Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Indra is found dead

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The Episode starts Manohar and Gauri requesting everyone to save Indra. Thakur shouts. Namrata says if the temple door is not opened, we know what will happen. Thakur says I m thinking for entire village, Kaal Bhairav’s anger started, none can save that sinner, he will be punished by Lord, temple door will open after sunrise, maybe that man is already dead. Manohar cries for him. Someone looks on. Its morning, Thakur asks pujari ji to open the door.

They all find Indra dead. They see the footmarks going towards the idol. They see a note and say the message from Lord is coming. Pujari ji reads it that Shivgan’s puja was stopped, temple will be shut for one day and devotees can come after shuddi karan. Gauri feels bad for Indra. Manohar looks on shocked. He thinks the camera will

have the recording for sure, it will have everything that happened with Indra. Gauri cries. Pujari ji says its not your mistake, Indra did mistake to challenge Lord. Gauri says I argued with him, I told him about temple rules, I didn’t know he will stay in temple. Pujari ji says he got punished.

Namrata says this news will spread and our village name will spoil. Thakur says he went against and got punished. Pujari says nothing wrong happened with us as we have devotion, we have to tell people about Lord’s anger, then its their fate. Thakur says let the news spread, it will be a warning for such people. Gauri says I heard Indra has a daughter, what will happen when she sees Indra’s body. Indra’s wife, daughter and brother arrive. They get shocked seeing Indra.

They cry for Indra. Thakur stops the police from taking the body. He says this man is culprit of Kaal Bhairav, his final rites will happen in this village. Inspector says his final rites will happen where his family wants, laws doesn’t believe Dharm. Thakur argues. Inspector says we have to take body for post mortem, I will investigate if this is an accident or planning. Thakur asks whom will he investigate, Kaal Bhairav or his Shivgan.

The people say Kaal Bhairav has done this. Inspector Akshay says this investigation will continue till Kaal Bhairav comes and accepts his crime. Indra’s wife files complaint and says Indra’s culprit should be punished. They do Indra’s final rites. Akshay says Indra is more than a brother for me, which Lord punishes like this, his death secret lies in the temple, if Lord id such, I will drag him to the court. Pujari ji does the puja in temple. Gauri hides. Her friend tells about the trap for a wolf. They get a man caught instead the wolf. Gauri asks the men to take the man to the ashram. The man asks what’s this injustice, humans and animals are same in this village. Gauri says its your mistake too, stay calm, everything will get fine, your wound will get fine. Sadhu meets him and treats his wound. The man says I m Nandu, I came here to find work, you ask your dad to hire me in temple. She agrees. Sadhu looks on.

Pujari tells Thakur that they have to stop temple from getting impure. Akshay arrives there. He meets Thakur to investigate for Indra’s murder case. He gets the orders from seniors. He says I want everything to happen peacefully, we have right to stay in temple and find out, how did the animal get in temple after the door gets locked, we have to know who has killed Indra. He gives the orders. Thakur asks his man to tear the orders. He doesn’t allow the investigation. He says Kaal Bhairav rules in this village, I will not tolerate his insult, you have to maintain peace. Akshay says I will come back. Thakur warns him. Akshay leaves.

Rahul/Nandu comes in the temple and sees Indra running for his life. He gets troubled thinking of Indra’s death. He sees the idol and says you are Lord Kaal Bhairav, people say your anger killed my brother Indra, I don’t believe this, this is a lie, there is no Lord, no Shivgan come here to do puja, you are just an idol, whom people think as Lord, there is no such Lord. Smoke forms around the idol. Rahul says what’s this smoke. He turns and sees idol illuminating. Everything gets clear. He sees the people gone. He says where did everyone go suddenly. He finds the temple door locked. He turns and sees the dogs barking at him. He gets shocked.

Akshay says we will go inside the temple with force and investigate. People stops police from entering the temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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