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Scene 1
Gauri says he saved Kali, wow. but he looked angry young man. He was shouting at Kali. Vishwa says Gauri your tai ji told me you went out to meet yug. She says yes. Vishwa says where is kali? Gauri says actually I had to submit something in college and I sent kali to meet yug, I mean to say sorry that I couldn’t come. She goes upstairs. Kalyani says are you seeing? Kali is already between them.

Yug says to kali am I not getting married to you? Kali says I am not the one you will be living your life with. Yug says then who are you? She says I can’t explain. He says what can’t I understand. Kali says I.. He says I need an answer. Who are you? She says this question doesn’t mean anything. She is the girl you have been looking for. She is Gauri Jha. You are

getting married to her. Yug is dazed. The gauri jha you wanted to meet, the one you are fan of. I promised you. See fate did it, itself. I wasn’t needed. yug turns back. Kali says in heart, they are made for each other. I will make them one.

Vishwa does the arti. Kali comes in. Vishwa says kali.. she says yes. She comes near him and says I met yug and he had been looking for gauri since days. Their relation is blessed. Tomorrow I will gauri meet yug. Vishwa says I am trusting you, don’t break it. Kali says I am not that bad. I still remember what manji maa taught me.

Yug comes to Manjiri and says I don’t know what to do. I need answers. Life is playing games with me. She says what happened? He says I met kali. She is gauri jha, the one I am marrying. The one I have been looking for me. What life wants from me. It is taking me to the girl I loved. On the other hand, it is asking me for Sharmila’s life. She says sometimes we should let things be. Maybe neel is made for sharmila. Maybe he will keep her happy. And you should be happy kali is not like what you thought. We choose friends ourselves and she is like what you thought.

Kali comes in and says where are you gauri? She sees yug’s facebook on her laptop. Kali says come out, I wont say anything. Gauri comes out. Kali says I am glad to know you feel for him. she says wait I don’t. I was just testing him. He has to give a lot of tests. Kali says your stupid tests. She says don’t say that. Kali says will you meet him tomorrow? Gauri says not so easily. He doesn’t deserve my shadow yet. Kalui says that is why you are stalking him? Gauri says he has to be on his knees. Kali says he already is. A fan called you, Gauri says is he the same guy? Why didn’t you tell me before. They play with a teddy and lie together on bed. Gauri says I love you, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Vishwa sees them together.
Kali says yug and bady papa both have counted on me. I hope he trusts me enough so I can tell him tai ji’s reality one day. Help me.

Kali and Gauri are at cafe. Kali says see he is on time. Gauri says I will judge him. Kali says lets go. Gauri says in heart he is hot. Kali comes, gauri hides behind her. Kali says gauri is here. Gauri comes from behind her. She says hi. he says I have seen you before. She says maybe. He says outside coffee shop. Kali says sit here, I will sit there. Yug says why? I need an answer. When you knew that she is the same gauri I have been lookin for then why didn’t you tell me? Gauri says I asked her not to. Because you wanted to meet as a fan. He says okay. Kali walks, Yug says you sit here. Gauri says yes please why are you so formal. Sit here. Kali says no what will I do here. She walks out. Kai sits on another table.
Yug orders tea, gauri says a tea for kali as well. And a cold coffee for me as well. He says I like tea a lot. Gauri says kali like tea too. She needs tea every hour. You and she has a lot in similar. Yug says its true that I wanted to meet you after listening your voice. I tried but I couldn’t. Now when we have met, I am not as happy as I thought I would be. Yug says its not easy to forgive your brother for what he has done. Nothing is more important than di for me. You know how families are. You know its complicated but we will find a way. I am sorry I couldn’t say it a better way. She says I like your honesty. He says you can say whatever you want. She says no. He says thanks for coming. I am sorry if something I said hurt you. The waiter spills tea on yug’s hand. Kali comes running and says are you okay? Gauri says he saved me otherwise the tea would have spilled on me.

Precap-Kali is in temple. Kali writes a question how can someone’s blind trust be broken? Manjiri comes there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. its going to be a love triangle..in which,maybe,kaali will suffer…n i guess kaali have seen manjiri

  2. KaYu scenes were great today , Kali-Yug rocks and I have a gut feeling that Gauri will help to unite KaYu as she got no feelings for him till now and I hope This happens unlike other shows I hope Gauri is the one who unites KaYu not seperate them. And wow Kaali and her manji mom at the same place now what would happen?

    1. yeah that woul be quite dufferent

  3. awesome loved this episode

  4. Oh bhagwan. So Kali is pushing for this union to happen. What about her own happiness? And why must Gauri play silly games/tests? Either she wants Yug as her husband or not. Theres no two ways about it. Wish Yug luck with Gauri becos he’s gona need it. Im done! Not watching anymore until something transpires between KaYu?

  5. Why these indian series like love triangle… Now gauri will fall for him then he may realize he really love kali and gauri may eventually fine out they love each other cvs wiil turn her into a vamp she ll start hatin kali and the torture will begin…. God i hope im wrong…. Gauri is actually nice and i like kali and her sisterly bond i hope they dont destroy it

  6. Thank u atiba for ur full update

  7. I think yug doesn’t like gauri.. Slowly he feels for kaali I hope

    1. But if guari starts liking yug???…. I don’t want the same love triangle track…. It should be like two parallel love stories… Without any mismatch….

