Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaid gets caught

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The Episode starts with Rahul showing the trishul footage to Gauri, Aditya and Namrata. Gauri prays and says this is not an ordinary trishul, you should have not gone out, you should have not done this video recording to prove your doubt right. She asks Lord to forgive Rahul. He says some human is doing this, I m trying to prove this, so that I can tell villagers that some human is planning this, you are…. Aditya says if any human did this, it should have got recorded in the camera. Namrata asks how can trishul come in all the cameras. Rahul says one who did this can tell us, I know who did this, come with me. They come to Vaid ji’s house. They all get shocked to see the idol crying. The man says what’s happening in our village.

Thakur says what did Vaid ji do, why did Lord

get angry on him, why did Lord choose him. Lakhan says you don’t know one thing, I just learnt it, Vaid ji sells drugs, he is involved with tribals. They get shocked. Rahul says I knew his secret, he used to use people’s fears. Namrata says how would the idol cry if he has planned this. Rahul says maybe its his plan, we will know of it after sunset.

Thakur says Vaid should get punished, he has used our devotion and cheated us, he can’t cheat Lord. He asks Lord to do justice. He asks Vaid to accept the decision of Kaal Bhairav, just hand over yourself to Lord after sunset. Vaid agrees. He says I have followed Lord’s rules always, I will not move back, I will be content that my life ended in Lord’s feet, don’t tie me, I will come out and sit myself, Lord will take me and punish me. Shambu looks on. Rahul gets puzzled.

Anand rings the bell. Pujari stops him. Anand says I want my Soumya back. Pujari says stop it, don’t insult Lord, its not good. Anand says I will end Lord’s existence if I don’t get Soumya, this temple won’t be here in this village. Pujari stops him. He scolds Anand. He asks Anand to apologize. Anand leaves. The man asks everyone to go home, its not good to roam around, Vaid is going to dedicate himself to Lord. Vaid sits under the tree.

Thakur comes there and asks Rahul will he stay here and see what’s happening with Vaid, its not allowed. He asks Namrata and Aditya to come home, ask Rahul to go home. Aditya stops Namrata. They leave with Thakur. After sunset, Vaid sits alone. Rahul keeps an eye on Vaid. Vaid looks around and runs away. Rahul says it means Vaid is after all this, I will catch him today. Rahul goes after Vaid. Vaid packs his bags and leaves in his car.

Rahul runs after the car. He gets tired. Vaid says villagers are stupid, illiterate people, I have fooled them. He gets shocked seeing Thakur and Lakhan. Vaid apologizes to Thakur. He says I want to live for more days, so I was leaving the village. Thakur says if you have cheated me, maybe I would have forgiven you, but you are ruining coming generations by drugs, you are Lord’s culprit, so Lord decided to punish you, give yourself to Lord, this is your fate. He asks Lakhan to take Vaid back to village, tie him, so that he doesn’t try to run away. Shambu looks on. Vaid says let me leave. Lakhan takes him. Gauri sleeps. She gets a dream. She gets visuals of Preeti and Minty scared, Thakur going to kill Rahul, Namrata stopping him, Thakur says I can kill Rahul after you die, Thakur shoots Namrata. Gauri wakes up from the sleep and worries. She says this was one more dangerous dream, what’s happening with me, Rahul and Namrata are in danger, was it Rahul’s body on that trishul, no this shouldn’t happen, I have to save them.

Rahul sees someone running. He follows.

Update Credit to: Amena

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