Kaala Teeka 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pavitra picks up the diary. She hears Mai coughing so she goes out.
Chulbuli and Naina come to that neighbor’s house. She says here is the photo I was talking about. She gives the phone to naina. Naina is dazed. The phone is off. Naina says it turned off. She says my son brought this poor battery. Can you put it on charge. Naian puts the phone on charge and it blasts. Dimpy says this happens with poor batteries.
Doctor says to Mai she has TB. Mai says I told you I don’t have much time. Doctor says if you are treated on right time you will be fine. Don’t worry. I am giving you these meds. He gives the meds. Doctor says they are a bit expensive. Pavitra says we have money. Doctor says they would cost around 7 thousand. Mai says what. Pavitra says will she

be okay with these? He says yes. pavitra says mai don’t worry. I will find a way out.

Dimpy tells chulbuli about what happened in the village. Chulbuli says naina I never stopped you from going anywhere but don’t risk your life. The villagers believe in these rituals. Your mom changed our thoughts. Naina says I want to change things too. And no such thing was mentioned as ritual on internet. that means there is something wrong behind it. I will go back there when you are okay.
Naina says my friend who is a social worker he would know about it.
Dev says to Naina I heard about it. There is an asylum but no one if allowed to go there. Police doubts there is something wrong but no one knows exactly. A girl is running. She collides with a man and falls down. Naina picks her up. Its Kajri. She is half unconscious. Naina sees a tattoo on her hand. She says I saw this tattoo somewhere. dev says a lot of girls have this tattoo. The girls are alive because they are quite. They were brought into this business. A man comes and takes Kajri with him. Naina says why don’t they raise voice? Dev says no one can say a word against them. They are very powerful.

Scene 2
Pavitra comes to Thakur’s palace. NAina says I saw same tattoo in thakur’s palace. That means he is involved in all this. He says what is it badki? Helping you will give me blessings too. Badki says I know you will give my family five thousand but we need money to get Mai treated. Can I getsomethign from the money I will get later? He says there is a question in my heart. What if you take the money and run away? Goddess of river would be mad at me. Badki says I won’t run I promise. He says I have a condition. Till the day comes you will come to my palace and work here. She says I sure will. Thank you so much. We are so blessed to have you as our thakur. Thakur gives her money. He says count them. She says I trust you like sun. Thank you so much.

Naina comes to police station and says that thakur is fooling the people of village. They are making those girls call girls. I met a girl she had the same tattoo. Inspector says where is that girl? If she gives her statement we will start investigation.
Dev is looking at Kajri. He says to the dealer I want that girl. She says that girl is new. I will get you some other girl. He says no I want the same girl only. She asks her girl to take him to Kajri.
Naina is calling Dev. She says where is he.
The girl says see your customer is here jhumki. He picks Nina’s call and says I am coming with her.
Kajri says dont’ touch me please. They fooled me. Dev says I know. I am here to save you. He says we can’t go from corridor. Lets go from balcony. Inspector says where is your friend and that girl? Naina says he is coming.

Kali comes to temple and says you listen to everyone God. I got money for Mai’s treatment. I will come to you in a month. Take care of mai and chutki when I am not here. I will meet Kajri there in the asylum. tell her I am coming to her. A chunri falls on her. Pavitra says this Kajri’s. What is it doing on this side of the village and torn? There is something wrong.

Precap-Thakur says you mean the chunri kajri wore is this? Pavitra says yes she was wearing it. i made her wear it. A biker comes in Naina’s way.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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