  8. n the love triangly begins…not good for kaali..

  9. This episode was gud

    Now we can say that the show won’t be like choti bahu since gauri like yug

    Kaali and yug misunderstanding was cleared that’s really good
    Yug was shocked to hear that he is going to marry gauri jha. He is confused ,he is thinking for his luv he has to lend his sis life
    Now gauri also likes yug which means its going to be a triangle love story

    I think Sharmila is the one going to tell abt gauri aft that only yug will try to find abt kaali’s identity

    I wonder why yug didn’t ask gauri to sing he blindly believes that she is the one behind the voice he is searching for
    There are 2 reasons why yug is nt happy aft hearing that he is going marry gauri jha one is he has to lend his sis life and another one is he still didn’t realize his love for kaali

    Precap was nice it will be good if kaali sees manjima bt manjima can’t identify kaali lets see tom what happens

    1. shobana ji..what do u think abt the precap?
      PS particularly talking that she wrote a note that kisi ke andhvishwas ko.. hw can we break it..
      why did she write that n she left the paper there n at that time manjima came

      1. MOREOVER, now there is a new spiler that says yug is not satisfied meeting gauri n gauri will take several tests to judge yug n kaali is tensed over their alliance so manjima n kaali will together help in their alliance

      2. Hi riddita ji
        kaali told yug that the voice he is searching for is gauri he blindly believes kaali
        again kaali points gauri jha and said she is gauri whom u r searching for, yug blindly believes kaali and met gauri too

        I think kaali must be thinking that yug is searching for the girl who sung the song since kaali lies to yug that gauri is the one who sung the song she might wrote that how can we break someone’s blind trust

      3. I too saw that spoiler
        Only kaali saw manjima we don’t know whether manjima saw kaali or not and manjima cant recognise kaali since she lost her past memories
        If they had conversation manjima will tell yug that I met kaali in temple she is callin me as manjima and she said like this that etc ….and yug will try to find the truth
        Or else kaali will sing with that manjima will come to knw that the voice is not gauri’s bt its kaali’s so she will tell yug and yug will try to find truth

      4. It might be this also kaali thinks vishwa veer jha believes her blindly if he comes to knw abt her feelings towards yug then it will be like she broke his trust
        For this also she might wrote like that

        Bt I don’t think that manjima will come to knw abt kaali so soon
        If she comes to know then the writers r going in the right track without dragging the story

      5. i guess the second one will be more appropriate…bt until n unless manjima knows ki she sings yug wont find out….abhi hi he is not concerned abt who is kaali

      6. kaali is not going to wear black in an upcoming episode…now this is nothing to tell….bt i wonder why…wedding bells maybe??

  10. kaali is suffering a lot

  11. I think gauri is going love yug and yug will love kaali
    Aft knowing gauri loves yug definitely kaali wont come in between them

    I also think that manjima is the one going join yug and kaali

    Before al this yug needs to find out kaali ‘s identity

  12. Make Kali and yug ….

  13. Wow today episode nice

  14. guys dont u think there shud be a second main lead actor. maybe if the second main lead actor falls in love with kaali and flirts with her and yug sees them together then definately he will get jealous and realize his love for kaali. wat do u guys think?

    1. There should be a second lead
      Bt gauri has feelings for yug

      This is my prediction
      the show will proceed like gauri love yug and yug will love kaali aft that yug will come to know all the truth. Bt kaali wont accept and I think gauri will be creating problems between yug and kaali
      As u said if second lead comes and flirt with kaali means yug will feel jealous but misunderstanding between them will be created

      1. i dont think that will create misunderstanding..n u r right since gauri likes yug..only pishima will unite them…until a second lead comes…..it will take time though
        n i think gauri wont..bcuz first of all kaali will sacrifice her luv for gauri

  15. Hi guys I think it’s going to be like ek mutthi aasman same as kalpi and pooky story

    1. Thats what i was sayin yesterday…. I wonder if its same production house as ema failed after they married pakhi and raghav and kick kalpi off the show

  16. todays episode is gud…

  17. kaali and yug are described as a seetha and raman so that means there shud be a ravannan too . wat do u guys think abt it.

    1. Sss Neetho
      That might be Gauri

    2. ravan ..kaali told tai to be like ravan
      well i dont want this story to be like ram n seeta

    3. if they r relating it to seeta like really then yug n kaali wont get a long time together

  18. Guys i caught the show online. I must say it was good. In my opinion i think Gauri will realise Yug has feelings for Kali. Notice how she referred to Kali n Yugs similarities. Gauri will realise that Kali knows everything abt him n is oh so concerned abt hia welfare that she makes d sacrifice for Kali bcos Kali has made alot for her family. I feel this is whats gona happen. Lets wait n see todays episode. Lord Ram i wish Kali cud sing n Manjimaa cud hear her n go tell Yug

    1. that us very hard to happen

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