. She is very smart. She will keep an eye on you. Bijli says I will be. What to do next? Gauri says we will start phase two now. We have win trust of people in this house.

Vishwa shouts there my daughter is living like a servant and here you are asking for money. Manjiri says I am asking for money for house. Better not shout. he says return me the key. Manjiri gives him the keys and says I don’t need them either. She leaves. Sharmila is overhearing them and says wow I should be proud of myself. When she goes Vishwa and Manjiri smile at each other.

Scene 4
Someone is standing with an ax behind Leela. Its Gauri. She walks towards Leela. Yug sees her form stairs. She pulls that in the air, Yug grasps her hand and says how dare you. You wanted to kill dadi? Yug chokes her. He says how dare you I will kill you. Everyone comes and stops Yug. Gauri coughs. Yug says she wanted to kill dadi. Kali says calm down. Leela says are you out of your mind. Yug says she was coming near you with ax. Leela says I asked her to bring ax. Kali says without thinking you had to reach. Yug is leaving. Leela says now leave after pooja. Pandit ji is coming too. Yug goes upstairs in his room.
Kali says gauri I apologize you on Yug’s behalf. Are you okay now? Gauri says I have made so many mistakes, this had to happen. Its okay. You go prepare for pooja I will handle everything here.

The pooja starts. Everyone is sitting in pooja. Gauri and Bijli smile at each other. The ax starts floating and levitating in the air. Everyone gets dazed. Everyone is scared seeing ax float in the air. It falls in Leela’s lap. She screams. Leela says that shadow wants to kill me. Pandit ji says it is not a good sign that it fell in your lap. I have never heard or seen something like this before.

Precap-Leela shouts and screams. Everyone comes there are blood stains and ashes on her sari. Leela says I told you there is a black shadow. Call a tanktrik baba. Kali says we don’t need him we need proofs and we have them. Yug says your ghost will be here in seconds.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Nice. On one side vishwa and manjari are trying to fix sharmila and here yug and Kali are trying to solve dadi’s ghost problem.

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    I juz hope KaYu wil expose de correct villain… ????

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