Kaala Teeka 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Gauri says these are all yug’s favorite dishes. Now I know who made it. Kali. She is an awesome cock. Why did you stop?Kali made it for us. Now I get it why aren’t you eating. Because Kali made it. I know you hate her.Eat this it is from outside.
Kali says to mad give bady papa yogurt too.
Kali goes to kitchen and cries. She says he hates me so much that he is not eating food i made. Manjiri says you have to stay strong.Kali says I can’t see this. Manjiri says no more injustice to you. its about time that you tear them apart.

Chulbul says to sharmila did he annoy you? She says I hit him with a shoe. I know what to do next. I told him to stay in limits. He ran out of room like a coward.Leela says wow. Be a woman. Stay in your limits. Being audicious to

him wont make him you a man. That is now your house till death.
Mad says look at kali’s face. Gauri says she is paying for what she did for me.Now please get my stuff packed.
Kali comes to gauri’s room. Gauri says you came to pack my stuff? Kali says I my stuff is packed and placed in the car. Gauri says are you out of mind?Kali says yes husband’s house is a girl’s house.Kali says I am talking sense. The one who got married will go to his house. Gauri says for yug and world I am his wife. Kali says truth is what God is witness of. Gauri says you are history now. Keep fooling your heart. Kali says I loved you but not anymore. It made me weak. But I will write history now. I will get my lost respect back.

yug comes to manjiri and says are you mad at me? She says just upset. i never became mom but I had trust in my bringing up. He says you trust her still? Manjiri says yes that is what trust is like. Vishwa comes and says gauri and yug should leave before evening. Mad says gauri is coming. Gauri comes out. They leave. The chandelier falls. Kali saves yug. Leela comes in that moment. Everyone is in a shock. Leela says this girl has brought miseries in his life. She is too much. yug says dadi lets go home. Vishwa says mad prepare for their car. Leela says is his life so cheap? Her kala teeka will go with her. Yug says its not possible. Leela says this is final. And this is better for everyone. Vishwa says thats not right. Leela says this is my order. you made her kala teeka. yug says this is not possible.Leela says don’t teach me. I lost my husband. Won’t lose yug. Now if gauri enters that house she will come with yug.
Manjiri says you wanna take her then listen to our conditions. Kali will be a member of the family. Kali won’t wear black. She is a bride according to you.Kali will go to kitchen or temple whenever she wants. Sure? Manjiri says to kali time to do your responsibility.
She takes her to room and says I told you the same blind beliefs will get you your right.
Put this kala teeka in your hairline unless yug removes it. And fills it with sindur.

Precap-Kali enters the house with gauri and yug. She kiks the rice bowl. Gauri says this i my right. Kali says but I am blessed one.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Ranaji

    Precap is superb pls unite kaali and yug..why yug hates kaai?gauri is incredible and thnx for the update atiba mam

  2. l...

    WOW! majari rocks today. I loved the episode today. I cant wait to see tomorrow episode.

  3. Ooshi akbar

    So at last kali is going to her husband’s house it’s better it will become cause of kali yug scenes and may be help her in revealing the truth or getting a place as a member of the family

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    I loved the change in Kaali’s character keep it up Kaali, Kaali rocks and it will better if Yug realizes his mistake before it’s too late because I want to see KaYu n manji ma expose Gauri and leela

    • Sri Q

      Come on dr its an open place to write everything regarding the story.. U can write ur thoughts ?

  5. Leena

    Rocking episode today … Really majari made great move.???????? …please writer keep maintain that…today manjima and Kali rocks!?

  6. bukky

    Keep it up Kali, u will surely win yug’s love back dnt worri nd as for dat gauri she will cry

  7. 876

    Stupid gauri doesn’t even have little guilty feeling..Kali, like manji ma said this war is for all the women… U have fight for it. Get ur rights in that house and keep rock Kali!

  8. suhani

    Actually in the precap gauri first goes to kick tat rice bowl.but kali.pushes her aside nd says its her right and kali will be entering the house with yug.

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Way to go Kali….u just go keeping on the fast track…yug searchd u n u finally won…leela the braying a*s n gauri screen waste of time….dadi should tie gauri on back of donkey n leave to no mans lamd fast…too an annoying..
    Wana c yug/kLis romance….

  10. y.....

    When kali and yug stand beside they look sooooooo cute, but when I see gauri its irritating me. gauri made you cry now its time for you to make gauri cry.

  11. guru

    Zee Tv serial Kaala Teeka is currently showcasing some interesting drama wherein both Kaali (Simran Pareenja) has to prove that she has married Yug (Rohan Gandotra) and not Gauri (Fenil Umrigar).

    In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Yug’s dai will conduct a ‘Sindoor Daan’ havan for the good future of Gauri. Dadi will convince Yug to put sindoor on Gauri’s forehead as part of the custom in the havan proceedings.

    So, will Kaali stop Yug from putting sindoor on Gauri’s forehead.

    It will be seen that Dadi’s vision will be blocked with the curtain separating Yug and Gauri. And just as Yug will bring the plate of sindoor near Gauri, Kaali will put the fan and the sindoor from Yug’s hand will get smeared on Kaali’s forehead.

    Later, Kaali will get a solid proof of her getting married to Yug when Manjiri (Daljiet Kaur) will hand over a photo of their wedding to Kaali. With the proof, Kaali will almost win the trust and love of Yug.

    But Gauri will play yet another game. Will Kaali succeed in winning Yug’s love?

    Stay tuned to Tellydhamaal for more updates.

  12. Savvy

    Well Kaali is the warrior form of Adi Skakti, While Gauri (Parvatie) is the quieter form.. Go fight for ur husband Kaali. show them what Kali Mata can do when she gets mad. A woman can do anything and everything for her husband and kids. Don’t mess with Kaali. lol
    In this show Gauri is just disgusting.

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