Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anand is punished

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gauri and pujari agreeing to give themselves to Lord. Anand says no, Lord is angry because of me, I deserve the punishment, I broke the rule last night. Rahul looks on. Thakur asks Anand to give himself to Lord. The people leave. Thakur and his family get shocked seeing the idol enlarging and crying. Aditya says I told you, human can’t do this, Lord is doing this, our family has to face his anger, what’s happening. They get scared.

Aditya wakes up and gets scared. Thakur greets him good morning, but its already afternoon, where were you and Namrata, what work did you do at night. Aditya says no, I slept in morning. Thakur says strange, even Namrata didn’t sleep at night, go and wake her up, are you two doing such work which you shouldn’t do, or such

thing that makes us fall in trouble, or to annoy Lord. Aditya says never. Thakur says pujari’s house idol cried today, I don’t wish our family to see this day.

Rahul says villagers will give Anand to Kaal Bhairav, Anand will also disappear, someone knows techniques and science, so he made idol cry, he knows chemicals well, so he did all miracle, I have to know secret, what shall I do. He sees Minty’s pic and recalls the diwali. He tells her about chemicals making different colors. He says now my chemistry studies will help me.

Namrata asks what, pujari’s idol cried, how can this happen. He says we know the miracles, I don’t want to break any rule, promise me you will listen to me. He takes her promise and hugs. Shakti taunts Thakur about Yashpal. Kalavati cries and asks pujari to do something to save Anand. Rahul comes and says I got something for you. He gives a chemical tablet and says if you burn this, it will emit yellow smoke. He burns and shows him. He says this smoke goes up, when you burn this, I will know where you are, keep this, burn tablets often so that I can reach you, Soumya and others are alive, I will come to save you, I will be there when they take you, they run fast, maybe I can’t follow them, you are my last hope. Pujari asks Anand to come. The family cries. They leave Anand. Anand gets tied to the tree. Thakur says we should leave, we can’t see him getting punished. They all go. Kalavati cries a lot. Gauri takes her.

Its night, Rahul hides and looks on. Anand gets shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav coming. He faints by the smoke. Rahul follows the men. Shambu looks on. They take away Anand. Rahul misses to catch and goes on a terrace to see yellow smoke. He sits till morning. He waits for a sign. He sees yellow smoke and says that area is Shambu’s ashram, it means everyone is kept there. He smiles.

Rahul comes to ashram. He looks around and sees something…

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waiting for the mystery to get revealed. Ooshi Akbar I answered your comment in yesterday’s update.If you want I can tell you who the culprit is . I will check your comment after some time .

  2. Thanks for the update amena.

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