Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul gets confused

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The Episode starts with Gauri saying Lord really wanted me to protect the shivling, now when we failed, we have to face his wrath. Rahul says its nothing like that, Thakur was doing all this, you all have seen it yourselves. They argue. Village gets a storm. Some birds fall down. Kids bite their parents’ hand. Everyone thinks what’s happening. Gauri worries and asks Rahul to come with them. She asks Rahul to read the Granth, which has everything written. She tells him that if the book showed him the way to tunnel. It can answer their questions too. She tells him about Shivgans who had the nine shivings and powers, to give young age to old man, to make a stone turn to gold, to cure any illness, to revive a dry tree, to fill life in any dead body, but when that times ended, when Kalyug

was starting, Shiv commanded his shivgan to return to Kailash, as people will do crimes, if any bad man has this powers, he will use it for his greed. Namrata also hears them.

Gauri says all shivgans left to Kailash, some shivgans left their powers in those nine shivlings, they have placed shivlings in our temple, where Kaal Bhairav Lord stays, he was here protecting the nine shivlings, so that no bad person misuses it. Soumya says then how did Lord let this bad things happen. Gauri says Shiv always told this, that people will do crimes in Kalyug, Kaal Bhairav knew this, he was just here to protect nine shivling, when the shivlings got stolen, Lord got angry, this happened before, read this Granth/book again.

Rahul says you want to prove Lord is doing this, its Lord’s anger. She says yes, don’t you believe this. Rahul gets angry and burns the Granth. Gauri asks what did you do. Rahul says let this book burn, till such books exist, blind beliefs will spread, if Kaal Bhairav is really there, he will save this Granth. Gauri cries and pushes him. She goes to save the book. Namrata says stay away Gauri. Gauri gets water and blows off the fire.

Rahul gets a call from Narendra. He asks where are you, I m finding you in village. Narendra says I had to come to city hospital, I couldn’t inform you, I found Shambu unconscious in village, he had head injury, there was much bleeding, so I got him to hospital at night and treated him. Rahul asks what, how did he reach there, he was doing tandav in temple in morning and then disappeared. Narendra says its impossible, I found him unconscious and injured at night, his treatment is happening here, come fast to my hospital, I need your help. Rahul ends call. Preeti asks whose call was it. Rahul says it’s doctor’s call, he said Shambu was injured and was taken to hospital at night, if he was there, who was doing tandav in temple, the man who disappeared, who was he. Gauri sees the Granth.

Narendra treats Shambu. Rahul and everyone come there. They meet Narendra. Preeti, Gauri and Namrata get shocked seeing the mad man Nathu as Dr Narendra. Rahul says he is Dr. Narendra Srivastav, he is a big doctor, he has many hospitals. Namrata says why did he act mad in village. Rahul says to know what medicines Shambu uses to treat mental people, he had to take disguise and come there. Narendra says Rahul is right, I did that to know about medicines, see the irony, now Shambu has come to my hospital as patient, I wanted to share many things, Shambu is still unconscious. Rahul says how can this happen, we have seen him doing tandav, he was warning about Lord’s anger. Narendra says how can this happen, same man at two places, I m here all night with him, someone made a fatal attack on him, come with me. They go and don’t find Shambu in ward. Narendra says where did he go, he was just here, I treated him. Rahul says you are mistaken, there is no one here. Narendra checks the diary blank and says what’s happening here. The people fall sick. Shakti asks Lakhan to find about Thakur, this isn’t happening right. Sarpanch asks what’s happening. He gets a heart attack. Lakhan and Shakti run to him.

Narendra asks nurse to tell them that Shambu was with him all night. Nurse says I was sleeping, I didn’t see him. He says you are lying. Rahul says you are mistaken. Narendra says no. Rahul says we have seen him doing tandav, how can he disappear from here, if he was injured, its just a misunderstanding. Namrata thinks Nathu would be saying true, I have injured Shambu, who was it whom we saw in temple today.

Gauri says we have to find the nine shivling. Namrata says thanks, our deal is done and I got my money, now its your responsibility to manage nine shivling.

Update Credit to: Amena

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