Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul finds Sukumaa’s mystery

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul saying I m eager to meet your Lord. Thakur says I know you made the idol cry, you want to meet Lord, when you meet Kaal, you will lose courage and maybe you run for your life, that’s why we have tied you. They all leave. Gauri applies vibhuti to Rahul and says Lord will protect you. She prays. Preeti and Minty cry seeing Rahul. Gauri sees them and says I have seen them like this in my dream, does this mean Lord is giving me a sign, that nothing will happen to Rahul. Pujari asks her to come home, Thakur asked them to leave. Rahul asks Gauri not to worry, they will meet tomorrow morning, maybe her Lord can be with him too.

After sunset, Rahul looks around. He tries to open the ropes. He gets a blade and cuts the ropes. He gets free and runs to his house.

Preeti and Minty look on. Rahul goes somewhere and gets a gun. He runs back to the tree. Preeti asks him to listen to her. He ties himself and sits. Preeti gets shocked.

Rahul sees the smoke and says so its time for Kaal Bhairav to come, I m waiting eagerly, I will find out who is behind all this, I have done all arrangements. He wears a smoke mask. Preeti and Minty get shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav coming. Rahul sees Kaal Bhairav approaching and acts to faint. Kaal Bhairav lifts Rahul on his shoulders and takes him. Rahul thinks no one comes in village on the horse, someone comes and takes the prey through the lanes cleverly. Rahul sees Sukumaa coming. Sukumaa takes Rahul on the horse. Rahul makes him fall down. He throws a stick at him and shouts stop. He points fun and thinks how does he see me if he has no head and eyes. He pulls out his clothes and sees a dwarf.

He says so you are Sukumaa, Sheru’s murderer, your truth came out in front of me. He hits the man. The man faints. Gauri worries and thinks to see Preeti and Minty. She goes out and doesn’t see Rahul tied. She says where did he go. She worries. She goes to Preeti’s house. She gets shocked seeing Preeti and Minty screaming on seeing Kaal Bhairav inside the house. Preeti shouts for help. Gauri prays. She faints by the smoke.

Rahul ties the man and beats him. He asks who is involved, what’s the motive behind this, tell me, else I will kill you. Yashpal calls him and says where are you. Rahul says I will talk later. Yashpal says you locked Preeti and Minty inside, they are screaming, Kaal Bhairav and Shuvaan are inside, I broke the lock, but its locked from inside. Rahul says I will just come. He scolds the man and hits him to faint. Rahul reaches home and sees the lock broken. He asks Preeti to open the door. He shouts to Yashpal. He breaks the door and doesn’t find them anywhere. He gets shocked and runs out. He doesn’t see Gauri there.

Rahul asks the man about Preeti and Minty. He holds Thakur’s collar and asks about Preeti and Minty. Thakur pushes him and points a gun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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