Kaala Teeka 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali comes to the cliff. Pavitra walks towards Kali. There are crows Nandu comes there with Naina. Devri stops Pavtira. He runs towards Pavitra. He says are you fooling me. Manjiri no stop. Devri tries to catch Pavitra but it gives him a shock. DEvri is dazed. Kali says you can’t harm her. She is a pure soul. Devri says if she sacrifices her own self then what will you do? Devri says come here Naina. Naina starts walking towards Devri. Kali says Naina stop. Naina walks towards him. Kali says its’ too late Kali. She won’t listen to you. She will only listen to me. She can only hear me. Pavitra says didi stop. Pavitra goes after Naina. Manjiri says we wanted to save one we lost both. We have to do something. Nandu says this is all my mistake. I brought Naina here. I

shouldn’t have done this. I did all this. Kali says we have to save them both. Kali says Manji ma yug is at the base of cliff. I will call him.
Devri says to Naina go bring woods we will burn your sister. Naina goes to bring wood. Kali says stop Naina. Kali texts Yug what has happened. Yug says we have to execute plan B now. Yug comes up the cliff with a trishun.
devri says pavitra come here. Manjiri says don’t go there Pavitra. He will kill you both. Kali says don’t listen to him. Devri says I will kill Naina come here. Pavitra says don’t do anything to my didi. Pavitra walks towards him. Nandu says don’t do this brother.
Devri says see Kali what I told you. Your own daughter will kill her sister now. Devri says bow down to me. Pavitra says but mama asked me to bow down to God only. There is no idol here. DEvri says I am the God because your sister’s life is in my hands. Bow down in front of me. Pavitra says you can’t hurt my didi because God won’t let you. Devri says okay you won I lost. Lie on these woods. Naina says no pavitra. Deri picks her up and says now I will see if your ram ji saves you now or not.

Nandu says Devri please don’t do this she is my daughter. Devri says this all doesn’t matter to me. Even is she was my daughter I would have done the same. Lie on this wood. Go bring mishaal Naina. Kali says where is Yug? Yug comes up and brings trishun. Kali takes it from him. Kali stabs DEvri with trishun and rest of the people run with the daughters. Devri falls. Kali is about to run but devri laughs. He multiplies in so many identities. Devri says you tried to kill me? Now you have created so many me. Recognize me if you can. Look everywhere I am everywhere.

Precap-Nandu says to Devri I trusted you so much. Fulfill my last wish. devri says what is it? Nandu says Hug me once. Devri hugs him. Nandu stabs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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