Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri worries for Rahul

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Preeti talking to Rahul about other temple’s miracles. He says I m just concerned with what’s happening here, someone is doing this to spread terror and make people superstitious, I got saved after staying in temple, I was outside all night yesterday, even then I got saved, Gauri was also alive, why did Lord leave me alive. She says Gauri got saved by her devotion, she has prayed for your protection too, consider yourself lucky, stop doubting Lord’s power, its not necessary that you get saved always.

Thakur talks to everyone. Pujari says I didn’t find him in temple. Lakhan says I didn’t get him. Rahul looks on. Lakhan says we have checked everywhere, we didn’t get any clue. Yashpal informs someone about the happenings. Lakhan apologizes to lord

and asks him not to cry.

Aditya’s friends reach the village. Driver says a tree is fallen ahead, you have to go by walk. The guy says we reached Aditya’s village. They talk about the famous temple and what happens at aarti time. The guy says why shall we go there, we will meet Aditya here and go. They see Gauri and ask about Aditya’s haveli. Gauri directs them. She thinks I have seen them in my dream, it means my dream is turning true. People tell about a dead body found in temple. They all run to see. Pujari says I was shocked seeing this dead body in morning. The man says is this Manish. Manish’s mum cries. They see someone else. Manish’s dad says he is not our Manish. Thakur says find out who is he, maybe he is from other village, inform his family, do arrangements for his final rite. Pujari says people don’t listen to Lord, see one more person died. Rahul checks the man and says its strange, how did red soil get on his clothes. Pujari says we have black soil in our village. Aditya’s friends discuss about Kaal Bhairav temple. Thakur asks Aditya why did he invite his friend, he didn’t do this right. He asks Aditya to look after them. His friends greet Thakur. Thakur asks them to feel comfortable. They get glad that he isn’t angry and agree to stay with Aditya.

Rahul says I m sure this red soil is in this village, its deep layer, it might be at the other side of the tunnel, at the time of the dynamite blast, maybe that man was present there, or maybe he has come out to the temple by the tunnel path. Gauri asks pujari does dreams turn true. He says its Lord’s leela, you are blessed, maybe he wants to save someone by your hands. Maybe he chose you to stop some disaster. Gauri sees Aditya’s friends in temple and says I have seen them in my dream, I have seen a pillar falling over Rahul, this can’t happen.

Rahul saves Aditya’s friends. Pillar falls over him. Gauri shouts Rahul. Lakhan sees idol crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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