Kaala Teeka 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Nandu comes close to Devri to save Naina. Devri grasps him. Devri says tell me your last wish. Nandu says I wanna hug you once. Nandu stabs Devri. Nandu says you have to die. I was stupid to trust you.
Nandu hugs Devri and stabs him. Nandu says you are a devil. Devri stabs Nandu as well. Nandu falls. Kali says Nandu you can’t leave me. Nandu says promise me you will give your daughters good up bringing. Kali says you can’t leave me. I need you for that. Nandu says I know you can do this. You will bring them up right.
Kali says Naina.. Nandu says come here daughter. Pavitra and Naina hug Nandu. Kali screams. Nandu closes his eyes.

Scene 2
Nandu’s funeral is being done. Kali is crying. Prohit says I am really worried for Kali. Kali sits there

Pavitra says I wanna go to mama. Gauri says I will take you to her. Naina says I wanna talk to papa he has not talked to me. Mama didn’t sing me lullaby. Gauri says I am your mom. Naina says no I did a mistake. Kali is my mama. and papa has left us too. Pavitra tries to run Gauri stops her and is about to slap her. Leela stops her hand.
Leela says what were you doing? Gauri says we have to teach her manners. Leela says teach Naina as well. Leela says go kids sit on daughters. Leela says don’t behave this way with the girls again.
Naina says don’t cry Pavitra. dadi said she will take us to mama.
Yug says to Kali we have to accept the fact. He loved you so much. He used to bring anything for you when you wanted. Prohit says funeral preps are ready. Manjiri says Kali is in shock.

Yug comes to kid’s room. Naian says you are here to take us to papa? Pavitra says is papa okay? Yug brings them downstairs. Manjiri says why you brought them here? They will be shocked. Yug says we can’t run from fact. Yug says Kali you have to come out of this shock for yourself and for these kids as well. You have to answer them. they need you. Kali is sitting there in shock. yug says you want them to be depressed like you? Okay I will tell them. Should I? Kali is silent. Yug says kids, you know why papa isn’t saying anything? Because he isn’t in this world anymore. He has died. Naina and pavitra start crying and say mama. They hug her and cry. Kali starts crying and sobbing as well.

Precap-Kali sees Nandu’s dead body. She sits there crying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    Jus knew dey was goin to kill off nandu…..hmmmm wat now

  2. 14 years leap, please make Simran leave as well, she can’t play Pavitra, Pavitra has pretty greenish eyes and Simran has brown eyes. Simran is probably the most fake actress next to Helly Shah. If you’re going to reboot the show, do away with ALL the previous actors and actresses.

    1. Who are u to judge helly shah and simran???
      They both are doing very well in their career and u are nobody to judge them

  3. Please reunite kali and yug after nandu’s death

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