Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Namrata learns Rahul’s truth

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The Episode starts Gauri thinking of Nandu. She makes an excuse to her dad. Rahul dreams of temple and gets scared. He wakes up and sees Gauri. She laughs and asks why did he get scared. He says I had see temple in evening. She tells about shivgan doing aarti in temple. She says a guy got recovered from paralysis, Shivgan bless the people here. She asks him to come fast, temple will be open for one hour. She goes. Rahul says is there any power in real, no, the air is ruining my senses, temple will open for one hour.

Indra’s wife sees his pic and cries. Minty says I m going to new school, aunty is taking me. Her mum asks which school. She sees Namrata and taunts her. Namrata’s brother asks her not to get anger on girl’s education. He reminds her that she is also a mum. Namrata

takes Minty.

Pujari ji does the rituals and opens the door. Rahul thinks to find out why Indra made the red dot. He enters temple. Pujari does the puja. Rahul looks around and says I have to clean temple. Gauri asks him to attend puja, he can do cleaning later. He says Lord can’t stay if temple is not clean, I will just come. Thakur does the puja. Rahul goes and checks the temple. He sees a camera and says Indra has fixed camera, red dot means this, the truth will be recorded in it. Thakur signs his man about Rahul. Rahul goes to get camera. Thakur and his man come there and ask what are you doing. Rahul acts to do cleaning. Rahul makes excuses. Thakur asks him to go out and clean. Rahul goes. Thakur asks his man to keep an eye on Rahul.

Namrata’s brother offers lift to Indra’s wife. She walks ahead. He follows her and says I will drop you by walk. She scolds him and says I came here to get justice for my husband. He says I can help you. Rahul sees them. She asks do you think truth is something else. Namrata’s brother says I don’t know entire truth. She says you all are same, you cover up the temple matter, stop acting. She scolds him and goes. Rahul says what is she doing here. Namrata thinks why did Nandu come. Her brother comes and asks what is she thinking. She says nothing. He says your attention is somewhere else, I know your heart, tell me. She says I was thinking of Nandu, I have seen him throwing a note for SP, pujari got caught by police. Thakur’s man hears this.

Rahul thinks to get the camera. He comes to meet Indra’s wife. Someone follows him. Rahul asks why did you come here. She asks what shall I do, shall I apologize to Indra. Minty hugs Rahul. Rahul says when a wife can come here to do duty, can’t a brother come, I came here to know his death truth, I m staying as Nandu, the temple snatched my brother, I want to get culprits punished. Namrata hears him. Rahul says this is my life’s aim. He gives Indra’s diary. Indra’s wife cries. Rahul says you both are imp, why did you come. She says I trust you, you will protect me, why don’t you understand, this place is not safe for you also, I lost Inder, just you and Minty are there, I can’t put your life in risk. He asks what shall I do, Indra taught me to walk on true path, you are more like a friend, how shall I leave culprits free, villagers have hidden truth, I will find out. She asks what are you doing to do. He says I m finding evidence, truth will come out, give me some time. He asks Minty to call him Nandu Kaka from now on, whatever happens. Minty agrees. Namrata goes. Rahul sees her leaving. Indra’s wife says she is Thakur’s daughter, she will spread the news in village. They worry.

The man tells Thakur about Nandu. Thakur says find him, he shouldn’t get saved.

Update Credit to: Amena

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