Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul joins back everyone

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The Episode starts with Seth ji calling Namrata. He says I have saved you from your dad, that car was of Latika, not yours, you should thank me. She says you didn’t do right to put Aghori’s dead body in car. He laughs and says you didn’t do right, you promised to get nine shivlings for me, you would be seeing that car, go and sit in it, my man will take you to safe place. She sees the car. He says if you don’t give me shivlings, I will not leave you. Yashpal is on the way. Gauri says Yashpal ji, we didn’t do anything. Thakur asks her to stop it, everyone is in danger. She says my Lord will protect them, I can’t let you bear punishment, Namrata is behind this, she played that death drama, she did all this, Thakur is innocent. Yashpal stops the jeep and falls on steering. They all

get shocked seeing Rahul in front of the jeep. They get down the jeep. Thakur says he is not your Rahul. Gauri says we are your dear ones, come to senses, Namrata controlled you. Lakhan says trust me, we are innocent. They move back.

Rahul drops his helmet. He says Gauri, why are you all scared of me, I attacked Gauri, is this true. Gauri says no, Namrata controlled your senses, now everything is fine, Rahul got fine, see. Thakur says yes. Rahul says I misunderstood you, I got to know Namrata is the real culprit, she has framed you, forgive me for my behavior. Yashpal comes. He asks what’s this way to stop bike in the middle of road. Rahul says trust me, Namrata is the real culprit, she framed them, she kidnapped villagers, we have to find them. Yashpal says my doubt was right, how does Namrata know Thakur’s location, why she was eager to get him arrested, so I had sent inspector after her. Latika says I was with Namrata before, I didn’t kill anyone, I just managed her money. Yashpal gives keys to Rahul. Rahul opens the handcuffs. Gauri cries and hugs him. Piya….plays…. She says I thought I have lost you forever. Rahul shows Rudraksh and says I m here because of this, I don’t believe in all this, but Aghori said its Shiv’s blessing, for me this is your love and belief. He hugs her.

Namrata points gun at driver and asks him to stop car and take her to Seth ji. Deriver says I don’t know where he lives, he is dangerous, he will kill me. She says I m dangerous too, I will kill you. Inspector Rakesh calls Yashpal and says a car came to pick Namrata, she has pointed gun at driver, she is asking him to take her to Seth ji, I think I should arrest them. Yashpal says fine, but be careful of that Namrata, she is dangerous. Rakesh points gun at Namrata and asks her to give the gun. He asks driver to come out. Namrata says its good you came, this driver was kidnapping me, you saved my life. Rakesh says come out, you look innocent, no one will think you are behind the Siddhpur temple conspiracy. She gets shocked and pushes him. She drives the car and goes.

Lakhan goes to Latika and asks is it necessary that you go to jail, you didn’t kill anyone, you just managed Namrata’s money, you are helping police. Latika smiles and says you remember it, I think you forgot the beating. She goes. Gauri holds Rahul’s hand. Yashpal says sorry Vishwamber, I had to slap you, so that I win Namrata’s trust. Thakur says when my daughter slapped my respect by her doings, your slap is nothing, you were doing your duty. Yashpal says she played a lot, Rahul she thinks you are in her control, continue this drama till we catch Seth ji, and get shivlings in custody, keep us informed.

Rahul says no, I can’t be with her, I m getting angry that girl who killed my brother, who killed her own brother, who did such big drama to kill people, she was my friend, I have spent so much time with her, I don’t want to see her face. Yashpal says Seth ji’s man is with Rakesh, I gave chance to Namrata to run, so that we reach people who are after shivling. Gauri says I know its tough for you, but Yashpal is saying right, you have to do this acting for some more days. Namrata looks for Rahul. She says if I don’t give shivlings to Seth ji, he will ruin me, where are you Rahul. Rahul comes. She hugs him and asks where were you. He gets angry. He says I went to find five shivlings. She says its fine, you were sleeping that time, don’t leave me. She hugs him. He recalls Indra’s death. He gets angry.

Namrata says everything will get fine and hugs Rahul. He gets angry and is about to hold her neck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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