Kaala Teeka 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nandu comes in and says Nandu will live in Nandu’s house. Manjiri says I will come with you too. Yug says please Pishi ma don’t leave me. Kali says manji ma this house needs you. Please stay here. Manjiri says but.. Kali says please. Kali kisses Naina. Naina is crying really bad. Kali steps towards the gate. Naina keeps crying. Kali takes her. Naina stops crying. Kali sings her lullaby. Kali gives her back to yug. Kali steps towards the gate. Yug says Kali I will throw Naina from stairs if you step out of this house. Everyone says Yug have you gone mad. Leela says Yug come downstairs. Yug says I am helpless. I can’t see my Kali going away from me. I love you Kali. Naina’s eyes question me why I didn’t trust me. They will keep questioning me. Kali says you

are being selfish. Yug says if asking your love to stay is selfishness then okay. Yug is about to shove naina. Kali says I will stay here please don’t do anything to Naina. Yug is coming downstairs, his foot trips and Naina falls from his hand. Kali catches her. Everyone wasis scared. Leela says to Yug are you out of your mind? Kali says what do you think you are? How dare you shove Naina. Listen one thing, I didn’t come here for you, I came here for Naina. I will live here on one condition. I won’t stay here as your wife. I will stay here for Naina. You won’t have any relation with me. You don’t dare thinking you have any right on me. Yug says okay I agree.
Nandu says you can’t live here bride. Nandu’s bride will live here with Nandu in his house. Kali says Nandu I can’t leave Naina she is my responsibility. Nandu says I won’t listen you said you will come with me. Amma says Nandu don’t be stubborn don’t separate a mom from her child. Let’s go home. Nandu leaves crying. Leela says you have done a favor on us by saving Naina Kali. I have arranged a havan for Naina Kali.

Gauri says Naina is my daughter why are you leaving her with Kali? Leela says because that was decided before her birth. Why are you so surprised? That is why this is happening. And listen one thing if anything happens to my Naina I will kill you.
Kali walks downstairs in the hall with Naina. Rocky is barking. Kali says calm down rocky. Rocky tries to take her somewhere. Kali comes back in.
Manjiri is crying. Kali consoles her. Manjiri says I killed Vishwa. I can’t get over that sin. Kali says don’t cry I can’t see you like this. Manjiri says my hands are red with blood. Kalio says it was not your mistake. Don’t cry.
The man is peeking in from the window.

Scene 2
The havan starts everyone comes in. Pandit ji asks mother to sit in front of havan, Leela says Gauri come sit there. Leela says Kali you come and sit as well.
Leela asks Gauri to give Naina to Kali. Gauri says why? Leela says because if she starts crying you won’t be able to handle her. Gauri gives Naian to Kali. Pandit ji does the havan. Manjiri says what kind of pooja is this. Yug says I don’t get either. Leela says from today, Naina’s mother is Kali. Everyone is dazed.
Leela says even in God’s eyes now, Kali is Naina’s mother. If someone has a right on Naina its Kali.

Precap-Leela says even in God’s eyes Naina’s mother is Kali now. Gauri says you can’t do this dadi. Naina is my daughter I will got court and file a case, your pooja wont mean anything there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What?? Hahahahahha!!
    what a family!! NOW, Leela realises Kali’s worth.what happened all that time ago? LOL. I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad for Kali. She doesn’t have any say in where she stays or what she does. SMH.

  2. Its good that yug grandmom know the worth of kali now yug has to do something for kali by correcting his all mistakes and then if kali forgive him,reunite kayu at last.

  3. Yug need to know his mistakes and bear all punishment given by kali then at last make yug kali and naina happy family

  4. Its gauri time to pay for her mistakes and after that when yug trully realize the value of kali reunite them.

  5. This show just shows the snake in each character. Leela is the biggest snake of all.

  6. Thank god!!!! Thnx fr reunitng kali n yug 🙂 love their jodi 🙂
    Plz nw dont separate them……. coz aftr all first love is always true n forever!!! Nw show some cute romantic moments of kali yug… lik yug trying to win kali’s heart once again n those little cute moments 🙂 plz plz plz….. n as fr gauri nandu n gauri will b a good pair!!!

