Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul fails to save Manish

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manish going to attack Pujari. Gauri shouts dad. Lakhan and everyone stop him. Thakur scolds Manish. Manish’s parents cry. Thakur says you will be given to Kaal Bhairav after sunset. The people tie Manish to the tree. Manish calls them sinners. Thakur asks everyone to leave. He requests them to return home and not come out of the houses before sunrise. Manish asks someone to save him, he is innocent. They all leave. Manish cries. Rahul looks on from far. He says I will see the drama now, the truth has to come out. He hides.

Thakur says what’s happening here, people are raising a doubt on Lord’s existence, we have to do something. Aditya says what can we do. Thakur says we have to save this village. Gauri says who will save this village, your hands are

stained with sins. Aditya asks her how is she talking to dad like this. She says Thakur has hidden secrets from us. Thakur says I m hearing Shakti’s voice from you, Shakti created the wall between us.

Namrata says someone has told me the truth. He says I m your dad and want your good. She says I don’t like the way for doing good, you didn’t say that Shakti is our Bua, maybe you killed our mum. Aditya says you don’t have any right to misbehave, we care for you, you won’t go out, swear on me.

Manish’s mum begs to Lord for his life. Rahul says why did anything not happen till now, what’s happening. He hears the horse tapping sound. Everyone hears the sound and worries. Sanjay says this isn’t right, I have to save Manish. His parents stop him and don’t want to lose him. They accept Lord’s wish. Manish and Rahul get shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav. Manish shouts for help.

Rahul says I knew this drama will go on, someone is trying to spread terror, so that villagers don’t try to know temple’s truth, I will not get scared today, I won’t move back, I won’t let anything happen to Manish. He runs to save Manish. He asks Manish not to worry, they have to leave fast. He tries to open the ropes. Manish cries. He asks Rahul to hurry up. Rahul sees Kaal Bhairav coming close. He asks Manish not to worry, he will just come. He goes to touch Kaal Bhairav.

Manish shouts for help. Rahul runs back to help and doesn’t see Manish. He just hears Manish’s voice. He runs to find Manish and shouts out. Sanjay says Manish needs me, I have to save him, let me go. His mum stops him. Rahul sees Kaal Bhairav gone. He sits crying.

Pujari thinks villagers aren’t afraid of Lord’s anger, Manish has stolen Lord’s jewelry, how did he believe that Lord won’t do justice. Gauri dreams of Kaal Bhairav. She sees some people taking selfies in the temple, Soumya crying and some big boulders falling over Rahul in the temple. Gauri wakes up and worries for Rahul.

The people run to see a dead body found in temple. They al think is it Manish.

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