Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul proves the truth

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gauri breaking Rahul’s chains. She frees him. He asks her to come fast. They go to jungle. He digs the place and tells her about the way which opens the trishul. He says trishul isn’t here, then I have to open this way, everyone is inside. She asks how do you know this. He says I read in an ancient book when I went to tunnel via Shambu’s ashram. She says I also read that book and there was another route mentioned, which goes via ashram. He recalls and says yes, we have to go there right away. They go to ashram and try to find Om to unlock the door. Shambu looks on and smiles. They enter the tunnel by using Om key. They see the shivling glowing. They go further. She says it was written that we have to keep trishul between two Om signs. He says I had seen trishul

last time. He finds trishul and Om too. She says we have to keep trishul upwards, it means Om should be down. They keep the trishul over Om. The secret door opens. They find the villagers. Namrata sees Rahul and says how did he come here, and which is their way.

Rahul and Gauri come to villagers. They all get shocked seeing them. Lakhan worries seeing Rahul alive. Gauri says you are fine right. Pujari says yes, thank God he has sent us to save you two. Shakti asks why did Lord shut us. Rahul says Lord didn’t call you for darshan, he didn’t shut you here, its some human’s work. They get shocked.

Sarpanch worries. Rahul says you will see its proof today, come with me. Preeti, Soumya and others dig place to find shivling. Rahul and everyone come there. Minty hugs Rahul. Everyone meets their family members, who went missing. Minty says they used to beat us a lot. She cries. Rahul says now no one will do anything, I have come here, everything will get fine. Preeti says you were right, some human is behind this, not Lord. I knew you will come to save us. He says I felt I lost you and Minty like Inder, forgive me. He says everyone met families because of you, see. Namrata thinks which is this new way, its fine, I will explore this tunnel now. She goes to Shambu’s place and finds Shivling. She takes it and says I got 9th shivling too.

Lakhan sees Yashpal and calls out everyone. They free Yashpal. Rahul says I wanted to explain this, Lord is not doing this, some human is using your devotion and belief, that’s only to get nine shivlings, that person made people dig place to get nine shivling. Soumya says Rahul is right, that person always wears mask. Preeti sees the leader and shows Rahul. Namrata sees them and runs. Her men try to stop villagers. Rahul and everyone fight and run after the leader. Namrata escapes through secret door. It gets shut. Lakhan says we will break this door together, we will not leave that person. They start hitting door to break. Thakur suddenly gains strength by shivling reaching his home. He gets on his feet and stands. Namrata comes to room and gets shocked seeing him fine.

Rahul and everyone find the leader and beat him up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update Amena .In the precap they are beating Thakur.I am sure that Namrata will trap Thakur.

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