Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Yashpal spots Raghu

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The Episode starts with inspector saying temple will be shut, no one should enter it. Lakhan tells Shakti that he got to know about Thakur, he is at hospital and under strict supervision. Shakti asks him to meet in evening. Its night, Gauri gets upset and goes. Preeti asks Rahul to understand Gauri’s belief, how can he burn the granth. Rahul says let her be upset, she has seen some person is behind this. Namrata hears him and goes. Preeti asks him why did you hurt Namrata, Thakur is her dad. Rahul stops Namrata and says I didn’t mean so. She says its fine. She goes home and calls the client. She says I have send shivlings, I didn’t get money, remember if you delay in sending money, I will cancel the deal. The man says till my men get shivling, we will not send money.

She says

why, shivling is yours, tell me where to send it. The man says hand over the shivling to my men first. She agrees and says my work will be over then, it will be just your responsibility then. He says yes. She ends call. She calls her man Raghu and asks him to hand over the nine shivling, when she gets money, she will sign him, he has to shoot the men and come back with shivling. He says yes, it will be done.

Gauri gets shocked when Soumya shows her the granth fine. She recalls Rahul burning it. She says how did this happen. Soumya says Lord has saved this, Rahul said if Lord exists, he will save the granth, go and tell him. Gauri says no, there is no use to tell him, he doesn’t believe in Lord, he will feel someone exchanged this granth. She prays to Kaal Bhairav. Soumya says Lord hears non worshippers and worshippers, but he didn’t listen to me. She cries and says Bau ji… Gauri asks what happened to Sarpanch. Soumya says he got paralyzed, half of his body is not functioning, he is taken to Shambu’s ashram, but Shambu isn’t there, we have seen him in temple in morning, there are so many people ill. Gauri says Lord is venting anger, this will increase every day till we get nine shivling back, this destruction will go on.

Its morning, someone takes the nine shivlings. People start fighting and create a havoc. Client waits for shivling. Raghu’s man delivers the shivlings in a cart. Raghu looks on. The man checks the nine shivlings. He picks the shivlings and checks.

The man makes shivling’s video and calls his boss. He says yes, we got nine shivling, and this man who delivered this has no car to follow us. He laughs. He suddenly sees a black dog. Namrata checks the money transfer. She smiles and calls the client. She thanks him and says our deal ends here, we will never talk now, my work is over, nine shivling is your responsibility now. She breaks the phone. She calls Raghu and says its time to do your work. Raghu says don’t worry, I will snatch shivling and attack them, you will get shivling. She smiles. The man asks dog to move away. Raghu and others get puzzled as they don’t see any dog. They all fight. Police reaches there to stop the fight of villagers. Raghu gets worried. Namrata’s men hide their weapons. Raghu calls his men and asks them to let the client’s men leave. The man still sees the dog and says can’t you see the dog. The other man says you are imagining it, there is nothing, come. They take the shivlings box. Yashpal sees Raghu and identifies him. Raghu leaves in the car. Yashpal hurries and follows him. Namrata says I did much work, some rest is necessary, I got money, I have sent dad to jail and took revenge of mum’s death, I will get nine shivling back with me. She smiles.

Yashpal says some master ji is calling on this number. Yashpal talks to Namrata as Raghu and asks where are you right now, I will come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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