  7. For heaven’s sake writers, why do you want Kali living in that house? Can’t you all see beyond the telescope in front of you? Why can’t you all broaden the the scope of the story right now,? Now is the time. Now I know we going to see the same old crap all over again, all my hopes of seeing Kali in a new Avatar away from that diseased home has gone down the drain. You writers are a hopeless, and as Hillary Clinton says…..a basket of deplorables. You love keeping Kali in the poor, dependable and drab life she’s in, you all don’t want to see her succeed in life. Why can’t you wean Kali away from the kaala teeka stigma, why can’t you show that this kind of thinking is not modern and the people who believe and promote this kind of thinking are wrong? You all made Yug ‘s character this way, remember that. I notice that Gauri’s character is not as aggressive as she used to be, so that means when Fenil departs the serial, you going to bring Kali and Yug together, that’s why why you putting some contrition into Yug now? I’ve started watching other serials in other channels so that when Yug and Kali reunite, my viewership will be gone. Do whatever you all want to do, there are those who watch ,who endorse your kind of storytelling.

    1. I watched OLV nandu mom beg Kali to marry nandu cos he is not listening to anyone.. Let’s see if Kali is agree to it…. I have doubt even if Kali agree Yug won’t let that happen … Let’s see

  8. I think kali is rite n now dadi realize wat kali is

  9. I said yesterday, these Indian housewives don’t have a lick of sense they love the abuse. No wonder that country is so backwards

    1. ? ,this is what I say too. Why can’t writers move beyond and show that this kaala teeka curse is only a myth, instead they condone the thinking of backward people. Thank goodness my forefathers left India and came to the West to live…….. For all modern progression, it’s still is a regressive society in parts.

  10. If yug realized his mistakes and never does this again then reunite kayu afterall we all are human beings and we all had done mistakes in our life

  11. Pair gauri and nandu and reunite kayu once again.

  12. Kali is not like other housewives she fight for her rights and if yug is really realized his mistakes and asking forgiveness from kali then reunite kayu becoz they luv trully each other this seprtation arise between yug and kali becoz of misunderstandings.

  13. If kayu love each other trully then reunite them and pair gauri with nandu

    1. Why are you being cruel to nandu?

  14. Goooood episode please reunion kayu if yug truly realize his mistake

  15. All indian housewives are not mad understood here kali had already fight and stood for her rights and if his husband really want to correct his mistakes then why one chance kali should not give to his husband?yug had done mistakes but becoz the circumstances which arises make yug to do that mistakes otherwise he always luv kali only.

    1. No yug never trusted Kali. First with their wedding he believed his grandmother’s plan and gauri’s trick. That’s twice he betrayed her are you waiting for the third time.

    2. Some mistakes are irredeemable. Like sleeping with your wife’s sister and impregnating her. No woman should ever have to be in a situation like that. Let Yug live with Gauri or whoever he wants to. It remains a stigma and reminder all your life,infidelties,adultry are never condoned. Writers need to be as realistic as possible with their storytelling, although they don’t mean to upset viewers, they still need to portray positive values in relationships.

  16. Plz reunite kayu?ahhh now that new devil devri-.-show us some romantic sides of kali and yug again ??

  17. Well said, Devi. ??

  18. I think kali will do the same mistake again becoz she wanted naina to be with her real parents (gauri n yug) maybe again she will trust gauri…..bdw who s the new guy????why hidingly he is watching choudary house???

  19. What good its kali mistake also why she hide from yug about that pooja which his grandmom want to do to her,if she didn;t hide about pooja the misunderstanding didn;t take place that time.Gauri had mixed something in yug drink thatswhy he made that mistake.

  20. Kali and yug is made for each other,this all things happened becoz of gauri,vishwa and yug grandmom.

  21. Earlier yug is so nice he always help kali and fight for her rights he did;nt change he just forget his luv for kali,now kali is there to make him realize mistakes reunite kayu

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