Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya agrees to sacrifice life

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aditya showing the temple and telling about Kaal Bhairav to his friends. Gauri looks on and worries. She calls Rahul and asks where are you. He says I m at home, I m coming at the temple. She says no, I will come there and talk. She gets shocked seeing Rahul. He says I was joking that I m at home, what happened, why are you worried. She sees his clothes and thinks I have seen him like this in dream, I won’t let him go in. He asks why are you stopping me. She scolds him and asks him to come.

He sees a pillar shaking. He sees Aditya’s friends under the pillar and runs to save them. He pushes them to save and gets hurt by the pillar. Gauri cries seeing him and shouts Rahul….. Rahul coughs and gets up. He says I m fine. Gauri says I told you not to come

in, you have sworn not to agree to anyone. He says its good, they could have got hurt, I reached the right place on right time. Aditya says yes, my friends got saved because of you, thanks. Aditya’s friends say we shall leave from this village now.

Thakur says arrow has hit the target, now these people won’t stay here. Lakhan says Lord is already angry on us, if we break the temple, if Lord gets angry on me then….. Gauri thinks this dream also got true, does Lord want to tell me something. Lakhan apologizes to Kaal Bhairav and sees the idol fine.

Rahul asks did Lord really tell you. He laughs. She says laugh more, how shall I explain you, I have seen Aditya’s friends too. He says that was just a dream. She says dream got fulfilled, its Lord’s sign, I don’t understand one thing, I saw Soumya crying, but she wasn’t at the temple. He asks what does this mean, your dream is different, its just a coincidence. Lakhan sees sarpanch’s house idol crying. Everyone gathers there. Soumya gets shocked. She says dad has gone out for some days. Vaid says inform Sarpanch about this. Rahul and Gauri hear about Sarpanch’s house idol and come there. Soumya cries. Gauri asks her is she fine. Rahul thinks Gauri said about Soumya crying, can this happen, is any power signing Gauri about the happening.

Thakur says we will send someone and call sarpanch. Soumya cries. Thakur says if sarpanch doesn’t return to village, you have to handover yourself to Kaal Bhairav, else entire village will face his anger. Gauri defends Soumya. Kalavati says we can’t do anything, we have to obey Lord. Soumya agrees to sacrifice her life. Thakur blesses her. Everyone goes. Preeti comes there.

Rahul asks Soumya is she mad, she should run away. Soumya says let me do what I want, don’t interfere. Namrata and Gauri ask Soumya not to give up. Gauri asks Soumya not to get scared, Lord can’t hurt her, close eyes and pray to Lord, he will forgive you. Rahul fixes cameras and says today Kaal Bhairav’s secret will come out, I won’t let Soumya go missing, I will see how Lord takes Soumya, I have fixed cameras everywhere.

Rahul lays a trap and keeps an eye on Soumya. He asks Kaal Bhairav to come now. Kaal Bhairav arrives.

Update Credit to: Amena

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