Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Aghori protects the shivlings

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Namrata calling Thakur. She says your bad days have come, I m responsible for this. He says right, I m cursing the day you have taken birth in my house to stain my family. She says that won’t change now, if you came in puja, have food and go, Rahul and Rudra will get shivling to me, let them do their work. Lady asks Thakur to come for darshan. Thakur, Lakhan and Gauri pray near shivling. Rudra smiles. Seth ji calls Namrata and scolds her for playing games with him. She says I m not playing any game, I have a good news, Rahul and Rudra will get fourth shivling. She says you have killed my man and saying so, that man with you is not Rudra, I have seen Rudra dead, kill him or I will kill you all.

Rahul and everyone get the prasad. They eat the bhog. Gauri sees Rahul.

Rudra stares at Thakur. Preeti and others are lying unconscious in a truck. The men load the luggage on the top. Shivlings are tied in a cloth. The man places shivlings on the top. Lorry leaves. The lady gives prasad to everyone. Thakur says I have everything given by Lord, give me your Lord in charity if you want to make a donation, I will take this shivling. Lady says Guru ji told me that a noble man will come in puja and ask for Shivling in charity, I understood its you, you completed my puja. She gives him the shivling and blesses them. Gauri and Thakur take the shivling. Thakur thanks her. He asks Gauri and Lakhan to be careful, those two will follow them. Rudra and Rudra follow. Rahul takes a stick. Namrata commands him to kill Rudra when he gets shivling. Lakhan and Gauri ask Thakur to go. They face Rahul.

Gauri and Lakhan catch him. Gauri asks Rahul to come to his senses, he won’t go ahead. She asks him to identify her, how can he beat her. Rahul pushes her and Lakhan. Gauri gets a stick and hits on his head. Rahul sees her and faints. Thakur goes and keeps the shivling in the car. Rudra stops him. Thakur fights with him. Rudra gets the keys and pushes him. He says sorry, I have to take this shivling somewhere, I will meet you soon. He drives off the car. Lakhan asks Thakur is he fine. He sees the car leaving. Rahul hits three of them and says I have to get shivling first and then kill Rudra. They faint there.

Namrata waits for Rahul and shivling. She gets shocked seeing Rudra. He hands over the shivling to her and says Rahul would get late. She takes the shivling and says I got four, more five are left, I will get it. She takes a gun and goes to Rudra. She points gun at his head and asks who are you, for whom do you work. He says I work for everyone, I go to anyone who calls me and who doesn’t call me, like you didn’t call me, but I have come to you. She says stop playing riddles, you don’t know how many people I killed to get these shivlings, I killed my brother and tried to kill dad too. Aghori hears her and gets shocked. He thinks Lord forgive me, Namrata is a murderer, she shouldn’t get shivlings, I made a mistake to believe her. Rudra says someone is stealing your shivlings, go and save them. She goes and sees shivlings gone. She goes out and sees Aghori running with shivlings. She asks him to stop and threatens of shooting him. He runs away. Rudra drives a bike and snatches gun from her. He pushes her away and drives off. She gets angry and cries.

Gauri says how did Namrata learn everything. Thakur checks if they have something which they didn’t had before. He finds a ring.

Update Credit to: Amena

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