Kaala Teeka 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Vishwa says to Jethi that kaali is just kala teeka. lemon spice. I am using her to seek revenge from Manjiri. Manjiri overhears it.

Manjiri says my fate is lost and my marriage is doomed. Vishwa says its not lost, you gave it. People request in love they don’t give conditions.Vishwa says just like her this candle is blown as well. Some times the lightening candle burns your house. j
vishwa says she has lost all her trust. When I was so loyal to love then I will be loyal to hate as well. He leaves.
Manjiri says in heart I cant understand if my doubt is baseless or you are actually doing something wrong.

Kaali says to Gauri when Ram comes he will make everything okay. Vishwa says kaali you made this drawing? This so good I will place it in my room.
Prohit follows Manjiri. He says i thought manjiri will tell Vishwa that this was all drama. but I guess she has not told him anything.
jethi comes and says what are you doing? Rubbing your all against wall? Tell me what are you concealing? He says you call me dog. then give me bone first. I will tell you but for that you have to tell me as well. Now, when you have bone talk to me then. I will come running. he leaves.

Manjiri comes and sees knife in Kaali’s hand. she says where did you get it from? Manjiri says are you out of your mind. Gauri says papa said she should do this. Because her hands are blessed. Manjiri says let me do this. Kali says i will do this because bady papa has asked me. He will be mad at me if i dont help him. Manjiri says it will cut your hand. Kali says give it to me. Manjiri says shut up. What if it cuts your hand? Kali leaves. Gauri tries to stop her but kali leaves.

Kaali locks herself in the room. Manjiri says please come out. Kali says bady papa will be mad at me. Kali comes out and hugs vishwa. she says dont be mad at me. He says can i ever be mad at you? I cant see you crying. I came here to take you. Its someone else’ turn to cry.
Vishwa says now i will find out what you are upto.

Precap-Manjiri says i will send kali to school no matter what.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope kali get to go to school

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