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Scene 1
Prohit calls vishwa and tells him everything. Vishwa says kali shouldn’t get those blessings otherwise I will kill you with my hands. Prohit says count on me.
Kali and Manjiri are walking towards the road. Kali says look I think that child is stuck and has forgotten the way. Manjiri says thats a midget not a child. Kali says let me help him. Kali asks have you been stuck? he says no forest is my home. I was picking sticks. Kali helps helps him getting out of stems. The midget gives her blessings. He says stay happy. Prohit sees it and says kali got the first blessing.

Swami says to kalyani back from pooja? She says yes. He says vishwa asked prohit to lock kali somewhere. Gauri hid in the car as well. I don’t know how kids will be. Why did vishwa had to this?

Kalyani says vishwa wants to change the fate of kali. Swami says no on can change anyone’s fate.

Everyone is in the car, Manjiri says why are we going from this way? Prohit says its shorter. Vishwa calls prohit and says is everything going okay? Prohit says yes. I will handle it. A bunch of labors are passing my. Prohit gives them money and asks them to leave. A labor comes and stands near car. Prohit says what are you doing here? Take the money. He says I don’t need money, I need water. Kali gives him water.
He gives her blessings. He says stay blessed your fate will shine like sun and moon. Prohit is disappointed. He says what should I do now.

They reach home. Prohit says take these kids in. They must be tired. Don’t let them talk to any outsiders.
Kalyani is near the pot vishwa placed. She says vishwa didn’t know that i sent that midget to jungle and that labor as well. The third blessing kali will have will be in this house. And then I will see vishwa fainting.
Manjiri asks the driver why didn’t you come today. Kali gives him his watch that had fallen. He gives her blessings and says stay happy.
The driver says i want to leave this job. I had an accident tomorrow. One of my eyes is badly damaged. I will go to my village and do my old job. Prohit says what you did there? He says i was a teacher at primary school. Prohit is dazed. He says in heart half eyed teacher? Manjiri says let us know if you need any help. Manjiri leaves.
Kalyani gives money to the driver and says don’t be seen around.
Kalyani says in heart today Vishwa will lose. vishwa is just a salt cliff in front of me.

Neel says to kali Ram ji really helps you. You are blessed. Everyone appreciates you. You are everyone’s favorite. gauri says I am everyone’s favorite because I am the princess. Kali says yes you are. Neel says kali don’t always flatter her. Gauri says I am the princess you don’t know anything. Gauri hits neel. Kali stops her. Gauri shoves kali off the stairs and says you don’t know anything kali. Manjiri holds kali. Manjiri says what is all this Gauri? Whay if kali had fallen?
Mad comes and says how dare you to shout at my daughter. Manjiri asks kids to go in. Mad says why did you shout at gauri. Manjiri says you have to scold sometimes to teach kids? Mad says she is my daughter. Manjiri says isn’t she anything to me? Mad says she was your something before that slap. Manjiri says can’t we put and end to this? You slapped me too. Mad says end? Will that change you? You scolded at gauri for that kaala teeka. You want that kaala teeka to become princess. I will never let you be successful in your plans. Mad goes in. Kalyani says in heart how will you save your house from this poison vishwa?

Precap-Kali gives jelly to gauri. Gauri says i dont wanna eat. Kali says okay then I am going out. Gauri screams and falls on bed. Kali is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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