Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Thakur plans to kill Rahul

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yashpal surrendering to save Rahul’s life. The men take him to the leader. Yashpal says I didn’t kill anyone. The leader slaps and beats him. Rahul tries to escape. The leader asks the men to beat Yashpal. The dogs run after Rahul. Rahul runs to the exit of the tunnel. He opens the door and climbs up. Dogs bark at him. Rahul shuts the door by removing the trishul.

Thakur gives a ticket to his sister Subhadra and asks her to get some tests done in any hospital. She says but I m fine. He says take Namrata along, make her busy for some days, this is just a drama, but Namrata shouldn’t know this, no one should know. She goes. Namrata says Bua is going for tests and wants to take me along. Aditya says you know the city, that’s why, fine I will do, she raised

us like mum, I can do this for her. She says no, I will go. Namrata goes with Bua. Thakur looks on.

Narendra wakes up and sees Shambu coming. Shambu makes him smell a flower and faints him. The guards leave. Rahul comes to Narendra and asks him to stop drama and wake up. He says maybe he really fainted, I have to do all arrangements alone and go there. Lakhan and his men catch Rahul and take him to Thakur. Rahul asks Thakur how can he change his decision.

Shakti says you lost this chance, what’s the use to beg now, you have to leave this village, I got a chance for you, but you disappointed me, I can’t support the person who doesn’t respect other’s devotion and respect. Thakur says Shakti is right, you have to leave this village. Rahul says no, give me one day time, I will find Preeti and Minty, we will leave the village. Thakur says you have to leave right now, whoever kills Rahul will be given money reward. He scolds Rahul and sends him with Lakhan. Rahul shouts. Lakhan throws Rahul’s bags down. He drops Rahul. He says Thakur is letting you go alive, just go. Lakhan leaves.

Thakur asks Aditya not to give the letter to someone else. He sends Aditya. He asks Lakhan to find Rahul and kill him. Aditya calls the MLA and says dad gave me a letter for you. MLA says I will come tomorrow, come office and give it. Aditya says fine. Aditya goes back inside the house. He hears Thakur’s words and gets shocked. Thakur says Rahul is out of village, but he will still interfere in our matters, he won’t lose soon, we can’t trust Shakti, she can change for her motives, Rahul’s life is dangerous for us. Lakhan agrees to kill Rahul. Aditya goes.

Aditya meets Rahul. Rahul says so Lakhan is going to kill me, thanks for alerting me, but I don’t care for my life now, I have to save Preeti and Minty. Aditya says its not good to stay here, come with me, I will hide you somewhere, no one can find you. Rahul says no, I can’t get back, the secret is going to come out. Aditya says you won’t agree right, tell me I will go there in your place, else you won’t survive, you trust me right, tell me Rahul.

Rahul says fine, you go there, you remember that Kaal Bhairav drama, you wear Shivgan’s costume, everyone roams in such costume there. Aditya says understood, promise me, you will stay in safe place till I return. Rahul says yes, come I will show you that tunnel way. Gauri prays and gets a dream of Aditya attacking Preeti and Minty. She gets shocked and says it means Aditya is behind all this, can this happen….

Lakhan and his men burn the van in which Rahul is lying unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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