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Scene 1
Devri says Deva help me, my powers are losing. There are only 2 days for sacrifice. Do something. I have to gain my powers. Deva creates a light he says this won’t let your powers weaken but it can only protect your remaining powers. Deva makes him wear a ring in his toe. He says if you lose you will lose the remaining powers as well and if you win you will get the previous powers back as well.

Scene 2
Next morning, Prohit Kali Manjiri Nandu and Jamna are doing the pooja Devri wakes up. Prohit asks Kali to sit next to Nandu. He says after this pooja Nandu will become Naian’s father and he will protect her. devri wakes up in shock. The pooja is on going. Devri does his tap and sees in water whats going on. He is dazed and mad. Devri says I won’t let this

happen. Nandu says if my brother was bad he would have ruined this pooja but that wont happen.
Devri comes to Leela and says they are at the temple and whats happening there isn’t right. They are doing wrong. Yug says what Kali is doing there? Yug says why are they hiding from us? Devri says we shouldn’t waste time and stop them. They all rush towards the temple. Devri says drive fast Yug. Devri tries to do magic with his ring. Prohit asks Kali and Nandu stand up. Kali gives Naina to Nandu. Strong winds start blowing. Deva asks Devri to use more powers. DEvri looks at the clouds. Prohit says Kali give Naian to Nandu. Prohit says don’t go out of the circle or everything would be ruined. Water pours on the pooja fire. Prohit is dazed. The winds stop. Prihit says its over. Deva says very good DEvri. You have got some powers back. Prohit says DEvri ruined the pooja. I was scared of this. Yug and the family comes there. Yug says how dare you Kali? Leela says will someone tell me whats going on here? He looks at Prohit and says you are responsible for this. Prohit says Kali asked me to make Nandu Maina’s father. Yug says we made you her caretaker and you forgot your limits. Naina is my daughter. I will take decisions for her life. Kali says I have right to save her life. And no one can stop me from protecting her. Gauri says Kali is just protecting NAian. whats wrong with that? Leela says she should have told us. Prohit says Kali thought good for Naina but everything was ruined. Jamna says he can do this. No one else. Nandu says amma don’t say that about brother. Jamna says since childhoood he was interested in black magic. He used to do tricks. He used to says this is dark world and the devil has to be powerful. He have to pray in front of Devil not God. Nandu says what are you saying ama? Jamna says truth. I didn’t want to hurt you. Nandu says why would he want to ruin this pooja? Kali says because he doesn’t want you to protect Naina. Nandu says I can’t believe my brother is like that. I cried years for him. Kali says he is your brother but his thoughts are different from you. Nandu says I will talk to him and ask him why is he doing all this. Proht says stop Nandu. He isn’t going to answer you anyway.

Devri laughs and says they were going to beat me? They don’t know how powerful I am. Till I wear this bangle in my foot no one can beat me. Deva says we can’t wait anymore. We have to sacrifice her tonight. They know nandu is her savior. Kali would do something. Devri says we will sacrifice tonight.
Prohit says everything is over. Kali says devri knows we know that Nandus is Naina’s protector. Manjiri says can’t we do this pooja again? Prohit says not now. Manjiri says then tell us there must be a solution. Prohit says there is only one way. Manjiri says what? He says Kali and Nandu’s marriage. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-There is fire everywhere in Kali’s room. She is crying. Everyone tries to save her and Kali but the windows are locked. Deva says to Devri nothing can stop you from getting what you want.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. After this I got relived I can’t wait for 2morrws episode

  2. madhushree mandal

    In a SBS segment I had seen that nandu fills kali’s hairline. I will be happy if kali marries nandu. Pata nahi wo yug kis mitti ka bana hai, Kali ko hurt karta thakta nahi hai. Oh my God! Yug is selfish and his love is also selfish. But kali deserves selfless and unconditional love which only nandu can give her . Simply yug does not deserve kali. Here kali is Sita and she should go to get real ramji. Initially yug was ramji but after his marriage with gouri he has become ravan aur ravan ka sath Sita ka koi wasta nahi.

  3. Angelk1

    Yes let it hapen. Kali you said u would do anything for naina. Then marru nandu and move on like how stupid can her character be still lingering for a married men

  4. Same old nonsence

  5. this is stupidness gauri pic yug over her child thats madness kali and yug supposed to be together afterall i dont know since when they could separate them now, come on directors change this nonsence ever since i loved kali and yug and i still do and i dont think you all should deprived the serial of this madness


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