Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shambu warns villagers

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shakti saying temple will be shut in the evening. Rahul says this can’t happen. Thakur has done everything, he has used your devotion. She says even if Thakur did this, he would have done since 20-140 years, but this traditions are followed since ages, its old customs. Rahul says Thakur has used this traditions against you all. She asks him to stop it. She asks Yashpal to leave with his staff, else they will make him out, she can even give her life to keep the customs. Rahul asks Sarpanch to explain Shakti.

Yashpal says we will do investigations in morning, this temple will be sealed by govt and tunnel way will also get shocked. They all chant Kaal Bhairav name and leave. All the other routes of temple also get locked.

Shambu and his dog go somewhere

in jungle. Dog signs him. Shambu smiles seeing the nine shivlings. Shambu sits praying. Namrata comes there and gets shocked seeing Shambu. She thinks I have hidden shivling here, but Shambu reached here too. She gets angry. She sees a stick and picks it. She hits on Shambu’s head. He falls down. Shambu’s head bleeds. She keeps all shivlings in a bag and leaves. Real Kaal Bhairav and his shuvaan get human form and leave from the temple by passing through the locked door. They are seen as black shadows, glowing. Its morning, everyone gathers near the temple. Shakti says when you met me as prisoner in jail, you were doing police work. Yashpal says you are right, I met you to know about temple, I told you about Thakur killing his wife to win your trust. She says there is much enmity between me and Thakur, but one thing is common between us, our devotion for Kaal Bhairav, the person who can risk his and his family’s life for Lord, he can’t do this crime on Lord’s name.

A storm comes. Shakti says whatever is happening is not done by Thakur, he can never sell nine shivling, you are making a big mistake. The storm calms down. Pujari opens the temple door. They all get shocked seeing Shambu inside. Shambu does tandav. They all look on. Namrata recalls hitting Shambu. Yashpal says this temple was shut, how did Shambu come in, what is he doing. Shambu hits the trishul on ground. It strikes lightning. They all get shocked. Rahul says a new drama started, Yashpal ji ask him from which secret way did he come here that he reached here before us, why are you all folding hands, don’t say Shambu is also Lord, you all have seen truth with your eyes, there is no Lord in this temple.

Shambu says there is no Lord here, Lord will never live here. Yashpal says this Gungebaba can speak. Shambu says Kaal Bhairav was here since ages, nine shivlings were here, Kaal Bhairav was here to protect Shiv’s deposit, but yesterday night, from this temple, nine shivlings went, Lord Kaal Bhairav also got angry and left from this temple, there will be nothing left here, it will be just Kaal Bhairav’s anger, no one can get saved, you all have done wrong with Shiv’s deposit, there will be a storm and earthquake, everything will be ruined. Fog appears. Shambu disappears. They all get shocked.

Rahul asks where did Shambu go. Yashpal asks inspector to go and find Shambu. It starts thundering. Gauri thinks of her dream. She says I have seen all this in dream, our village turned dark, it means Shambu was saying truth, Kaal Bhairav was here and now he left angrily because nine shivlings were taken away.

Rahul gets informed that Shambu is in hospital. Rahul asks how can this happen, Shambu was going tandav in morning today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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